Saturday, August 30, 2008

25 years ago today....

Today 25 years ago...a precious bundle was delivered into this world...I didn't know her then but, feel sure if I had, I would have loved her then just as I do today. She didn't come into our lives until she was that would have been 9 years ago. She was such a joy and so fun to get to know...and over the 6 years she dated our son...we fell in love with her more each year. She and Marcus dated from their junior year until they were married in 2005!! They had been friends at first, but within a year of meeting they began dating...and it was so fun to have another girl around the house at that time. Jackie was off at college and sometimes, I just needed to have more estrogen around to help me from feeling so outnumbered. Luckily for us she became a big part of our family on Sept. 16, 2005...the day she married our son. What a great day for all of us.

Emily has to be the best daughter-in-law I could have ever imagined fact she is better than I could have imagined! She is beautiful (inside & out), she is smart, she is thoughtful and she is a wonderful wife to our son. She loves us...I'm pretty darn sure of that...she gets along great with all of us...and doesn't seemed too "fazed" by some of our whackiness! Sometimes, she just does something so cute or so funny, that I can't believe she hasn't ALWAYS been in our lives...I don't know how to explain it...other than when they first started dating...I knew there was something so "right" about their relationship. I love it when I know...I also love it when I am right!! lol

This picture is at one of the fabulous restaurants we dined at while vacationing in Costa Rica...Emily always made sure we took pictures of the food and where we ate...for Marcus to see...he of course would be very interested in the culinary feast if he had been there. Obviously it was at the Asian restaurant...because I do see some chop sticks in Emily's hand...yes, she even knows how to eat with chop sticks...and by that I mean she can eat with them and not drop a single! well, I'll have to use a spoon or fork to keep that from happening!

This picture is last year...I believe at Marcus and Emily's 2 year anniversary celebration OR her birthday's been a year folks...I forget. Regardless...I love this picture...they are both so beautiful. This was taken at the restaurant were Marcus is the sous chef! GREAT FOOD!

This last picture was taken in Hyde Park, New York...from a trip we took when Marcus and Emily lived there for a year while Marcus was finishing school at the Culinary Institute of America. I believe this particular picture was taken the night of Marcus' graduation from the Culinary Institute, at a lovely bistro in Hyde Park. Man...they have some great places to eat in that part of the world. I know Marcus and Emily certainly enjoyed living there and experiencing a new way of life. It was their first year of marriage and I think they rather enjoyed the adventure.

So "Cheers" and "Happy Birthday" to our sweet daughter-in-law or (daughter-in-love) as Kat says...we wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We look forward to celebrating many, many more birthdays with you! We can't wait to celebrate this one as a matter of fact.

Love you Emls...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

BETTER highlights of Costa Rica

I can't believe I have already been home more than a week from Costa I mentioned in my previous was the BEST! Honestly, of ALL the vacations I have taken...this one was one of the most relaxing. Usually when I get home from a vacation I'm a bit pooped...but I can tell you this one did not wear me out. I would go there tomorrow if someone wanted to...hmmmm...think I may have to start working on hubbin for another trip there with him OR the girls, again.

I promised you I would post more pictures of the trip once the girls sent me theirs...well...needless to say...THEY are much better photographers than me. Our sweet daughter; Jackie, worked with our equally sweet daughter-in-law; Emily, while we were there on her photography skills. Her dad got a new camera a while back so he has let Emily use his older model (which by the way kicks my camera's butt) and she has been anxious to learn all about apertures and settings. So, Jackie helped her out...and as you will see she was a great student...Jackie gave her an A+.

Some of these are Jackie's photos and some are Emily's...none are mine...that's why they are so GOOD! Please enjoy!!
The girls guiding their boat on the white water rafting trip...they were the stronger and BRAVER ones!!

Beautiful beaches, driftwood along the shorelines, rainbows and sunsets...and a colorful Tuscan along the white water rafting tour.

Butterfly near hot springs in Tabbaccon

Arenal Volcano...most active volcano in Cost was gorgeous along with the lake that surrounds it.

The beautiful sights from our hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica on an old coffee plantation...gorgeous setting. Love the vibrancy of all the flowers and foliage.

This next group of pictures is from the rain forest where we went on a gondola ride some 200 meters above the rain forest and proceeded to zip line down to the rain forest floor...YES!!...we swung over the tree tops like monkeys...well, except we had on helmets and harnesses...but hey we were really zipping along. I didn't have a speedometer on me at the time...but all I know is...we were trucking! My daughter in law is the first zip liner you see...the last "zipper" is me...I am actually smiling...I don't know if I was really smiling or if my lips were stuck that way from going so fast...never the was FUN...and ordinarily I'm a big chicken!!

WEEEEEEEEE!!!! Exhilarating!!!

Again...boring you I am sure...but this was one fab vacation. I was afraid we would never be able to "top" our Alaskan adventure...but I have to say...even though I am not much of a beach bunny (not that I don't LOVE's because of my painfully WHITE skin, I burn way too easily, even with sunscreen!! I could sure learn to become one, however...especially in Cost Rica...the people, the sights, the food, the vegetation...ALL of it was spectacular...I can't wait to go again!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a Few Costa Rica Highlights....

We're home from Costa Rica...and we had an incredible time. The weather was picture perfect, the scenery was too awesome for words, the people of Costa Rica are completely and utterly charming, and I want to GO BACK!!

I have included a few pictures of some things we did while daughter and daughter-in-law will have more and much better pictures for me to post soon. They will be able to work out the kinks I so sadly can not...such as red-eye reduction...believe me when I say...we were not red-eyed, black-eyed or cross-eyed at any time during our trip...but for the life of camera does not seem to know when to get the "red" out...I guess I'll have to get a new camera...or some Visine...Enjoy!!
AWWWW!! the good life...just what the doctor ordered! Sorry for my white was only the 2ND day...AND I do have sun-repellent skin...I'm pretty sure of that...especially compared to my bronzed D.I.L. and tan daughter! Ummmm...yea...way too much food and sadly my body and bloated face seemed to show it more toward the end of our trip...that's what you get when the food is just too good to pass up...treadmill here I come!!

Being taxied around the resort by Royal Services and a little love from my lovin' daughter...Senora' Jacquelyn! It was so awesome to be somewhere new, having fun and NOT wearing makeup all the time!! I think I could get used to that.

The beautiful beaches of Playa Conchal on the Pacific Ocean...amazing!

More reason for the ever expanding waist line!!

Abundance of said!

Tired feet in the cool volcanic mud...before a sunset cruise in the Pacific...awwww!!

Sunset...on the Pacific! of the islands most active volcanoes...beautiful!

Our last night in paradise...we are tired...we have to get up at 5:00 a.m. and it is getting rather late...but we did get one last toast a wonderful experience and a great adventure together.

I'll post more when I get better pictures from the girls...or when I can figure out how to edit some of my photos!