Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I can't take credit for these 2 amazing pumpkin carvings...but I can take credit for a) one of the creators of one of these carving.... and b) the tradition of crazy carvings at Halloween. When our children were younger we would take them to several pumpkin patches so we could find THE "PERFECT" pumpkin to carve...we always called it the "Great Pumpkin Hunt" ( we did the same thing with Christmas trees...I know original aren't we?) once we found the perfect pumpkin we would then take it home...maybe make some hot chocolate or just dive into the Halloween candy that was suppose to be for the trick or treaties. We would spend quite a bit of time...designing on paper the design we felt best for that year...often times this would be influenced by a certain children's movie, a saying, or just the traditional pumpkin head...over the years as the kids grew; of course the skills just heightened in this area...so it was decided at one point we would buy 2 pumpkins...and have a "carve off"...sometimes it was boys against girls...sometimes dad/daughter against mom/son...and then when the kids become teenagers...well, everyone had their own pumpkin...and the contest really got heated! It was great fun...memories I think we all look back on with warm fondness...so much so...that now that the kids are older they are continuing this "brag fest" with their spouses. So the pumpkins you see here are not of my creation...but that of my son and daughter-in-law...let the games begin...!!

Great job...Marcus and Emily...quite impressive! Now I guess I'm going to have to run and buy another pumpkin...so I can start competing...Jackie...Nat??? are you game???

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