Friday, September 28, 2007

Polar does that work?

I have been married to the same wonderful man for a little over 30 years...he is the perfect man for me...Loves the Lord, sweet, kind, honest, funny, loving, great father, doesn't try to change me into someone else, lets me be my crazy self...all the good things a woman wants in her man!! Right...I am so lucky and I'm sure if you ask him...he'll tell you he's...well,... I think he'll tell you....ummmm...something hopefully as wonderful...My point is...I don't know how we have stayed married for over 30 years...we are polar opposites in many things...he is athletic, I'm a klutz...
he's quiet and observant....lets just say...I am not. He loves to go to the theater...I like to rent movies and hang out at home....he is a morning person...I'm certainly NOT! He has no siblings...I had one. He loves to fly...not my bag...He packs lightly...I always over-pack! He wants one of these.....

I of course want one of these...I mean goodness...look at all the room inside...not to mention you can haul stuff in it!!! Love this...except I wouldn't really mind if it was a bit more beat know kind of shabby...and certainly with bigger tires and not anything resembling a low rider!

Yes...I'm probably more country...he is probably more city...but not when it comes to music...he likes country and only country...I on the other hand love most all music...he doesn't dance...never really has...I grew up dancing and still love to dance. He is pragmatic and very analytical...I am fly by the seat of my pants...and romantic to a fault...he is very patient...I AM working on that!...He is very neat and tidy most of the time...I am organized but not always neat..does that EVEN make sense...He loves to try new adventures...I'm rather a chicken...but go along w/it if I can a.) fly in first class or b.) get me some type of anti-anxiety medication OR a stiff drink...he never gets excited or could draw his blood and make Valium from it...I nearly have heart failure doing something out of my norm...sad, sad, sad chicken that I am...I really can't imagine two people being so different...even physically...he has blond hair...what's left of it...I have very, very thick dark, dark brown hair, he has deep deep brown eyes...I on the other hand have hazel eyes, he gets a tan in one day...when he tries...I can never tan...always skin is tan reflective...he's muscular built and large boned with long legs and 6' tall...I am slim,(well slimmer in my younger days) small boned with small muscles, and probably slightly above normal in height at 5'8"...probably something to do with not being athletic...He NEVER gains weight...Now that menopause has come into my world... I have to be more careful and watch what I eat!....

The list could go on for eternity I think...but I'm sure that you have more than an idea of how different we are....

How do you ask...have we managed to live with and love each other all these years?...what's our secret?...many have asked...And honestly I can only tell you a couple of things that I know we both have in common... besides the fact we are crazy for one another OR we're crazy...either works!! Another is that we are both stubborn; we don't like to give up on something that is important to us...but in a good way...if that makes sense...we also have in common a mutual respect and trust for one another...I couldn't live with somebody without that...AND of course the one thing we do that is "right on"... the same...we are both big dorks...with dorky senses of humor and we laugh a lot, sometimes at each other...sometimes just at life! And we have both grown to love the Lord more with each passing year...and know we wouldn't have anything if not for his unending love...So thank God I met this man...Thank God...he led me to the perfect man for me....and Thank God we still love each other after all these years...who woulda thunk??? So here's a bit of a shout out to the Stud Muffin in my're the best babe...and I'm one lucky gal...

So what keeps you going and sustaining in your relationship???

Monday, September 24, 2007

Isn't it a lovely fall day? least here in blogland! I'm really trying to get into the fall spirit and such...but with 90 degree is rather I am living the "fall/autumn" life through my blogging buddies. Actually the nights are really nice here...except for the mosquitoes...yes the size of if it's not the heat here that keeps you indoors, then it is natures pesky little critters...I think we may need to look for another area of the world to live in and enjoy!

Speaking of enjoying...I am enjoying all the blog love and sharing that is going on! I have been trying to figure out things on my own with all the fancy signatures, pictures, lists, headers, etc. Some of it has come to me by trial and error and the rest has come through friends that want to share and help. So a big {hug} and THANKS to Kat @ JustaBeachKat and Paige @ PaigesPetals AND to Kari @ LivingLarge for encouragement and help!

