Thursday, August 30, 2007


Today is our beautiful daughter-in-law Emily's HAPPY BIRTHDAY...EMLS!! WE LOVE YOU!! Just so you all know Emily is the sweetest, most beautiful, super intellegient, very loving and generous daughter in law this family could every ask for. She is so much fun and is one of the sweetest people I know...she and my son are a fun couple and we are so happy they chose one another as husband and wife...We love having you in our family bring such joy to all of us! Have a wonderful day...and enjoy your special evening out with the "boy".

These pictures are from Sunday night when sweet hubbin and I took her out to eat and then went back to their apartment so she could open her gifts...yes! we know it was a few days early...but it was the only time hubbin was free to share in the we had to let her open her gifts early...yea...I know that was mean! I told her if she worked it just right she could probably open a gift every day of the week till her would be the birthday week that keeps on giving...instead of just the birthday. I think the picture of her and their dog "Corie" explains how much that dog LOVES presents...we can't wait till Christmas...she was so funny...wanted to be in on all the fun...she's a great dog...and Marcus and Emily make great doggie parents!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

WOW!!! Aren't these just awesome...I wish I could take credit for them...but I stole...I mean borrowed them from my daughters blog...she got up EARLY, EARLY, EARLY this morning and shot these...she is too many ways!! Thanks "J" for getting up at the hiney break of dawn and for sharing these phenomenal moments with us...I thought about setting my alarm and getting up to take pictures of this...but that is as far as I got...Hope everyone enjoys them...Again, thanks Ms. "J" are the BEST!!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cutest Surprise Visitor...

Isn't she just a punkin??? Her name is Brooklyn and she came to visit us tonight...her mom is one of my daughters friends from jr. high and high school...Brooklyn's grandparents have been our neighbors for 16 years...they lived in this awesome neighborhood before we moved here...anyhoo...Brooklyn's mom Cindy knows how much I love babies and kids...she brought her oldest daughter Makayla over last year for me to meet...she was pregnant at the time with this little she is almost a year old...she has been visiting her grandparents this week (she, hubby and the girls moved away to pursue a great job opportunity in another state) and baby left big sis at home w/ I'm sure Nana & Pop got some great one on one time w/her. I was so thrilled when there was a knock on our door tonight and opened it to find Cindy there...I knew why she had come by...she and punkin had just been out w/the grandparents at a little Sunday School get together, so when she was coming down our street to put B. to bed...she stopped by for a bit...I could have visited all night...but she was tired and we were worried about having her out too late b/c of the mosquitoes and WEST NILE...I just wanted to post how cute she is...her sister is a doll, too...she has very curly hair...and Brooklyn has soft straight hair...and they both have gorgeous blue eyes...AND BOTH ARE VERY,VERY sweet girls...THANKS made our night!!! It was great to see both of you...I miss having girls around!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In The Dog House

Well this is a first for me....I'm in the "dog house" with one particularly British and ever so sweet Lab...I forgot her birthday on Saturday...August the 18th...I think I may have been too busy the week prior with the wedding and all...and then when Saturday rolled around...I was just too tired to think...So SORRY Maggie...this will have to do...until the weekend when we can celebrate everything right...So wishing my sweet dog ( I know my kids are going to kill me over this...I can see the jaws dropping and eyes rolling as I type!! lol) A VERY HAPPY FOURTH BIRTHDAY....NOW will you please give me some pups???

The first few pictures were taken today...I was pretending it was her birthday...I don't think she has caught on yet...funny because I was looking through all the information the breeder sent us when my husband picked her up in Manchester...she was the last one born in the liter...of 8 she was number 8...I should have known she was going to be stubborn...especially w/boys...she only weighed 11 1/2 oz. when she was born she wasn't the runt...but she was one of the 2 smallest...because their was a male that weighed exactly the's hard to imagine it now that she weighs in at about 53 to 55 pounds...depending on her "water" weight gain...Yes...isn't that how all Ladies weigh... figuring "in" their water weight has to account for some added pounds! She is the most unusual but loving dog I have ever known...she is very loyal to me and my sweet hubbin AND she loves her baby sister "Cookie"...that would be the black and white "crazier than a loon" shitzu...she is very active...she could play catch with a ball, bumper or Frisbee ALL day if you let her...she loves running and finding them wherever they may have bounced or flown...the further and the harder to find...the better...she truly does have a nose for hunting...she is however, a nervous Nellie when new folks or other animals are around...she's a bit too protective...but never really mean...just barks and her hair stands straight on end...we are working on her "social" skills...b/c we do want her to "Play Well With Others"!...Thanks for indulging my in my dog loving craziness...but she is our baby for now...and we really do enjoy her!!

