Thursday, November 29, 2007

Doggie DRAMA....

As most of you know and are probably bored with by now...that I have been pre-occupied with this beautiful creature over the past few days...
She is in is her optimal time as of Wednesday to get preggers..she has been with her beau on 3 different occasions since that day and YES that was JUST yesterday! Plus she is currently engaging in a sleep-over at his place...she's kind of "crazy" like that! BUT...easy she is not...the breeders called tonight to let me know she played last night and this morning with her beau Mint...but absolutley no "love connection"! We were told that they both really play well together and seem to like each other a lot! So what's the problem you ask? Well, this I would like to know!! Our sweet, sweet, obliging breeder called their vet...the vet told them that once in about a million there will be a female who for some reason doesn't want to be dominated or give over authority to the male...and that this could be the case with our Maggie...she is certainly an alpha female...but REALLY the girl has to want to get with her beau...RIGHT? Their vet suggested artificial insemination...can you believe it!! I've often told my husband...You hide and watch...Maggie will either be too frigid or not like males...then we will have to have her insemenated....only to have her get pregnant with one pup...possibly to be delivered by C-section...b/c you see...this little beauty IS NOT cheap!

Anyhoo...I called my vet...we picked up some Doggy Valium of sorts (in which I asked for a few days prior, but was informed not to "go there"...yet). We are to give her one pill an hour prior to romping with her boy to help relax her. Now I have to drive 1 1/2 hours or so away to drop off the goods (which I am more than willing to do...but geez Dr. Vet couldn't you have listened to me last week?)...only to have to play the waiting game and see if... A) the stuff worked and she's preggers...or not...and...B) if it didn't work...will it work tomorrow???...or the next day??? She has about 3 more chances I would say to get this done...and then if not we will probably pick her up late Saturday or early Sunday to bring her home...A VIRGIN once again! Maybe Maggie isn't meant to be a mom...but I am bound and determined...I've already started shopping for vets that do the artifical thang!

Oh!! and the vet did say...if she had one liter by insemenation...she would most certainly WANT to breed naturally the next time...I'm thinking..."ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"...sometimes they have up to 8 or so pups...I quit wanting more after that is!! Just sayin~

Wish us luck...and I'll try to stop obsessing!! Any prayers, good wishes, sexy thoughts or ideas are very welcomed!!


Lavender Chick said...

Oh my! That Maggie... Perhaps you just raised her too well - you know, she has values. I think you need to have a ceremony, as in wedding, get her a gigantic diamond ring and spend your life savings on a reception. I guarantee that will get you some grandbabies!

Susie Q said...

Oh that Maggie...I have really enjoyed reading all about this little drama. I had to giggle out loud when I read lavender chicks comment!

How about some candles, some mood music...what DO Labs like anyway?
Manilow? Sinatra? Bennet?

Now, a good Brian D. movie would do it for me but Miss Maggie might like one with Lassie...wait! Lassie is a girl! Nooo...Lassie was a boy playing a girl so go back to Lassie. Or not.

I think that Mint is rather dashing myself. Me thinks that Maggie is just playing hard to get! She knows she is a wow and wants HIM to know it too.

Thata make him beg!! *giggle* You are SO worth it.

Oh but I could see those gorgeous puppies. : )


Jennifer said...

This cracks me up! My Brother-in-law is playing the wait and see if it took game with his English Setter which just so happens to be the sister to my dog Allie. They had quite a time with the whole process. Turns out that thier Katie-girl has small "female parts" and the male dogs "couldn't fit" so she had to be artifically insemenated just to have the vet inform them (after he insemenated her) that if this does work she will probably have to deliver them through c-section because her "female parts" are too narrow. My brother-in-law about decked the guy and asked "why wouldn't you have told me this before we did the proceedure?!?!?" The vet sheepishly said, "Oh that was dumb of me wasn't it." HELLO! This is thier family dog all the kids absolutely adore her and now my b-i-l is concerned about complications that might end up killing Katie. The kids would be devestaded. Now if it all turns out ok the chances of him getting his money back for all the procedures and stud service are slim unless Katie has a really big litter.

Sandi McBride said...

You know, I had a "brace" of Shelties, Ripley (yeah, from THAT movie) and McDuff...while Ripley adored Duffy, she just would not tolerate any "lovemaking". Ever. We never had a pup from those two in the entire 12+ years they owned us...not one. The Vet also recommended artificial insem but in the end I told Mac...she doens't want to have puppies, who am I to force the issue. His take on it was, yeah and if you let her run around in the yard and play, some devil may care bomber squadron leader will be in like flint and then what have you got? Sorry, I wasn't buying it...I'd keep trying...but with me, it's a "let nature take it's course."

Nancy said...

How funny! I've never had a dog in heat before so can't imagine the anxiousness you may be feeling. But she is a beaut. Maybe she's just waiting for her soul mate!

joan said...

She's such a pretty dog, maybe she's just waiting for her Prince Charming. I know nothing about this sort of thing. My beautiful golden retriever was fixed before we got her, she's gone now but I know how attached you get to these little ones. Hope it all works out. Have a great weekend.

Julie said...

I have been down that road! We bred Corgi's for years and with one bitch - when we took her to the stud dog...the only thing she would show him was her TEETH! She was inseminated and after she had her litter - we never had trouble breeding her again.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I'm glad your feeling better.......but isn't the dog the one who's supposed to get the UTI with all that action she's supposed to be having?
Good luck.