How about my new signature...maybe soon I'll figure out how to put it on the left side of my blog page...INSTEAD of smack dab in the I EVER going to get this stuff??? It's kind of like Algebra and Calculus to's HARD!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Look What I Caught at the Baseball Game....

WELL, Nobody ever told me I could catch something as cute as this little punkin' at a baseball game. I'm telling you there is nothing "foul" about this child...this is Dylan Jeffery...he is the son of a couple who have been friends with my son and daughter-in-law since college. The guys were fraternity brothers...need I say more...he is just the cutest and sweetest thing, too. This was his first game, well, of course it is...the little tyke is only 2 months old. He came in style, too...he wore his cutest baseball uniform...AND he got to hang out in an executive suite courtesy of my DIL's father...who used to play pro baseball...he gets a suite a couple of times a year and we always are invited (aren't they awesome to include us?)...and this is the time of year we always go...b/c its great weather...the kids always invite a few of their friends. We all have a blast, just sitting, eating, watching, talking and this year...passing the baby! We also stayed for an awesome fireworks show tonight, which I tried to capture on film...but could not do it justice...So enjoy my little foul ball...because I certainly did...Have I ever mentioned here before...that I LOVE babies!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Painters R US!!


So I decided I needed to post a few more pictures of my week in Colorado at the kids house PAINTING (especially after I received a few posts about not posting enough...really you people like my essays...really...I'm flatterd...Kari...Sandie...I'm here!!)...The first picture is of my SIL on a very tall ladder cutting in the accent wall color,(the walls behind him and beside him haven't been painted yet in this picture) with of course his lovely bride (my daughter) holding on to the ladder for her "man"...yes I guess you can say...she's a bit like Tammy Wynette in a "Stand by Your Man" kind of way! He was such a trooper...every night he had to do the tough painting as we called it! He didn't want any of us up on that giant we had to let him do it...not that we minded AT ALL! Of course in the bottom corner of the picture is the Princess...and that would be Corinna their gorgeous black lab...she's a sweetie and she loves her parents...I'll have to post a cuter picture of her later...she deserves her own post.

The second picture is of the living area with the walls dressed in the new colors... and a new couch that is THE most comfortable thing you could ever sit upon!! Oh! how I wish I could remember the accent color (dang menopause)'s hard to tell in these pictures how beautiful it is and how much it warmed up their new home. The main color of course I can's called Greenwich by Ralph Lauren...but it isn't green...go figure!! Of course I suppose after a while these paint companies have a problem coming up with names for soft taupe...really DO you KNOW how many colors are out there?? wonder folks are stricken with a major case of A.D.D. not to mention the mind numbing FRIGHT when it comes to picking out paint colors! Too...WAY... too many color choices...then again you would be hearing me RANT and RAVE if there weren't enough colors out there to choose I guess there is no pleasing me...AGAIN...darn that menopause!!

