Thursday, November 29, 2007

Doggie DRAMA....

As most of you know and are probably bored with by now...that I have been pre-occupied with this beautiful creature over the past few days...
She is in is her optimal time as of Wednesday to get preggers..she has been with her beau on 3 different occasions since that day and YES that was JUST yesterday! Plus she is currently engaging in a sleep-over at his place...she's kind of "crazy" like that! BUT...easy she is not...the breeders called tonight to let me know she played last night and this morning with her beau Mint...but absolutley no "love connection"! We were told that they both really play well together and seem to like each other a lot! So what's the problem you ask? Well, this I would like to know!! Our sweet, sweet, obliging breeder called their vet...the vet told them that once in about a million there will be a female who for some reason doesn't want to be dominated or give over authority to the male...and that this could be the case with our Maggie...she is certainly an alpha female...but REALLY the girl has to want to get with her beau...RIGHT? Their vet suggested artificial insemination...can you believe it!! I've often told my husband...You hide and watch...Maggie will either be too frigid or not like males...then we will have to have her insemenated....only to have her get pregnant with one pup...possibly to be delivered by C-section...b/c you see...this little beauty IS NOT cheap!

Anyhoo...I called my vet...we picked up some Doggy Valium of sorts (in which I asked for a few days prior, but was informed not to "go there"...yet). We are to give her one pill an hour prior to romping with her boy to help relax her. Now I have to drive 1 1/2 hours or so away to drop off the goods (which I am more than willing to do...but geez Dr. Vet couldn't you have listened to me last week?)...only to have to play the waiting game and see if... A) the stuff worked and she's preggers...or not...and...B) if it didn't work...will it work tomorrow???...or the next day??? She has about 3 more chances I would say to get this done...and then if not we will probably pick her up late Saturday or early Sunday to bring her home...A VIRGIN once again! Maybe Maggie isn't meant to be a mom...but I am bound and determined...I've already started shopping for vets that do the artifical thang!

Oh!! and the vet did say...if she had one liter by insemenation...she would most certainly WANT to breed naturally the next time...I'm thinking..."ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"...sometimes they have up to 8 or so pups...I quit wanting more after that is!! Just sayin~

Wish us luck...and I'll try to stop obsessing!! Any prayers, good wishes, sexy thoughts or ideas are very welcomed!!

Christmas fun...

I found this little diddy over at my blog friend Teri's at Lakewood Manor" ...thought I would share it with to do while I am procrastinating about Christmas decorating...hey...I'm at least playing Christmas type maybe...just maybe...very soon...I'll hop on up and get some more decorating done...Enjoy!

You Are Dancer

Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance.

Why You're Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa's private dancer.

Why You're Nice: You're friendly. Very friendly.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Say a little prayer...

****UPDATE****From 11-28-07...Maggie and Mint met yesterday morning for some romping good times...however, no good times were had...BUT and this is big...she was very kind to her beau and they played pretty well together. IF you consider her marking her scent all over the place and him running from scent spot to scent spot... playing. According to Mints dad...she is doing ALL the right just may be a day or so too early! UGGHHH!! I am so tired of missing days...SO...last night I took Maggie to Mints "love condo" (he has a fabulous real swanky place) and they will be having a much needed sleepover for the next few days!! Wish them luck! It was so sad to leave her...but I know it is the best thing for her...and she was able to get some play time in with her sisters children...some pups Lady (Maggie's sister) had five months ago...AND yes Mint is the father...maybe that's the problem...she thinks he's a two-timer. So that's the story of the day for on to some much needed decorating***

For those of you that have been keeping up with the doggy drama of these two...

The Beautiful, Brave, Boyish...Mr. Mint...