The second and third pictures are of what she loves to do most...running...catching...chasing the ball...again...she could do this for hours on end...I just get too tired to throw ALL the time...but I do spend an average of an hour or better each day (not all at once...15 minutes at a time...on good days)...throwing to keeps her trim, fit and happy!! I aim to's easier than hearing her beg...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where's My "OFF w/DEET"

How about this for exciting neighbor emailed all of us in our little neighborhood tonight...said he's been feeling bad for almost 5 weeks...well, turns out he was conclusively diagnosed with WEST NILE VIRUS today...yeppers...the CDC has our address now...I suspect...and soon "little" men in suits will be driving round in funny trucks w/fog coming out of the sides of them...OR at least I hope they do...I'll be calling the "health department" AND the "CDC" check into this...but from now on...we've been advised NOT to go outside w/o a heavy layer of clothing and repellent with no more late night talks on the back more playing catch w/Maggie AND no more late night walks...I guess I'll have to substitute the treadmill....just HOW do you explain to a dog that you can't play catch because of a pesty thing called mosquitoes??

I NEVER thought it would get this's kind of like when the kids are little and someone tells you that a child in their class has been diagnosed with LICE...and your first reaction is..."Oh NO!! Not my child doesn't have lice!"..."Uh uh!...not my sweet baby!"...sadly though lice are just a nuisance...these mosquitoes could be deadly!!

Asking all prayers warriors to lift my neighbor up in prayer...and to ask for protection for the rest of our neighborhood...Thanks!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Stick a fork in er' and call it DONE!!!

I was a "bad" girl this past week...I fully intended on taking pictures of the process of making all the florals, bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages...but I forgot my camera on both days that I worked on these...then the day of the wedding was so hectic...I was only able to snap a few really "bad" this is what I'll show for now...until I can get some pictures from the photographer...these are pictures of the cake...which ended up being a disaster in my opinion...the bride asked the "cake lady" for a cake that was specifically decorated very plainly...smooth icing (but she didn't want fondant icing AND butter cream is a little harder to smooth out...but really this wasn't done right)and she wanted blue ribbon on the lower edges of each she wanted light blue butterflies that were made from gum paste and dyed to match the ribbon...WELL that is what it was suppose to be....I wish I had taken a before picture...but once the cake lady left...I was summoned from downstairs where I was arranging flowers for the ceremony to come upstairs and FIX the cake!!! Yikes...I'm not a cake lady!! Mind you this is the 3rd wedding where I have had to fix a I'm learning!!! I had to work fast...First...the ribbon was NOT the right color know it's hard to match blues sometimes...but really the bride gave her the ribbon...I don't think the ribbon she used was the same ribbon given to her...b/c it was Tiffany blue...not periwinkle I found some blue ribbon in my stash...there were 5 layers to the cake...3 round 2 square...well...there wasn't enough of the first blue ribbon to go around all 5 I found a white sheer w/white stripes to go around the 2 square layers...with the sheer over the previous was a perfect match to the blue I used on the 3 rounds...yes...God was helping me with that...then there was the issue of the red velvet cake showing through the icing in I gathered all the white flowers I had...and started placing them around the cake in various spots along with the blue delphinium and the pale, pale blue butterflies...all in wasn't the cake she ordered...and it wasn't a gorgeous cake by any means...not as pretty as I would have liked to have seen...but I think after the flowers were placed and looked as good as it could...the cake lady also brought the cake in on a piece of plywood that she had painted white...the edges looked like horse pookie....mind you I thought she was putting it on something white or silver (like a cake riser) and that it would be presentable...not the I layered the bottom with white rose petals and left over white hydrangeas...I also placed the same white hydrangeas on the top of the cake...NEXT wedding...if there is a NEXT...we're using my tried and truly fabulous cake ifs, ands or buts....I know she does great work...she's always professional...and she LISTENS...and is very can see her work in one of my previous's the one of my daughter's wedding cake...white...white flowers...brown tablecloth...clear glass at the bottom of the cake lifted with vendula roses all underneath the opinion...just beautiful!!