The last 2 pictures are of me and my friend Toni...well, actually just our PAINT pants...aren't they lovely? Yes we worked many, many hours to have them come out looking so FAB! Mine are these outrageously comfortable pair of black "jogging" pants ( which is a bit misleading because I have never jogged a day in my philosophy is if you can't get their by walking, then you might as well stay put!). These pants were lovingly worn for approximately 10 years or so...until one day about 8 or 9 years ago...I needed something comfortable to paint in...these pants were summoned to fill that position...once I cut the bottoms off and made them into Capri running paint pants! The shirt started off fresh and clean...not new...but fresh and clean! By the end of the second day...I decided to give up on trying to keep it paint free, I just threw caution to the wind and well...basically used my t-shirt as a paint rag, a napkin, a towel for drying my hands, a paint brush cleaning rag, a paint drying name it...if it needed dabbing, drying or cleaning...this shirt filled that bill! By the end of the week this is how our paint pants looked...mind you both of our pants started with very little paint on them from previous paintings...but I'm telling you by the end of the week...they were really covered in most areas...don't you just love that splash of green on both our pants??...that was the kitchen color! Gorgeous...I must say it looked way better on my daughters kitchen walls! My husband asked one night (I think just to be nice and seemingly interested) what color were we painting the house? To which I replied "COLOR" mean! I told him I would show him when I arrived home...I think he thought I was bringing the paint swatches...but he should know how I paint by now! I must say I'm rather proud of my new and improved paint pants...they are a reminder...a journal or diary of sorts of all the colors I have used in painting in the last few years....I will keep my paint pants...for as long as they fit me!! Hopefully, they will wear out before I grow out of them (after all they were worn stylishly in the 80's)...then I just may make a pillow or something out of remind me of those glorious painting days! I do rather like to paint...walls...NOT trim...again...another story for another day!!

On another note...don't my toes look that color of polish...notice there were no paint blobs on my feet...that's b/c I now have a new pair of paint shoes and socks!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One year!

I know I seem to be posting a lot of "downer" post lately...and seriously it is not my intention...but I couldn't let today go by without honoring my big brother...he died a year ago today...suddenly...he died of a heart attack at the very young age of 52! We were all so terribly shocked when we got the call...I just COULD NOT believe my big brother was gone...never to tease me...laugh with me...argue with me...remember with me in spite of myself...ever again...on this earth...the brother who had protected me from all the bullies around when growing up...the brother who taught our baby sister to dance...the same brother who used to really aggravate the "heck" out of me growing up...the brother who thought it was his responsibility to tell my dad who I could and couldn't know because he knew everyone...and not everyone was up to dating HIS sister...the brother who taught our little sister how to ride her bike and always...always...made her feel like she was a princess...after all he was 11 years older than she he had lots of wonderful things to teach and share with her. The brother who gave me two wonderful and sweet nephews...the two nephews that have had to suffer more than they should at such a young age! The two nephews he called sons...the two people on earth he loved with everything he had! We all miss Gary...we will always miss him... I for one...hold many memories close to my I know my sister and nephews do, too... to me Gary was my only connection left to my past before my sister came into our lives in then he and I were ole' pros's at being kids, siblings, cohorts, and such...after all we were 11 and 8 when she was born..he was the last person in my family to have known me since the day I was born...I don't know how to explain the "strange effect" that has had on me...I really can't explain it...b/c the memories are here in my heart just like he is...but I don't have him here to reminisce that makes me sad..I mean there are 2 uncles that knew of me...but not someone left in my immediate I lost a connection to my past along with my brother on that sunny day last September...We all lost something very special that day...for my sister a "big" brother who was her knight in shining armor on many my nephews the man they looked up to as a friend, father, confidant and "fixer" of all things bad...a dad...who could do anything they needed for him to do...for me the sometimes "bigger" than life tough ole cowboy...that has always been a part of my life!! WE ALL MISS YOU...GARY...and always old!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Try This On for's FUN!!

Ok so I copied this from Kim's blog at Scap-to-my-lu...I just love that gal...she's a lot of fun...and this seemed like too much fun to pass here goes! Once you do your's please post it in my comments or link me to your blog in your comment.

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car), Collie Expedition

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie), Chocolate Almond Chocolate Macadamie Nut

3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name), T-Pas

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal), Red Dawg

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born), Annette Burleson

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first), PasTe...oh my goodness...I'm paste!!

7. SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink), The Black Lemonade

8. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers), William Edward

9. STRIPPER NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy), Lovely Millionaire

10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ), Regina Lee

11. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter), Williams Winnepeg

12. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower). Autumn Peony

13. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”) Peach Pajamay

14. HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree), Yogurt Granola Live Oak

15. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”), The Crafting Rain Storm Tour

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to one of the sweetest couples out there!! I did not forget your anniversary as you know...but I almost forgot to blog about it...I can't believe I almost did that!