and the "bit of a tease" but divinely beautiful... Miss Maggie

I am asking that each of you please think a positive little thought or send a sexy little wish to each of these beauties tomorrow. For we are crossing our fingers for a successful mating between our Maggie and her beau...Mint! You see Maggie is a little more anxious than most dogs...most females come into season 2 times a year...luckily OR unluckily for us Maggie comes into season 3 times a year...yes it was just this past mid July when she MISSED her window of opportunity with Mint because she was a bit too snobbish and persnickity about the whole process....So tomorrow being the 11th day of her 21 day cycle (the vet says between the 10th and 15th day is usually the optimum time to get er' done)...she will have a date with her man....the rendevous is to happen in the a.m. when his dad brings him over for a playdate in our neighbors back yard (long story, basically they have a smaller fenced in yard, so she can't bolt). This means I HAVE to be present for the de-flowering of my yellow don't get me wrong...I'm all for the marriage and everything...I just didn't want to be invited to the honeymoon...that was suppose to be dad's job...but alas he's away again on mom gets to hold down the fort so to speak while he's out making the big bucks$$$$. I am so nervous about something that is so natural...AND I was RAISED in the country...with all kinds of farm animals...but I never was present for the actual conception of any of those see...I'm just chicken!

So please wish us we can get this over with...if she doesn't mate today...she is going away with Mint and his family for a 2 to 3 day SLEEP OVER...yea...that should do the trick!!

Thanks for indulging me in my "getting doggie preggers dilema"!!

***I'm so nervous I don't know what to I "wash my hair" and "shave my legs" for tomorrow...and of course do I need to lay out the dental floss, mouth wash and some kind of great smelling perfume for the occassion...not to mention finding the perfect outfit to wear...geez...this really has me in a tizzy of sorts...lucky dogs...all they have to do is show up...well...sometimes!!!****

Monday, November 26, 2007

Answers to questions????

I am certainly feeling the LOVE in blog land that is for sure! I have been getting quite a few personal emails and posts asking where I have been. I'm so sorry I've been lacking in my blog duties, I'm thinking I have not been a very good blog friend at the moment. Lots going on here....I KNOW, I KNOW that is no excuse, because I know a lot of you have more on your plate than me. I just can't seem to get over the hump of things since getting behind while away on our trip to Italy. I know, I know it was over a month I'll keep trying I promise!

In the meantime...we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. All my kids were here and we had a great time. We postponed our actual Thanksgiving dinner till Saturday b/c of scheduling. Our son had to work on Thanksgiving...uh huh...yuck!...the lodge/restaurant were he is sous chef had somewhere around 250 guest for Thanksgiving lunch. Luckily for the staff, they served buffet and then only a light dinner. So, he was able to get away around 8:00ish which allowed us to see him for an hour or so on Thanksgiving day. We actually had a very untraditional Thanksgiving day...the kids (Jackie/Nat) along with their lovin' dad went to the movies. I opted out for 2 reasons a.) I don't like violent movies and they were seeing something weird???? and b.) I had a few things I really wanted to get done around here, so I wouldn't be rushing about exhausting myself on T.Day, so that really worked out great. That evening we went to my sister's were we feasted on Mexican was great, too...along with seeing my sister, her hubbin, their boys and one of my brothers sons! It was a fun time!

Saturday was great...lots of food, lots of talk and way, way too many calories! All in all it was a good day. Of course it wouldn't have been a family gathering without my son and son-in-law deciding to create some chaos. Due to the fact it was rainy, cold and nasty outside...and I think they had seen their quota of football games...they decided to put their creative minds together. So around 4:00ish they excused themselves for a couple of hours, while they hit the road for a little shopping ( gotta know these are 2 guys that wait till the last minute, so don't think they were shopping for Christmas gifts). They returned an hour or so later with none other than a 10ft section of PVC pipe, some kind of fitting with a screw top to go on the PVC, some hairspray, potatoes and a if any of you are wondering...they built a "potato cannon" in our garage! Oh! son and son-in-law; the food terroist in training! It took a couple of hours for the glue to the girls were dissappointed that b/c of the time and the fact it would be dark none of us would be able to see just how far they would be able to launch the potatoes. So, my daughter-in-law suggested glow in the dark off the girls went in search of glow in the dark sticks....they scored big time at CVS in the Halloween aisle...yep you guessed it...glo-sticks ON SALE!! (I'm sure this was a sign that this was a tradition meant to be). I must tell you my son has done this before with his best friend...but it always scares me just a tad when they start creating these crazy things. But...I must was a see those glow in the dark potatoes shoot hundreds of feet up into the air...I know I was more giddy than a grown woman should be...but it truly was fun! The best part was seeing the 2 boys get so excited about their creation and the success of the whole process. The girls of course had fun, too...especially since they came up with the glow in the dark idea. All in all it was a very successful collabortive effort...and now we are deeming it "White Trash Thanksgiving"! I mean someone has to do that...right?? No one was injured and due to the fact we live on 2 acres that backs up to 35 undeveloped was injured or disturbed during this process...