Now I know your wondering where and why the pink?? Right??? Well, actually I'm not sure I can answer that really...My friend and I really tried to convince the bride to do all blues and whites/ happens to be the brides favorite the blue was a perfect choice...but for some reason...and I'm not really clear as to was added to the color scheme somewhere down the I love pink...think it really is a great color to work with...but it was VERY hard to work with pink and blue and not have it come off as a baby shower looking theme...ya know? All in all...I think the decorations were beautiful...I'll try and post some later...the pinks in the bridesmaids bouquets were stunning...and on the tables, too...the bride carried an all white/cream bouquet along with blue delphiniums and a vintage blue butterfly I found on one of my trips to Colorado in a antique was vintage looking covered in blue stones and enamel....the bride loved it...she had a bit of a butterfly theme going on, too! The bride looked beautiful...and the ceremony was awesome...she is they brought some Greek elements into the service...and that REALLY made it they are in the Gulf...Cancun area...somewhere where Hurricane Dean is please say a prayer that Viv and Ben get to have a decent honeymoon and make it home safely very soon!

Thanks for reading...Blessings to all...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Wedding Week....

Most of you have seen this picture before...but I'm posting it today...because today starts "Wedding Week" for me! I will most likely be tied up for the majority of the week, working on wedding stuff, arranging wedding stuff, making bouquets, florals, all kinds of WEDDING I'm going to stop by from time to time to check in...but probably won't be posting a lot...coincidentally these are almost the same color the bride is using...a few darker shades of pink here and there...even some of the flower choices are the same... you are limited this time of year as to what is available...if we had to order in from Holland it would cost the bride an arm & leg...and we're trying to stay within her budget! Wish us luck...and please pray for the couple to be wed this weekend...Friday...actually...I'll clue you in on some of the facts latter....hopefully, with many pictures...but I am going to be I don't know how many pics I'll be able to take...

Blessings to Everyone...

Wedding Week begins....

Friday, August 10, 2007

Blowing off steam....hopefully just once!