So Happy 2nd Anniversary to my amazing son and his equally amazing and beautiful wife. This picture was taken at the restaurant where my son is the sous chef...luckily Chef gave him the night off...and treated them both like a king and queen...they had a great evening...and of course had wonderful food.

Love you are so awesome and special to our family...thanks for being such a good role model for others...I want to be like you two when I grow up!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

One before & after...7 to go....

Whew...well...I'm home!! My trip to Colorado to help my daughter and son-in-law get their new home ready to move in was very, very productive and REALLY quite fun...even considering I put in 12 to 15 hour was exhilarating! I mean REALLY..what else should you do when you are going through menopause... I can't sleep much more than 3 to 5 hour stretches at a time not to mention I seem to sweat at the drop of a hat!! With me I seem to be experiencing a nervous energy that if not used...turns itself into too much self-doubt, worrying, restlessness, crying spells or complete fatigue (if that makes any sense, I imagine the fatigue comes from the constant struggle to be NORMAL again...ummm whatever THAT means!) But seriously I don't think I have had so much energy in quite a while!! Not to mention I DID NOT have ONE...yes you read that right...ONE "hot flash" while I was away...I can not explain it...but I will not was quite a relief.I also slept very, very could be b/c I had worked so incredibly hard each day, but the weather was perfect, too...and that always makes for better sleeping...for me anyway! The weather was picture perfect there...actually the day my friend and I arrived (Sunday) it was rather cool...and windy...we were both concerned we did not bring enough winterized clothing...but the next day and the rest of the week were perfect...not too hot...not too cold...I wanted to bottle that bit of heaven and bring it home with me...but realized when I stepped out of the terminal at the airport there was not a bottle big enough to come up against the Texas humidity that hung in the air...yes folks...I could almost see the air it was so thick with humidity....but I can tell is great to be home...b/c I missed a lot of things...while I was away...including blogging...I did not have access to a computer the WHOLE time I was away...can you imangine...geez...what DID people do 10 to 20 years ago...????

Now for the is a great house for these 2 love is a home where they have plenty of room to grow...or not...whatever they decide...but it is also going to be a great home to entertain friends and has a great back yard with a very nice large SIL already has plans for improvements on the deck...and of course my daughter is looking into kitchen remodeling...her kitchen is good now...but as you all know...a better kitchen makes a better cook...RIGHT?? It is a 4 bedroom 3 bath 2 car garage home...with a living room, dining room, kitchen breakfast area, and den...not to mention storage in the basement that houses the washer and dryer...along with a ton of space for storing important Christmas decorations and such! Too fab for words!

Anyhoo...these pictures are just a few of the many I took...but I didn't want "new house overload syndrome" to bore any of I started with the den on the second was originally just a beigy/creamy/pinky color...well...with my daughters wonderful eye for color we chose all of her colors in a family of they will flow well from one room to the this room we used a darker brown/green/taupey color...the trim is the same color as the new ceiling color..which is 75% of the color we used above the chair rail....that particular color is called "Greenwich" by Ralph Lauren ( and really it's not green...but does have hints of it here/there...depending on lighting) is the main color used in the house...we painted 3 of the walls in the living room, dining room, the upstairs hallway and of course this den in that color...we used a darker version of it as an accent wall in the living room, dining room, and kitchen....along with the "lady of the houses" is a great color...but I can't remember it...we also painted the kitchen a lovely green...Ralph Lauren called it "khaki"...but folks it was not was more of a "pea green" in a good kind of way...!! It really gave the kitchen a "cheery" look...and it totally transformed that area. Previously the kitchen and 3 baths plus the basement bedroom had wallpaper we got rid of that right away! Daughter didn't much care for border and certainly not her taste as far as designs and color. Basically we painted 8 of the 12 rooms in the home...they only have their 2 studies/bedrooms and the guest bedroom along with the master bath to paint...sounds like a lot...but considering we painted every other room along with the kids painting the ceilings....they have very little left..I also re-did the cabinets in the guest bath...that room looks totally different...and I don't think I have good after pictures...darn it!!...I will post more before and afters later...but for now...just know I am home and missed all of my blogging buddies. It will take me days to read up...but I'll manage! Thanks for the sweet posts while I was away!

