Saturday, August 4, 2007

Everybody Loves a Parade...Right???

While we were in Colorado visiting the kids....Their sweet little town "Golden" was having their annual Buffalo Bill Wild Wild West is a much attended event that takes place every July. It started on Friday and finished up on Sunday evening...all the while blocking the downtown area off from traffic. I love a small town that can actually do something like that...and it seems the whole town and many surrounding towns take part in the festivities. On Saturday the festivities really got kicked off with a parade...we walked downtown (it was a gorgeous day) and found a spot to sit and watch! When I was younger I used to ride my horse in various you can imagine my excitement when I saw these guys coming around the corner....BUT...when I was a kid I think I remember that the horses usually came at the end of the parade AND for good reasons as you will see...I was a bit disappointed because when I saw them I assumed the parade was about to be over...but NO! to my surprise and I think a few others was just the beginning...

I was so excited when I saw these ladies coming around the corner...I had just seen something about quilt cozies for may have been on someones blog I have lurked on...sadly I don't remember where...but I remember slugging my sweet hubbin on the arm and telling him..."hey there are the quilt cozies I saw the other day!!"...he of course did NOT have a clue as to what I was talking about...but the slugging did get his attention!!! These poor gals had the unfortunate luck of having to follow the horses...and all the glory that comes with was so funny and watch the two ladies w/the banner trying to keep their banner straight...all the while trying to dodge the land mines....THAT could not have been a fun thing...I can just hear them now in the next club meeting..."Who the heck arranged for us to follow the horses??? year...we have to make sure we are up front!!" I loved the quilt cozies though...kind of a cute thing!!

Sadly for the previous parade participants the sweeper didn't come out till a bit after the horses left a few disturbing messess...the poor gals in the quilt cars and the ones walking had to tip toe around the horse "voids" daughter and I were a bit perplexed as to why they would send in a street sweeper to clean up the "poo" instead of a street "scooper"...seemed to us the best that could be accomplished was some major smearage and possibly a horse poo slung in our direction...not a very tempting thought...we were actually trying to figure out an escape plan just in case some ot the "stuff" was flung in our direction...yep...somebody didn't plan well...cos after the parade...right down the middle of main street was one gigantic 3 foot wide stripe...and it wasn't the good kind of stripe...made me want to stay on the sidewalks for sure...but all in all the parade was sweet!!

And last but not least...what's a parade without the cute firemen...the crazy motorcylist AND the funny car men! I especially liked the older gentleman on the motorcycle...I tell you he was one "hip" dude...all the guys had on some type of pirate earring and all the fashionable pirate garb..he of course was one of the oldest pirates and by far the most entertaining!


tina said...

I love a parade! Love your photos! I'm wondering why does a horse poo so much? Is he/she excited? Can't they "hold" it? Dog's don't do it that much...Looks like they could let them "void" all they wanted before the parade...: )

But we have to have them in the parade! Poo too!

Kari said...

I love a parade! We went to the Christmas parade here in our little town last year - obviously Texans KNOW to put the horses last! lol

Susie Q said...

What fun! I am just catching up after too long and loved all the posts, especially a fun parade!

I hope all went well with the house exciting for them.

Your re do of your home will be such fun!

Congratulations on so many sweet and special awards! Yo deserve each one!