Sorry folks...I don't usually like to post any of my negative or crazy thoughts...but's just been one of those days...I wondered at various times throughout my day..."why did I bother leaving my house?"....I think I had a pre-warning of what the day may be like while getting into my Expedition (yes I am a Texan...sadly I love my gas guzzler...not really...I would love a mini-coup...but I'm afraid not to have more metal/plastic around my innards)...when leaving my home...dressed for a very hot sticky Texas day that surely would hover around the century mark...wearing the customary "cute" flip flops...oh and I was wearing clothes, too...minor detail...anyhoo...while hoisting myself up into the giant..I FELL...yes guys/gals...I fell flat smack dab on my "BUM" (at this point I am of course blaming it on the flip-flops and not my lack of agility)...luckily my sweet hubbin had the for-thought to have running boards installed (hence the hoisting part) or I would have hit the cement floor HARD...luckily I kind of slithered along the side of the vehicle only to land very hard on the running board...then landing on the cement hard in fact...rattled my head...bit down or clinched down too hard...and chipped a back tooth...every so slightly...I'll be calling Kari's dentist...Dr. Death...soon I'm sure...ok..sorry...this could go on for days at this pace...even though I was a bit rattled...being the trooper that I am...I ventured out of the garage and onto the day of first stop was to be at my bank...they had some paper work I needed to fax...(this was all for a good deed on my part...I think) when arriving to the bank I asked if they had a fax machine I could use to fax the 2 lowly pieces of paper (one of which was a letter they had just typed for me)...I was so "snidely" informed..."we don't have PUBLIC faxes!) ok don't even get me started on public bathrooms! I was a bit aghast...for I have been banking with this same back for nearly 30 years...I wonder what ever happened to customer service...not to mention I have all $12.98 of my life savings in their establishment...geez REALLY!!...maybe they found out I didn't have all my funds tied up with them and were a bit I politely left...because you see...this was just the beginning and I had not built up enough steam to "let off"!! Onward to Kinko' fax...NO PARKING anywhere...a quandary for me...b/c their really wasn't a place to turn around that's how small the parking lot is...and ask anyone...I AM NOT A GOOD BACKER!! So I waited for a while hoping someone would come out...not I found a spot to squeeze the dumpster in which I'm sure wasn't really for parking...something about yellow stripes and all...(mind you there REALLY was a parking spot...but someone decided they needed two places instead of one) that's that! I park...I enter...line 4 problem...the person waiting on my fax shouldn't have to wait long...RIGHT...Wrong...2 ladies at the only 2 fax machines...kept dialing...kept dialing...and then decided they needed to call whoever they were check things out...long story...even longer...20+ minutes later I was able to fax my letter! Now I don't mind waiting...but not for someone to visit with Cousin Betty on the phone all the while smacking gum...rolling her eyes...and you get the ugly sorted picture! I leave Kinko's to head on over to the post office...where I've been trying to mail a package for a week now...All is fine...until I decided to leave...this particular post office has an ENTRY and an EXIT...clearly marked..and one got it...a gal..decided she didn't want to follow directions and decided to come in the EXIT...thus backing up traffic in a highly congested area of town...I waited...waited...waited...till finally she was able to maneuver herself around...and get out! I would have just written this off as a "mistake" except that when she and her friend pulled in (very close to where I was parked) I could see the 2 of them...laughing...and I don't think it was b/c it was about to break 100!! may be almost blind now...but it does get better...I think...or after the Post Office Parody...I headed over to Target to pick up a couple of things and return a couple of items...I won't even bore you with what happened to the poor lady in front of me...all b/c she was not a citizen and didn't have a drivers license...mind you she had a receipt...the item...and she paid CASH! So as I'm leaving Target (by the way they need to hire more clerks during Back to School month) some of us have more than 10 those 20 lanes opened for 10 items or less didn't help those of us who had 22 items...and only 3 clerks! As I leave to put things away in my car...I load the back end up...put my cart away...and proceed to the drivers side door of my what do my wandering eyes see... a "surprise" right by my door...yes a POOPY diaper..yea,I know poopy diapers when I see/smell them...You can tell...believe me...AT this point I was beginning to ask myself..."what is WRONG with people...seriously?" All the while looking over my shoulder and all about to see maybe...just maybe I was on Candid Camera...or PUNK'D...seriously!!

As I am heading home...I need encounters of any crazy kind there...just a lot of humid Texas heat...that's alright...I'm heading home...BUT NO WAIT...I have to pick up my husbands prescription at Albertsons drug store....LUCKY for me...they have a drive through...I love this feature...I wish they could grab a gallon of milk for me...or a pack of gum sometimes...but they only do drugs! So I asked for hubby's script...(he's a diabetic) which was syringes...and while they were at it...could I have some Mucinex D ( I've been fighting a sinus infection all week...more like heat infection) so I thought I would keep taking that to help fight the sinus per doctors she asks "what is your telephone number?" I oblige...she gives me the syringes...mind you I have shown her nothing in form of ID...she then informs me she CAN NOT give me the Mucinex D through the GLASS drive-thru window...I asked..."can't I give you my DL and then get it?"..."No"..insists the clerk...we can't give you that through the drive will have to come in and sign for it...OK...that's why I went through the drivethru...if I had wanted to come in and show everyone my perspiration soaked pants and top...I would have done that in the's the BEEF...I couldn't buy an over the counter sinus medication (something to do w/meth labs and all) BUT I can buy syringes w/o identification AND in the lovely state of TEXAS you don't have to have a prescription for syringes ( I guess something to do w/ the NO SHARED NEEDLES concern)...I don't get it...I know we have to have rules and all that...but something is wrong when I can purchase SYRINGES and hard core pain meds ( I did this a few months ago...b/c of a "root canal") actually my friend picked up the HARD CORE pain meds w/o my drivers license...her drivers licence or any form of ID...OK...AM I CRAZY...AM I WRONG to think that this is a bit over-kill...really drugs and syringes...but no sinus meds...I really can't comprehend...I left there shaking my head...all the while mumbling..."WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO AMERICA!!

