Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Silly Blogger....

Well...I'm sure you are all wondering...just when did I flip my lid...I've tried to post the pictures of "said" pumpkins...but blogger isn't letting me...so I'll keep trying...in the meantime...blogger is posting my post BEFORE...I say POST...I'm just previewing...and the next thing I know...I have 3 or 4 post up and running...What's up with blogger...hmmm...surely its not me!!



I can't take credit for these 2 amazing pumpkin carvings...but I can take credit for a) one of the creators of one of these carving.... and b) the tradition of crazy carvings at Halloween. When our children were younger we would take them to several pumpkin patches so we could find THE "PERFECT" pumpkin to carve...we always called it the "Great Pumpkin Hunt" ( we did the same thing with Christmas trees...I know original aren't we?) once we found the perfect pumpkin we would then take it home...maybe make some hot chocolate or just dive into the Halloween candy that was suppose to be for the trick or treaties. We would spend quite a bit of time...designing on paper the design we felt best for that year...often times this would be influenced by a certain children's movie, a saying, or just the traditional pumpkin head...over the years as the kids grew; of course the skills just heightened in this area...so it was decided at one point we would buy 2 pumpkins...and have a "carve off"...sometimes it was boys against girls...sometimes dad/daughter against mom/son...and then when the kids become teenagers...well, everyone had their own pumpkin...and the contest really got heated! It was great fun...memories I think we all look back on with warm fondness...so much so...that now that the kids are older they are continuing this "brag fest" with their spouses. So the pumpkins you see here are not of my creation...but that of my son and daughter-in-law...let the games begin...!!

Great job...Marcus and Emily...quite impressive! Now I guess I'm going to have to run and buy another pumpkin...so I can start competing...Jackie...Nat??? are you game???

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Italy = Great Food

I am going to forwarn you that this post contains FOOD...so you may want to grab a tasty snack before the cuisines of Italy make your mouth start watering!

This first picture is of a wonderful lunch we were served in the mountainside of Gubbio. Gubbio is a medieval walled village known for its famous traditons that date back many centuries and are still active to this date. The local cuisine is generously flavored by truffles found in the surrounding forest of Gubbio...usually in the mountainess areas. This was a linguine served with olive oil steeped in truffles with thinly sliced truffles on top...one word....MOUTHWATERING!

You are probably asking yourself about this next picture AND why we would take pictures of dirt clods in a box....Right? Well, these are black truffles...some may even say "black gold"...these are found in and around the restaurant "Da Buffone'" where we dined for lunch. In fact Mr. Buffone owns dogs and keeps them at his home next to his mountaintop restaurant. On this particular day he took the dogs out for some early afternoon truffle hunting...and this is what they found. Hubbin took a picture in which the chef was more than gracious to let us in his kitchen...he took this one in particular because A.) we love truffles and have learned and heard much about them from our son...and B.) because these babies sell for 800 Euro a kilo...yes you heard that right in other words they would sell here at the price of about $1200.00 a kilo...thus the name "black gold" and the reason they are sliced so thinly...you can see the tool they use to slice the truffles at the top of the box. I have forgotten what it is called!

This last picture is of me and lovin hubbin enjoying our fully loaded plate of appetizers...and yes you guessed it those are truffles on the bruschette? on hubbins plate...and everything eaten or served always goes better with wine...or at least in Italy! Scrumptous meal...as they all were...

More photos and such to come later....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What a Trip!!!

Whew! We are back from Italy and I can honestly say...I have a new love in my life and it is in the Umbrian region of Italy. We had a wonderful time...so much to see and learn. Of course there was never a lack of food, wine or activity. We had an absolute blast and I truly want to go back very soon! I've decided to take some classes in Italian for our next trip so I can better understand the lovely people of Italy, it truly makes them happy when you can speak even just a little "poco" Italian...and believe me...I spoke very little, but did learn some things along the way! The people we came in contact with were absolutely the most giving and loving folks you could want to meet. We stayed at a villa that has been in our hosts family for over 400 years...and they treated us all just like their own family. It was truly the best...I will post more about it later on and let you know some of the places we visited and some of the things we did.

Now I must catch up on reading my emails, mail and catch up on all my blog family...Until I can post please enjoy some of these pictures

Vatican City...St. Peter's Basillica...incredible!!! I learned so much and found that there was way more to see than one could ever attempt in a day...our guide who was American but has duel citizenship was amazing...she really knew her stuff!! She had such passion for all that was there to see and truly loved her job...that made it very meaningful to us...again...I can't say it enough TRULY AMAZING!!!

Sweet hubbin and I atop the Basillicia in Siena...Tuscany's most enchanting medieval city...its nearby arch rival is Florence. Gorgeous city!

A gorgeous little city atop of a hill in Spoleto...some great shopping, too...so much to see and do...we never had enough time! ....again...Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful...

by the way...what little Italian I did pick up I learned...the most important word one needs to know while shopping...is...Quanto/Quanti...how much? and how many???

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

So my bags are packed, the dogs have been bathed, the house spruced up and the law has arrived. Well, not the law...but our very good friend who is a retired police officer is here to house and dog sit while we're away! He loves the girls...and likewise...and he knows our house like his own...so we feel good about having Captain here...plus he loves walking the dogs...so they will be exercised enough! We leave for our trip to Italy...and I'm running on empty...so I can sleep the entire flight...I pray! So....I'll leave you with this and bid you all arivederci...me bella...arivederci

Until I return...may you all be blessed...and I ask for your continued prayers for our safety in traveling and that we be blessed with great health, fun times and the Lords protection during our time away....Blessings...to all of you!