Also, I could have never done so much painting, with so much energy and fun...if I hadn't had my very dear friend Toni with me...the woman is a machine...and we had she is starting this whole menopause thing, she wasn't sleeping much we just plugged away at painting, repairing and restoring, till almost midnight most nights...and woke up early and started over again...Toni said it kind of reminded her of the movie "Ground Hog Day"...we wore the same paint clothes everyday (but we did bathe)...we ate the same breakfast, we listened to the same radio stations every day...we joked about some of the same things (mainly the previous owners lack of painting skills and how they loved to caulk around everything, so we spent time digging caulk out...EVERY DAY) get the picture! ... BUT...we were so happy to have been able to do this...for it truly was a blessing to see the faces of my daughter and SIL everyday when they came to work and paint after working all day! They would just light up the room with their smiles...and they couldn't believe how much we could accomplish every day...actually I was a bit surprised...but I know the Lord was present, he made each day go so well...and he blessed us all to the very last day with energy, joy, talent, and gratitude! I don't think my daughter and son-in-law will ever know how happy it made me to do this for them...I know they were happy...and that was my ultimate goal! Thanks are the best...

Also, on a very sad note...and I hate to bring this up...but would like for you guys to remember those involved in your prayers and concerns...the night we arrived at their daughter and I were in the living room painting...and someone rang the doorbell...we just figured it was a neighbor welcoming them to the neighborhood. Turns out it was Fox Channel 2 news...looking for the family of a young man who was killed in a car accident early Sat. daughter explained that the family that had lived in this home only had one daughter and no other children...however, the reporter was insistent and showed my daughter the list...Folks...there were 3 teenagers killed that night in a devastating accident...sadly one of the 2 girls killed in the wreck was the daughter of the woman who had lived in the house. Turns out she and her friend along with a couple of other friends were on their way home...a little past midnight...the girl that had lived in my daughters new home was spending the night w/the other girl...the other girl had just called her dad and told him they were just a couple of blocks from home and would be there in less than 5 minutes...sadly, as they pulled out they were broadsided by a 40 ft. refrigerated truck...then wrapped around a light pole...the girl died instantly, her friend died in route to the hospital and one of the young men died later that night, the driver survived and was listed in good condition and expected to make a full recovery...along with the driver of the truck. I can't tell you all what a sadness that brought to all of us...thinking of all those involved, knowing that the previous owner had just lost her only child...not to mention the other lives that were forever changed that night. My heart breaks for them...I think too, it is a little sad and a bit eerie for my daughter...b/c she had a nice conversation after buying the house about the girl with her mom...and how proud her mom was of she was a gifted artist but wanted to become a daughter had planned to turn the girls former room into her office and studio...I think she still will...but I know she wants to change a lot of things before doing so...we did manage to get the wallpaper border down and hopefully prepped well enough for them to paint, soon...I know this is a sad way to end my blog...I just wanted all my friends and prayer buddies to pray for comfort for all of these folks that were touched by this terrible tragedy and that my daughter is able to let go of any uneasy feelings she may have due to this. I DO also know God will bless this home for them and all who enter!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane... I am off tomorrow to fly the friendly skies....but rest assured it WILL NOT be in one of these prop planes...I call them "jumper flights"...for basically one reason...they make you want to jump out...way before they take off! can know that if I were in one of these planes...I would first be wrapped totally in bubble wrap, next I would have a life jacket...not to mention 2 parachutes....then I would have either drank a half bottle of tequila (in which I am not overly fond of) or I would have taken a slightly less than lethal dose of Valium, xanax and any other type of anti-anxiety I would have on my blasting...and probably a pair of those nifty night eye mask...preferably like the ones Lisa used to wear in Green Acres (that's for my friend Lavender Chick) know the ones with lace or fur trim...I mean seriously if you are taking such a risk as to get on one of's really not considered risky or risque to wear something out of the ordinary...besides...remember I am wrapped from head to toe in bubble wrap!!