Whew...I know that's a lot of venting...and I know all these things are minor...really I do...and I know I am very fortunate to live the life I do...but as I said...earlier...I should have known based on the way my day was going to be a "crazy" day...Is it a full moon, tonight???

My day has ended very well though hubbin is safely home...he called me on his way home from work...cos he's sweet like that..and told me he was at Albertson's ...was there anything I needed??...I asked..."are you at the drive thru?"...he was confused ...b/c it' s Friday and he was standing in the wine section LOL...I asked him...Do they have any Mucinex D...and do you have your drivers license...?????

I most likely won't post anymore RANTS...unless I feel someone other than myself has been unfairly or unjustly treated...but for today...just today...I had to let off some steam...hope I haven't lost anyone due to the lengthy nature of this blog...THANKS for letting me vent...whew...I feel better...except my bum and back are sort of sore...think I may have to go to Albertson's drive-thru and Pick up something for that!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nice Matters Award....I'm going to have to buy some more shelves for all these awards...

My sweet and very nice blog friend,Kat, nominated me for the Nice Matters Award; It's easy to be nice when you're surrounded by the nicest people. You have been so generous with me...from always checking in, to offering help in any way...or just stopping by for a chat and encouraging're the epitomy of Nice Matters Bloggers...seriously...and I am so glad to get to know you!
Kat stated that "This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award." I'm going to do my best...cos they are all nice to me...I'm afraid this award could have been awarded to some of my favs already...that goes to show that they are all very NICE ...I am hoping that I award someone who has not received this award, yet!!.....So here goes my tag of Nice Matters Bloggers....1))Kari @ Granny Skywalker 2) Anita at Cottage Affairs and of course 3)Deb @Homespun Livng 4) Lallee at Lallees Cottage 5) Allison at The Cozy Home 6) Kim of course At Daisy Cottage and last but certaintly not least to a lady who is not only talented beyond words...but she's real sweet and a down right funny gal...she always takes time to make me feel special...7) Tina...At Cherry Hill Cottage..There are many, many more out here that deserve this award so hopefully those of you I have tagged...will pass this award on to a very deserving blogger in your life....have fun with this...
Enjoy the all deserve it... Blessings to all of you from the bottom of my heart!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My deer in headlights moment...I've been tagged!!

Ok...blogworld...sweet Deb at Lavender Chick has tagged me...yea! she wants me to come up with 8 facts about myself...I have often seen previous tags on other bloggers sites...always thinking to myself...please, oh Lord!...please!! Oh! Please!...what would I do if I were's kind of one of those actually DO want to be tagged...b/c that means people want to know about you and DARN IT they may even like you...and then again, when you are tagged..well YIKES it scares the beegeebee's out of's a deer in the headlights moment...what ARE you going to say...can you say it all in just 8 facts...OR is 8 facts way too many...I tell ya... it just scared me out of my wits when I saw it!!...don't know what the problem is...cos Lordy only knows I don't have trouble talking/writing...but I think it's the fact I am about to reveal something about myself...things that most people who know me...ALREADY know...but to reveal myself to the unknown...well, it's kind of scary to me...I guess I could make some things up...but for some reason...that just doesn't seem like the right thing to do...I think "blog world" is starting to bring out the adventurer in me...hmmmm...hope Deb isn't sorry she "tagged" me!!

So the deal is...I have to post the rules...

1. post rules before my facts ...check
2.Start with 8 random facts/habits...I'm getting there!
3. People who are tagged need to write their own posts about their own 8 facts and post these rules....HUH????
4. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and let them know they've been tagged...This may be hard...cos most of my favorites are veterans...I'll give it a try though...seriously...

