Saturday, December 20, 2008

Never again....

WOW! Things are hectic around here...I just have one question for myself. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I thought I would get the ball rolling a little early on getting our home in spic and span condition so we can sell her quickly...I decided we needed to update the kitchen, half bath, utility room and then later "after Christmas we would do our bathroom and have the outside painted...then that's it...we'll put it on the market and see what happens. BUT the whole idea of getting new granite counter tops in the midst of Christmas shopping, decorating and general holiday madness...was NOT one of my better I stated..."WHAT WAS I THINKING! I've not had so much dust in my home since...well, the last redo! I hate dust by the not only looks bad, but it gives me terrible headaches, swollen eyes, nose and throat...not to mention I heard "someone" say just the other day, it makes me GROUCHY!! Hmmmm...can't imagine why. I spent all weekend cleaning out my kitchen cabinets from dust and debris...along with washing EVERY dish, spoon, spatula and small appliance I was THAT bad! Did you know that granite dust is so fine and light that it can float almost anywhere in your home...YES! I was crazy...I regret that I didn't think it would really be this bad...and I think next time...I'll wait till after a holiday to take on such a project. It is almost done...everything is complete, but today the plumber has to come in an hook up the kitchen sink...THAT is an whole other story...that I will save for another day! YOU won't believe it...suffice it to say, this should have been finished last week, but do to bad roads one day, schedule conflicts and other should be finished today...then I get to put everything back to where things belong...all the while trying to keep dusting, finish Christmas "doings" and stay sane....Pictures to follow!!

Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't get to post before kids will all be here...and we are looking forward to fun, relaxing, playing, pampering (for the girls) and just lots of time together, to re-charge for next's going to be a BIG one!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

She's HOME!!

Our daughter LEFT the hospital Friday night for the comfort of her home and her own bed. She called us Friday evening once she got home and commented how happy she was to be there! I know that feeling!! Yesterday, I spoke with her sweet hubby and he did say she was still in some pain...but was happy to be sleeping in the warmth and comfort of her bed. I told him there was nothing more healing than resting and being at home. Hopefully, she will just need a few more days of rest and pain meds and then she will be up and about again. It does take a while for her to gain back her strength and stamina...but she has learned not to rush my prayers are that she continues to improve and take her time just healing and resting!

Thank you all for your prayers and continued best wishes. I am thankful for each and every one of you!

In other news...Mr. NOW not letting me post pictures...NOW I'm starting to get a complex and think that maybe HE just doesn't care for me OR that it could be ME! It could have something to do with our worn out computer...but I am happy to say...that will soon be replaced with a brand spankin new one...I can't wait...NOW I'll be able to edit things to the hilt...listen to music again (yea, something has happened to our speakers) and just enjoy the heck out of having a newer faster computer!! It has been a long time in coming, we just have really procrastinated on replacing this one...I think it has something to do with the fact of having to set things up and the time it will take to load everything on to a new computer!! Can you say....lazy??? Once I figure everything out...I'll be good to go...but of course by the time I do figure things out, I'll probably already need a new one!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Just wanted to send out an update on our daughter "Jackie". As of today, she is still in the hospital...but improving. She thinks; hopefully, if all goes well she may get to go home on Friday...they have started her on clear liquids and she has been able to tolerate them...but is still in a fair amount of pain. That's the nature of that beast...she just can't eat or drink until the pancreas "cools off" as they say and the swelling starts subsiding. I think the morphine she is on makes her a bit restless...but it does seem to be helping with the pain. I always know when she is in pain and on pain meds...when I talk to her she calls me "mommy"...just like when she was a little girl...instead of "mother" as she so lovingly does now ( I called my mom "mother, too as did my mom and her mother...hmmm a strange family tradition?). She is just too sweet for words...and I hate that she has to endure this...but as I said the other day...she is one tough cookie. You know I should have probably named her "Grace" because she has taught me so much about grace under wouldn't believe how much I've learned from all this...and how much she has had to endure, she amazes me how she just takes it in stride...I think that's why she has always been mature and wise beyond her years!

So thanks for all the comments, prayers and best wishes...I'll keep updating as I know things. OH! and don't think for one minute that I am not having to sit on my hands to keep from hopping a plane...wanting to take the next flight out to Colorado to be with her...but she assures me...she is doing fine and to save those tickets for another day.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Just wanted to post a quick has been crazy around our household for a while now...but the big concern right now is that our precious daughter is in the hospital. For those of you that don't know her or know her history...she has a hereditary condition called chronic famial pancreatitis...she has suffered bouts of it since she was five years old. This disease is VERY painful...and it is very rare. Some folks DO have or get pancreatitis, but it is usually a one time event...caused by one or more factors...possibly gall stones, injury to the pancreas, obesity, alcholism or drugs. I can assure you our daughter has not suffered from any of these...instead there is something chemical in her body that causes the pancreas to swell, close off the pancreatic ducts and in essence doesn't allow the pancreatic enzymes to flow properly into the intestines to digest the food. Thus, the enzymes (which work much like battery acid) stay within the pancreas and essentially destroy and eat away at the pancreas. That is where the pain comes from...the inflamation and the actual eating away of the pancreatic walls. I know folks that have had a one time bout with this and claim it is far worse than childbirth, kidney stones or even some cancers. She is tough...she has dealt with this a LONG time...but it never is easy. She used to get attacks about once a year, a few times she has had more than one attack in a year...and sometimes they last from a few days to a few weeks. The ONLY thing our medical world has been able to determine is that it is painful and that they must "rest" the pancreas. To do this, they admit her to the hospital, start an IV and administer strong pain meds and anti-nausea medicines and allow NO foods or water by mouth until it has run it's course. The GREAT news is since she and her hubbin have moved to Colorado over 2 years ago...this is her FIRST big attack that has required hospitilaztion. The BAD news is...the doctor she is using (which WILL change, soon) is not really savy when it comes to this disease and has really dropped the ball as far as a very slow admissions and running test that only exacerbate the pain. For now, she is still in some pain, but they do have her on a morphine drip and are trying to ease the nausea and pain.

I am asking please for all you prayer warriors out please remember our sweet Jackie in your prayers...we are asking for wisdom from the hospital and doctors treating her, a speedy recovery and that they are able to get the pain and nausea under control. She is one tough cookie, this little girl of ours...she has dealt with it for so long...but hey, who's ever REALLY ready to go to the hospital...especially when you are in such pain.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers...I'll keep you all updated...PLUS I do have BIG news...that I will be sharing as soon as I have a moment to collect my thoughts...AND blogger lets me post pictures!