Anyhoo...a friend and I are taking off tomorrow to help my sweet daughter and son-in-law get some painting and such done before they move in their new home...I am really excited...I can't wait to see them...and get started helping with the house. I've got my camera and battery already packed...along with the I should be set w/some before and after photos to post when I return...

Now if you all could do me a tiny favor...could you please include my friend Toni and I in your prayers for safe travel...and for us to be able to have a ton of energy and stamina while we are there...I have been feeling puny again...not sure but I think it's the ole tired, cranky...and always HOT!! This is also the time of year I always have allergy/sinus problems...but I'm praying once I reach cooler weather...I will be fine! Wish us luck...we are hoping to get a lot done for them! The house is in great shape...they just want to pull down some wallpaper borders and do some re-painting...possibly re-painting the kitchen that could take a hardware then may be purchased to spruce the cabinets up as well...we'll just have to see how much we can get done in a week! Plus we hope we can help sew some curtains...but's a time issue.

I'll miss a few things while I'm please take it easy on the blogging while I'm away...or I'll never catch I know that will happen...but while I'm gone...Happy Birthday, Kari at Living Large...I know it's on the 12th...can't imagine how I know that...but I have a GREAT something fun for yourself...and I'll check back with you when I return...Also, I know there are a few give-a-ways while I'm if I win...uh huh...yea...well, I'll get back to you around the 17th! Good Luck Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage...if you open your online mercantile while I am away...I know it will be greatly welcomed...selfishly I hope you don't start till I return...b/c I want to buy everything...I'm sure!

Have a blessed week...friends and family...if I have a computer to check in I will do so...but with moving those things may have been disconnected by now! Yikes...what will I do???

Side note...if you are wondering about these beautiful pictures...they are once again from hubbins time in the wilderness up in Alaska...this is a plane they flew while hoping from one lake/river to another...and yes...they are actually in the plane that you see as a shadow...isn't that just the coolest hubbin' did good!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Land that I love...and Meme...

I've been waiting to post these pictures for a while...they are from our trip to Alaska last late August and early September. I miss that place so dearly...the guys went fly fishing throughout the wilderness areas through a lodge they were staying at. They would fly them to various spots weather permitting, drop them off with a guide (gun in scare away bears, I'll post those later) and they would fish all day...have lunch on the shore...and basically have the time of their lives. These pictures are some that my sweet hubbin took while traveling with the boys....they are gorgeous...again...I love this land!

The girls and I took the more civilized approach of touring the great state of Alaska...we stayed in hotels, road trains, boats, rafts, horseback, car and van....oh! and a few memorable taxi rides. We had a blast...when I locate those fun pics...I'll share them as well.

I was also tagged to do a I'm not quite sure what meme means...being relatively knew at this...but I'm always game...

Here's the scoop...
It's the middle name meme...I am to come up with a word for each letter in my middle name that describes me or is pertinent in my life...I then in my own words pass this along to anyone I choose to tag...a person for each of my my middle name is not one that I am terribly fond of...and it has 7 I know I won't be able to come up w/7 names that haven't already participated...feel free if you see this to join in on the fun...

Here goes...and know this is a difficult thing to do...putting my middle name out there for everyone to see....

A- Animated...I tend to use my hands and tons of expressions when I am talking or telling a story...yea...I know...SHOCKING!!

N- Naps...gotta love those these days...I didn't care too much for them as a child...because there were too many things to see and do...but since children and now...I love them.

N- (I don't think I should have to repeat a letter...but I will) Nurturing...I think it is something I was born to do...I hope I'm not a smother mother...though!