I'm posting a picture of my fam...from my 50th surprise birthday celebration...I know it's not that's from April...but I was bad this Thanksgiving and forgot to take enough I'm including this one ...basically b/c...well...who wants to read a post w/o pictures...I don't want to be called boring.

I also have some big news to share in the upcoming stay tuned for that...I am excited...and's not a I'll at least give you that hint as a heads up...but it does have something to do with this picture....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy 25th!!

Today...November the 21st, 2007 my BABY will be 25 years old! I remember his birth date vividly...he was the easiest baby to deliver, the sweetest infant imaginable, the most cuddle some child, he was even a heart breaker in the nursery at the hospital. His night nurse had a huge crush on him all the while we were fact somewhere in my memory boxes I have a photo with him and the gal who had the first crush on him. His charm has continued throughout the years...except maybe for the 18 months between his 2ND and 4Th birthdays...he was a stinker for a while...but then he grew again into a wonderful boy...then teenager...and now an incredible young man.I mean look at this face...with milk all over his chin...and mischievousness ooozing from his eyes...who wouldn't love that face or who couldn't resist his sweet chubby cheeks...milk and all!...

He is now a grown young man...out on his own...with his lovely bride by his side...we couldn't have imagined or dreamed of a better person to call son! He truly keeps me entertained...his dad is his best friend...aside from his wife...and he adores his sister...and according to his wife...she thinks he is just about the perfect husband. (don't you just love that she shares that with me...she's the catch)
This is a picture a friend took of Marcus about a year his friends wedding...I just love the way she captured him in this shot...but of course...he captured my heart the minute he was placed in my arms!

So Happy Birthday to our wonderful son...we look forward to celebrating another 60 or so birthdays with you!! WE LOVE YOU and we are so very
to call you our son!!

Love you forever, MOM<><

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Prayer of Thanks...

As we all are approaching Thanksgiving Day...and running about finishing up shopping, cleaning and decorating...I wanted to take time to share this poem by

Helen Steiner Rice...entitled
" A Prayer of Thanks".

Thank You, God, for everything
I've experienced here on earth
Thank You for protecting me
from the moment of my birth-
And thank You for the beauty
around me everywhere,
The gentle rain and glistening dew,
the sunshine and the air,
The joyous gift of "feeling"
the soul's soft, whispering voice
That speaks to me from deep within
and makes my heart rejoice-
Oh, God , no words are great enough
to thank You for just living,
And that is why every day
is a day for real thanksgiving...

Beautiful Heather over at PresentPastCollections asked on her blog what we are thankful for...I just wanted to share this with all of you...because for me it sums up my feelings of Thanksgiving! But I also wanted to give just a small glimpse into what makes me Thankful...everyday! I am thankful for many things...which I realize we all are about the same and give thanks for many of the same things...I for one am Thankful for living in a free country that allows me the "freedom" to LOVE Our Lord and Savior with all my heart without having to worry about looking over my shoulder. I also am thankful for the men and women and families that give of their lives and energies every we can all be FREE to do what we do. I am thankful for a wonderful loving husband who loves me and lets me be "me" (which I'm sure can be nail-biting at times). Along with 2 wonderful children who have shown me how to love unconditionally and for the 2 wonderful people they chose to spend the rest of their lives with. I am also grateful for 2 very loving parents who showed me what love is...I miss them everyday. I am thankful for my sister...who probably knows me just a little too well...and for my 4 awesome nephews...and watching them each find themselves. I am truly thankful for glorious friends who love spite of myself...and for new friends I've never physically met...but are a constant source of inspiration and fun everyday...of course that would leave me "thankful" for blog which I am.

Here is wishing each and everyone of you a blessed and meaningful Thanksgiving...I pray each of you has time to reflect on what makes you Thankful...I know I was happy to take Heather's challenge...she made me really think...and for that I am also very Thankful!

Blessings to each of you and many, many Thanks for being my new found are all very special to me in so many ways.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours....


Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy 28th my wonderful daughter!!