Facts About Me...I've been tagged...just like that deer in the headlights...

1. I am blessed that I was able to be a stay at home mom the entire time my children were home. I know this is a huge blessing...and I thank God so much for it...we did give up a few wants here and there. we always, always had what we needed... basically for me...being a mom was just pure bliss! ( I did do a few odd and end part-time jobs...but was always home when they were...hmmm...they probably wished I would have worked full-time!)

2. I'm not crazy about flying...never really have kids and hubbin...champs at not so much...NOW mind you for some reason "first class" seems to diminish these fears...but only after the flight attendant has come by and filled my wine glass!!

3. I am a romantic...always...always...always love a "happy ending"...I've been accused by a few of living in La-La land...and I just have to reply...that's were I am happiest...gotta live might as well be there!!

4. I love to tour, old, remodeled...fixers...whatever...if there is an open house...wherever I am...whether I'm home or traveling....I WANT to see that house!! Nosey...maybe...but I just like to get a glimpse of how others live and most importantly DECORATE!! I think that's why I'm loving this "blog" thing so much!

5. Both of my parents have passed away...and they left us all way too mother had a stroke at the age of 52 (just 2 years older than I am today) and she died in 1991 of a massive stroke of the brain stem... when she was 57...I was 34....I still miss her, sometimes more than I ever thought I could....My sweet daddy ( I was always a daddy's girl) died when he was 65 in 1998...he was the energy of our family...Mr. personality...Mr. Always Happy!..he died suddenly in his sleep of a heart attack!!...I was 41...I know people loose their parents at earlier ages...I just felt this was way too young for both of them...honestly they would only be 73 and 74 today...if they were still living...and that is SO young to me! I find comfort knowing they are once again together...and will welcome me home one day! Sadly, we lost our brother this past September...he was 52...I was sister...was 41...and she is the only immediate family I have left...and I cherish her...we try to encourage each other to stay healthy...we know the "gene pool" we're swimming in isn't all that safe...if you know what I mean...but we keep things in check!!

6. I LOVE Dean Martin...mainly thanks to my daddy! I love how Dino he looks, how he laughs so funny he was in his handsome he was...I love everything about him...he also reminded me a bit of my dad...they had the same dark wavy/curly hair...gorgeous white toothed smile...and a twinkle in their eyes...I used to watch the Dean Martin show with my and I would always dance to his of my favorites..."Everybody Loves Somebody...Sometime"...I also dance w/my son to a Dean Martin song as the Mother/Son dance at his wedding...he's a Dino fan, too!!

7. I've been married for 30 the most wonderful man...I call him my "rock" ...he keeps me sane, grounded, entertained, safe and mostly full of love for him...he loves spite of me...I've always said that he loves me the way I am...and has never tried to change me...I so appreciate that in HIM...I think he's shown me more about love, life, laughter and my relationship w/God than any other person in the world!!

8. I am crazy in love with my kids...I know...big surprise...and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE who they have both chosen to spend their lives with...they married wonderful people...and I feel blessed to have them all in my life...they are great, funny, smart, beautiful, talented, inspirational...any more adjectives...feel free to interject those..."here"

Thanks for allowing me to now I have to tag a few...I may not be able to come up w/8...and I can't guarantee they will play ...but're it...

Paige at...Paiges Petals
Jackie at...The Wonderful World of Jackie
Emily at ...abitofEmily
Tina at...Cherry Hill Cottage (I'm sure this is the 1,000th time she's been tagged)
Lallee at...Lallees Cottage
Tracey at.... Real Estate Girl

That's all I can come up with...and I hope I haven't caught any of you in the "headlights"!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cue the song Alex....

I wish I knew how to download of these of these days...