E- Effervescent - my husband and others tell me I have a bubbly personality...not gassy...bubbly!! There is a difference.

T- husband tells me all the time that I am thoughtful...something I never really "THOUGHT" of...but I am glad I am...I like thoughtful people, too...and I have found many in it!!

T- (whats up with this repeat letter thing?) Talker...yes I could have been easier on myself with this one...but you all know it to be true...I used to get in trouble all the time for "talks too much" was always...Teresa, is a great student, very kind, smart and imaginative...but Teresa...."talks too much!"...Well, honestly I tried so hard not to talk...I tried to would hurt my feelings and I felt so bad for talking too much...but I couldn't help myself...words just came spilling out...all the time...still does...but I am learning after 50 years to listen a little more...good thing my husband is a good listener...I can remember hearing this..."talks too much" all the I honestly tried to different...then I would always hear..."just be yourself" about confusing!! So HOW could I be myself w/o talking...I still struggle with that...but I do believe in being a better listener these days.

E- Energetic...well, I used to have more Energy...but I am the Energizer Bunny when it comes to finding exactly what I'm looking for...I don't give up till I find it...especially when shopping for others...I have been known to wear out a daughter or DIL, husband or son on more than one occasions...I think they might not like to shop b/c of that...not that I am a big shopper...I just like to get what I know is EXACTLY right! you know why it took me so long to reply to this tag...have fun...if you decide to take the challenge...and enjoy my pictures of Alaska...don't they just make the temperature around you drop by at least 10 or so degrees???

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We Lost a Great One...

Today...was a very sad day for me and my family. We lost a very dear friend...a loving man...a wonderful christian being...and possibly one of the funniest men I've ever known. We went to his memorial was uplifting...but so very sad...he was much, much too young and full of life to leave us...but we are; as his family is; comforted in the knowledge that we will see him again!!

I also chose to block out names and towns so as not to invade his families privacy...I went ahead and included his name b/c it has been in various medias throughout the US....he was a great football player in his day...played college and some pro...until an injury ended his football career, so the national wire picked up and reported on it...but you will see that he went on to accomplish many greater things.

To our friend...We Will Miss Him...

Thomas Allen Spinks....

Thomas Allen Spinks left this world Sunday, Aug. 26, 2007, to begin a new journey into heaven. He went to sleep, to wake no more, at his home in ****, the only way he would have wanted to go, surrounded by his family.
Memorial service: 4 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 4, at *** United Methodist Church
Memorials: The family is honoring Tommy's wish that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the *** United Methodist Church Building Fund, Tommy lived every day of his 58 years with intensity, generosity of spirit and unparalleled passion for his family.
Behind him, he leaves a rich legacy. He was a dreamer, who recognized his greatest dream while here on earth. He was surrounded by his family all of the days of his life. In recent years he began sharing and expanding the dreams of those he encountered.
With the creation of his national, record-breaking magazine, Millionaire Blueprints, he found an outlet to share a portion of the wisdom he had collected. His hope was to inspire others to find their ultimate success.
This was a theme for his life, looking out for others, wanting the best for others, loving others. It was always about "others" not "self," for this giant of a man. He loved his family with a ferocity and devotion that are beyond explanation. They feel his loss intensely, but are comforted with the resonance of the spirit he left behind. Forevermore will they hear his words of love, encouragement and belief that he was so diligent to spill out on those around him.
Tommy was preceded in death by his parents, the Rev. Otis and Grace Spinks.
Survivors: He leaves behind his lifelong soulmate and wife of 40 years, Barbara; his eternally devoted children, Kimberly ****(Michael) of ***, Teri ****(Kevin) of **** Jason Wesley Spinks and Lindsay (Chad) **** ; his treasured grandchildren, Stone, Sunny and Shane , Steele, Summer and Slade , Kendyl and Kade Spinks, Janna and Tyler *** and Turner ****; and his loving sisters, Peggy Spinks **** (Ed) of *** and Betty Carol Spinks***(Joey) of ***;and countless other family and friends who are hurting exquisitely right now, but find joy in the memories of this amazing, funny, compassionate, indescribable man.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

SEE What Happens When I am BORED!!!