On this day November 9, 1979...our lives changed forever. As you can see from these couple of pictures....God Blessed us with a precious daughter on that day. She has been the joy of our lives since the day she was born...I mean REALLY look at this angelic picture taken of her when she was about 3 years old...look at that face...those curls...that skin...that sweet little is her dad's absolute favorite picture of her as a child...he calls it his "angel" picture! She had the best curls and dimples and was so sweet and smart. She has now grown into a lovely young lady...and we are so proud of her. As a child she was beautiful, smart, engergetic, sassy (in the best of ways) and independent...but very sweet! She would always think of others when she was about to do something...never left her baby brother out of anything that he wanted to partcipate in. She was and is still very funny, very smart, totally independent, unbelievably beautiful, always loving...and VERY MUCH FUN...and VERY MUCH LOVED by so many...

The next picture is one of the wedding photos from her bridal shoot...she just looks radiant to me...of course I am her mom...but she is still that sweet, lovely, intellegient, remarkably talented young woman today as she was growing up. She has the best sense of humor (you have to around here) she has a zest for life...she loves her happily married to a wonderful young man...and she makes us PROUD everyday!__So HAPPY, HAPPY #28th Birthday (I still can't believe you are 28!)...JACQUELYN LEE....WE LOVE YOU!!! I couldn't ask for a better or sweeter are so talented, fun, and always keep me in check and I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU! Looking forward to many, many more 28ths with you....have a wonderful day!

Love you forever,

Enjoy the picks...and if you want to stop by her blog and wish her a "happy birthday" it would probably "thrill" her to pieces...her site is on my sidebar...the wonderful world of jackie....

Monday, November 5, 2007

Winning Number...

I have been such a bad blogger since getting back from Italy. This is a very busy time of year for me as I know it is for each of you. For some reason I haven't been keeping up my end of the blogging world as best I could...I wanted to share this with you BEFORE I left for Italy...but NEVER found the time...

So here goes...back in late August...I think that is when it was...anyhoo...Peggy at Hidden Haven Homestead had a give-a-way of her wonderful, wonderful handmade products from her lovely farm. I actually WON...never in my life have I won anything...well, except for the fact I feel I WON when I married my lovin' hubbin'...but I'll save that for another day. I won some beautiful things...2 bars of handmade being favorite scent of all time...but she also included a really awesome smelling soap in spiced smells heavenly...I haven't used it yet...I'm waiting for the days to get just a tad colder...she also included some handmade Goats Milk too, is wonderful and smells so fresh and clean. Peggy also made a lavender scented candle (again Heavenly....maybe she should change the name to Hidden Heaven Homestead)...anyhoo...the candle is great....I am very stingy with when I use it...b/c I want to keep it for as long as I can....she included a cute little sachet...with the sweetest scent. I want to THANK Peggy...she did such an awesome job...she even included a cute little black tote...with her "Diva" pictured on the that is one Hollywood Diva Goat...all's I'm sayin...her name really suits can tell she knows how to work the camera... So...if any of you have a chance to check Peggy's line of goodies out...hop on over to her blog at she really has some wonderful products...I know one new customer that is surely going to order some more lavender scented goodies...

Here are pictures of my treasures the day they arrived...I was so proud of myself for taking the pictures...and I fully intended to blog about them that day...then life happened...I got too busy...then went out of town...and you know the enjoy...I wish you could smell the beautiful fragrance that emits from Peggy's creations

THANK YOU PEGGY...I am loving your wonderful creations...and give "Diva" a big Howdy from her new friend in Texas!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blogger IS NOT the boss of me!!

Ugggghhhhh! Blogger is getting on my LAST nerve...I've tried for 2 days to post these images...and now wouldn't you know it...a day AFTER halloween...blogger let me post...mind you he wasn't gracious about it took some coaxing, prodding and re-arranging...but finally...I had some success...REALLY....I wonder...why I even try with him, sometimes!...and YES...we all know blogger is a guy! Sorry, fellas not male-bashing just makes the most sense...or at least to me!

So enjoy the talents of my son and daughter-in-law...even if it is one day late. The first pumpkin...the witch was carved by my son...the ghouly ghost was carved by my can read my post from the other day to see how this tradition was started. Probably much like all of you!

Enjoy...oh! and I must a's beginning to feel a bit fallish around here! shhhhhh!