So what's with the "Jeopardy" picture...well, just imagine the "j" music is playing in the know the tune...dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum...da dum da da dat da dat da dum....WELL...OK I'm not musical! However, I did want to inform all of those who have posted and sent prayers up for my daughter and son-in-law regarding the purchase of a home in Colorado...they made an offer, it was presented at noon today..."of course" they offered a tad's been on the market for 2 they received a "counter offer" late this afternoon....Two things came to mind when my daughter called...after holding my breath...I kind of figured the people would counter their offer...and with it being so soon...I knew my kids were still in the I think the kiddos are going to counter the counter...and I pray that both parties come to a very agreeable solution and price. It is so mind-numbing sometimes all this grown up stuff...but I am so proud of how they are handling this whole process... I know they want this house...but they also know it has to be a reasonable amount and that it won't stress their finances...the two parties are not far apart on the I believe it will all work out...So if you don't mind maybe just a few more prayers to go up for them tonight...I also am praying for the sellers for we want this to be a a "good" thing for all involved...

Another wonderful daughter asked the other night..."mom, if we get this house...can you come and help me with some of the decorating and remodel?"....Did she even have to ask...I live for will be too fun to be able to experience this with her...she has great taste...a tad different than what I have around here...however, I LOVE it will be so fun...I can't wait to see what ideas she has...some wallpaper border is going to have to come that may entail us doing some texturing on the walls...that will be fun!!...the house was built in 84...and I think it could have the same border up from this will be so much fun!! A new clean home for them to start year 2 of their marriage...well, its into year two...but you know what I mean!!

Back to the music...dum...dum...dum...dum

Monday, August 6, 2007

Home Is Where the Heart Is...and the mortgage begins...

This is a picture of a portion of our "home" is where we have lived with both of our children for over 16 years and now without them as they have gone on to their own wedded bliss...we have the best of both worlds...we sit on over 2 acres...but we are close to all things that are needed in our daily lives...i.e. "Target...Hobby Lobby...Albertson' know the important things!! My sweet hubbin took this picture a while back so we could send it and the rest to the architects who are working on a major remodel for this sweet place we've grown to love over the past 16+ years...

Now the reason for this post isn't about this house (even though I will update you when we get started on all this craziness)...but it is about a new is a big day in my daughter and son-in-laws lives...they are in the process of buying a home in their sweet city in is THE DAY they will make an offer on a house I think will be perfect for them...of course they are nervous (don't you remember those days) and they are so excited! The offer will begin at 4:00 I ask if you all could please say a little prayer for this darling couple...that God will place them in the home that is meant for them...that their lives will be blessed and that they rejoice in what God blesses them with daily! I know that they will end up where they are suppose to be...they have done all the preliminary if the sellers "accept" their offer...then all should go is kind of surreal seeing my first child buy a home with her husband...I am elated for them...and a bit verkelmpt...remembering when this same wonderful thing became reality for my husband and I almost 30 years ago...our first home (in which we lived in when we brought our daughter and son into the world) how I wish I had a picture of that home to show you...somewhere in my collections of pictures I am sure I do...but I'm too lazy today...and I was excited to get something posted for the kids! Wishing them mucho love, luck and laughter!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Schmoozer Award

This precious little picture was downloaded as a freebie from "The Feathered Nest"...she graciously included it on her sight the other day for anyone to use...and of course I couldn't wait!!

My sweet new friend "Kat" thought I deserved the schmoozer award. Coming from her that means a lot to me! She is always "there" for anyone who needs her! She is the geniune my dad used to say...I never knew schmoozing was such a great thing...but if Kat says I'm great at schmoozing...and I know she's been given the same award...well them I am quite honored to be a "top" schmoozer in her book!

This is what she has to say about schmoozing....and all the while I thought it had an entirely different meaning...I think by this definition...Schmoozing is a Good Thing...
"Schmoozing as defined by is the ability to converse casually...And I think with blogging it's about making friends, being a friend, commenting and answering comments and having a welcoming blog."

Thanks Kat...two awards in less than 2 weeks...Man I feel honored...I told you I have never won any type of award...unless you count the "talks to much" checks I received on my report cards in Elementary...and now TWO....I'm speechless...well...never REALLY speechless...but you know...what I mean!!! Thanks :)

Everybody Loves a Parade...Right???