SEE what happens when daddy leaves us alone on holidays!!! Yea...that will teach him to go dove hunting on opening day w/o us...well...I don't usually go...(it's too hot)...but Maggie was born to hunt...she loves the outdoors...she loves being w/daddy....she is all a twitter when able to chase after things that drop...or fly...or soar...but had a "gentleman's hunt" today...and I guess doggies weren't allowed...hmmmmph! Something about no dogs allowed on the Charter Bus...Well!!! She has papers...she's registerd...she is certainly a who says she can't ride a bus!!! This will show him...we can have MORE fun w/mom...yea...doing girly things...we forgot earlier in the week that he had this we rushed around to finish all our chores to find out yesterday...that we had forgotten of this Manly Man's Day!! So we had things pretty much taken care of around here...everythings clean, primped, looked after, washed, dusted, watered and put we got very, very BORED!!...yea...we could have gone for a walk...but it's in the high 90's and HUMID!! Too hot!! Maybe we could have gone shopping...but we REALLY don't need anything! I guess maybe we could have cleaned out the "sewing cave" but it IS a holiday we're on VACATION! You know I'll just have to say...daddy's lucky I didn't paint her back paws...but hey it's still after she gets through resting from our trip to Braums for chocolate almond ice cream in a cake cone...(she only had a cup of chocolate for her) and running a couple of errands....for...You guessed it...DADDY...I may just paint the back toesies!! Don't you just love how the PINK matches her pink tonque...yea...we looked hard for the color...tongue's an OPI...color...just in case you were curious!!

Next...I'll be heading over to Petsmart to purchase a new PINK rhinestone studded collar...after all she's not using the camouflage one dad bought her...yea...we'll sure show him...!! However, we are REALLY quite happy for daddy...b/c he works so very, very hard for us...that he deserves a break...and we deserve to pamper our toes...that's my story...and you guessed it...I'm sticking to it!!

Catching up...

I know I promised pictures from the last wedding I did...I am hoping to do that really soon...b/c I think the flowers turned out great...however, I haven't been able to obtain any decent photos I will post as soon as the meantime...I got a call last week from a friend asking if I could possibly help out with flowers for a couple who were getting married this weekend...I called the Matron of Honor who was wanting to do the flowers but needed a little help. We decided to meet this past Wednesday at one of my Favorite Flower Markets to pick out colors and flowers. So yesterday I picked up the flowers, took them to her house and we made 2 bouquets, 1 nosegay and 2 was a cake walk compared to most of the weddings...I've included some pictures of the finished products... the pink and blush are the brides bouquet, the all blush is the Matron of Honors and the all pink is the mother of the grooms was fun to help out and even more fun to meet such a sweet lovely young woman...the Matron of Honor...she is a doll...has a wonderfully sweet husband...and 2 of the most precious children you could ever meet....I loved hanging out with the young-uns and mom...their son is 2 1/2 (this is exactly what he told me when I asked how old he was) he was a cute, big brown eyes, brown hair and very, very smart and sweet! Their BEAUTIFUL baby girl who is almost 3 months old....was the happiest baby I've been around in a long, long time...gorgeous blue eyes, head full of brown hair, and the most contagious smile...EVER! It was a blessing to do this for them...I was also privileged to meet the bride to be...she's a doll and it was great to meet her.

Thanks S. for allowing me in your home...letting me be forever "giddy" over your babies...and most of all for being so giving with your time and resources for your soon to be sister-in-law and your little brother...they will cherish your generosity for a lifetime.

Oh...and sorry for the bad lighting and sad picture taking skills...I need to practice a little more...I'll have to have my daughter give me a mini-lesson on taking better pictures!!