Wednesday, December 28, 2011

OH!! Happy DAYS!!

Remember this darling couple...In my last (and LONG over-do post) I shared that they had just celebrated their 6th Wedding Anniversary!! WELL...guess what? Yeppers...this beautiful couple will be celebrating another milestone in 2012...YES, they are going to be BABY is gonna be having his own baby to love! They are due in the very early days of June! We are all so very excited! Mom-to-be is doing great after a bit of a bout with "all-day sickness"...she has now hit the mark where her energy levels are on the upswing as well as she is feeling more like eating! All is on track and we will find out what BABY "SweetP" will be in 15 days. I'll keep you posted!!

In the meantime...I'll share with you a couple ( I really mean there such a thing as a couple of pictures w/one is speaking of their grand-child?...yea...I didn't think so!) of pictures of our first grand-baby...who will be celebrating his 2nd birthday in January! WOW! That went by way too fast. Rumor has it...he is quite excited about becoming a "cousin"!!

These pics are way out of sequence...but I am too lazy to please excuse me while I babble about each one...
This first picture is of our lil man and one of his food obsessions...yes...this is his peanut butter extravaganza...that boy loves his peanut butter!!

This was taken at lil man's first Easter egg his Lolly & Pops...we sure had fun with this. He is showing his dad how to hunt eggs with a pretty determined look in his eyes!

Another great picture of lil man and his gorgeous mommy on their very first Mother's day celebration together! Too cute!

Lil Man LOVES his Uncle M...this was taken when he was about 4 months old at the beach...note his handsome Uncles great tan!
W's first Thanksgiving with his beautiful aunt just hanging out together!! He is one lucky little boy to be loved by so many!!

And of course the picture that started it all...his first session as a newborn...taken by none other than his mommy! He is a well photographed little boy!!

Lil man in his new shoes...I hear they make him run really fast!!
Lil man with his gorgeous mommy...they are quite a twosome!!
AT the butterfly pavilion...chasing butterflies in his bare feet...gotta love that!
Trick or Treating in the town square...he was our Top Gun!!

Another picture of lil man and his mommy taking a stroll! One of their favorite things to do!!

That's all the pictures for today...maybe soon I can actually organize all my pictures and be better about blogging and sharing some of them! I still need to get all my photo's edited from our remodel (what an amazing tranformation that was!)...I'll try and get that together sometime in 2012...and bore you with those! Until then...praying you all have an outstanding 2012 and that you and your families are blessed with great health, good fortune, lots of family time and LOVE for all!!