While we were in Colorado visiting the kids....Their sweet little town "Golden" was having their annual Buffalo Bill Wild Wild West is a much attended event that takes place every July. It started on Friday and finished up on Sunday evening...all the while blocking the downtown area off from traffic. I love a small town that can actually do something like that...and it seems the whole town and many surrounding towns take part in the festivities. On Saturday the festivities really got kicked off with a parade...we walked downtown (it was a gorgeous day) and found a spot to sit and watch! When I was younger I used to ride my horse in various you can imagine my excitement when I saw these guys coming around the corner....BUT...when I was a kid I think I remember that the horses usually came at the end of the parade AND for good reasons as you will see...I was a bit disappointed because when I saw them I assumed the parade was about to be over...but NO! to my surprise and I think a few others was just the beginning...

I was so excited when I saw these ladies coming around the corner...I had just seen something about quilt cozies for may have been on someones blog I have lurked on...sadly I don't remember where...but I remember slugging my sweet hubbin on the arm and telling him..."hey there are the quilt cozies I saw the other day!!"...he of course did NOT have a clue as to what I was talking about...but the slugging did get his attention!!! These poor gals had the unfortunate luck of having to follow the horses...and all the glory that comes with was so funny and watch the two ladies w/the banner trying to keep their banner straight...all the while trying to dodge the land mines....THAT could not have been a fun thing...I can just hear them now in the next club meeting..."Who the heck arranged for us to follow the horses??? year...we have to make sure we are up front!!" I loved the quilt cozies though...kind of a cute thing!!

Sadly for the previous parade participants the sweeper didn't come out till a bit after the horses left a few disturbing messess...the poor gals in the quilt cars and the ones walking had to tip toe around the horse "voids" daughter and I were a bit perplexed as to why they would send in a street sweeper to clean up the "poo" instead of a street "scooper"...seemed to us the best that could be accomplished was some major smearage and possibly a horse poo slung in our direction...not a very tempting thought...we were actually trying to figure out an escape plan just in case some ot the "stuff" was flung in our direction...yep...somebody didn't plan well...cos after the parade...right down the middle of main street was one gigantic 3 foot wide stripe...and it wasn't the good kind of stripe...made me want to stay on the sidewalks for sure...but all in all the parade was sweet!!

And last but not least...what's a parade without the cute firemen...the crazy motorcylist AND the funny car men! I especially liked the older gentleman on the motorcycle...I tell you he was one "hip" dude...all the guys had on some type of pirate earring and all the fashionable pirate garb..he of course was one of the oldest pirates and by far the most entertaining!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day Trippin'

This is a picture I took outside my SIL's office when we were visiting him and our daughter in Colorado....his office sits atop the second floor of one of the oldest buildings in has been totally and lovingly renovated...leaving all the old charm and character of years past. Downstairs is a corner grill...that cooks a pretty mean lunch or dinner. This is actually the building next door on the ground floor that connects to the office and Corner Grill. I'm not sure what the business is...b/c I just took pictures while going up the outdoor stairway to SIL's business balcony. I remembered thinking how awesome it would be to be able to look out over this cute little shop everyday while working...I would probably sit on the balcony most days...and not get a lot of work done. Somehow I don't think the men in my SIL's office have the same affection for "cuteness & flowers" as I do...while my SIL was showing my hubby around the office ( I had already seen it on a previous trip) I snuck back outside and snapped these pictures...I just knew my new friends in Blogland would appreciate this for all the beauty and splendor it beholds...I'm afraid my daughter was a little surprised at my attention to picture see...I'm not the photographer in our home...she is a professional photographer and most of her growing up years...she was the one snapping pictures, I don't think I ever worried about taking pictures from the time she was about 10 or so...but b/c I have learned to love the beauty and splendor of all my new friends talents ...I wanted to be sure and capture something beautiful for all your eyes to see. You guys have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone...and totally immerse myself in the moment...taking pictures I have discovered makes me take the time to enjoy every moment and every little thing...there is beauty in all things...and NOW I'm starting to realize it more than I know why my daugther loves photography...I'm just going to have to wait with patience while I learn how to work through this technical medium....You guys may have created a MONSTER!! Enjoy...more pictures to come...