Saturday, July 18, 2009

SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL daughter and son-in-law...well...

I have patiently been waiting for several weeks to spread the word...I have FINALLY been given the okay to do so. This couple, this very sweet and loving daughter and her husband are PREGNANT! Yes, a grandchild is due to arrive in late Jan....Jan. 22 is the date given as the due date...however, my sweet hubbin...the "POP" to be has a birthday on Jan. 20...I can't imagine a better gift. Any day SHE or HE gets here with 10 fingers, 10 toes and glorious good for me!! Hubbin and I are beside ourselves with great joy and anticipation. ..I think of course I'm a tad more beside myself than he is (cos for any of those of you who know hubbin, know he's bubbling on the inside...staying very calm on the outside). Jackie and Nat are of course very excited and apprehensive. it is with all new parents to be. I think things are starting to settle in and they are becoming more relaxed with each passing day. Jackie is feeling morning sickness, just extreme fatigue in the afternoons.. .this should pass soon...because she is entering here 2nd trimester... can you 6 months there will be a little one to love on! Oh my how this child will be in for a whole LOT of LOVIN!!

Jackie and Nat told us about this momentous occasion several weeks back, when they were home for a friends wedding. They gifted us with a card to be opened together...inside that card was a PICTURE of the babies first sonogram. YES, tears flowed, squeals were let out and we all couldn't hug enough! On the card it said, To: Lollie and Pop...January 22, 2010...WOW! a baby from our baby girl & her sweet hubbin...we couldn't be happier!

Jackie had requested we wait until after her 12th week...which was Friday a week ago and then to wait till they heard the babies heartbeat... they heard the HEARTBEAT on Tuesday morning of this week... and all sounded great according to the doctor.

Again, we feel so blessed and can't wait to hold this little bundle in our arms...I'm saving my pennies NOW...b/c I will NEED to see this baby very often! LOL

I am asking for each of you to continue to pray for Jackie's health and the health of the baby...things are going along very smoothly and our prayer is that Jackie and our precious grandchild remain healthy, happy and content.

Thanks everyone...for the smiles I know are plastered on each of your faces...I'll keep each of you updated...and thanks for the advance. Did I tell you I'm going to be a "Lollie" (that's the name we've picked out and hubbin will be "Pop", well, that is if our grand baby agrees!!) Yipppeee...I get to start shopping and sewing for Baby "B" very soon...the 20th week they are having a sonogram to see if we have a Baby girl "B" or a Baby boy "B"...any bets on this one??? I have my gut feelings...what' s yours!!!

BTW...I found myself at Target the other day to pick up a few things for the new house...well, of course I couldn't resist going down the baby aisles...I don't think I EVER quit smiling...I betcha people were wondering what I was so giddy just makes my heart soar! You'll be proud of me, I did restrain from buying ANYTHING...I know, that's almost a miracle in itself...but I'm waiting till I know what Baby "B" will be...and then...let the shopping begin! Sorry, Jackie, you know I have to buy something!! I'll start with educational things...then head right into the cute baby clothes...I can't wait!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Road trip continued...

Day 2 of our 6 day cross country trip...from Texas to California. On day two we drove from Amarillo, TX. to Flagstaff, AZ. I'm not going to lie to was the LONGEST day of the trip...and quite frankly from Amarillo to just outside was pretty baron, lonely and FLAT. I've been to New Mexico several times, but usually toward the Taos and Red River areas...which I find to be so beautiful...something about the mountains jutting toward the skies with purple/pink/yellow sunsets and the ethereal quiet for miles and miles. This route we were on was not quite as scenic as my past trips...but none-the-less there was beauty to was just a little further between beautiful locations.

I believe this is the sign as we were entering New Mexico...flat lands abound...but there was something breath taking about it as well. It certainly gave one time to ponder and think about ALL types of things...we had fun with some crazy things along the way...which always makes for great memories.

Here are the girls in the hotel we stayed at in Flagstaff...they were quite comfortable in every hotel we stayed in. Luckily we were able to arrange ahead of time for hotels that were dog and pet that did make it easier on all of us. Maggie cracks me she just curls up in a ball to sleep...a dog this big curling up into a small ball to sleep! Then the little one...usually thinks she's the BIG dog and wants to sleep sprawled out and on the biggest bed she can find. Go figure.
Our first big site seeing adventure was of course the Grand Canyon...neither of us had ever been there before and it has always been some place we've wanted to go...I don't know what took us so was breath taking!! I have tons and tons of pictures...but I will give you an out and only show a was crazy, too...b/c when you are traveling w/dogs (something we've really never done before) YOU have to take them with you wherever you go. We weren't sure they would let us take the girls into the G.C. but luckily you can if you keep them on a leash. I swear it was as if we were ROCK stars...everywhere we went...people, kids and other dogs...ewwwed and awed over the girls...they did so good, I was thrilled they weren't going ape b/c of the strange surroundings.

LOOK a porta potty for the doggies...I'm sure this may have been a more welcoming site for them...if they were males...but they were not impressed in the least! I suppose they are a tad jaded...after all they are used to green grass and open fields when it comes to doing their business.

Everywhere we looked beauty was plentiful...the odd thing to me was you could look in one direction and see something that just took your breath away only to turn just 20 ft or so in a different direction and the entire landscape changed into something equally as truly was something to behold.

Following are many different views of the canyons...there were several viewpoints along the way to stop, enjoy, relax and take in the beauty. It was not only amazing to be surrounded by all the natural beauty, but just to see God's hands were all over this vast wonder of wonders was unbelievable. We took tons of pictures (just like good tourist should) and the dogs were just so happy to be along for the adventure!!

A man and his dog...they were inseparable...they were just too cute and funny for words...I'll let their smiles tell the picture!

Here I am with the girls...on the edge of the cliff...trying to keep my balance & trying hard to flash my best "happy" to be there smile...I was happy...just a tad nervous that one of the dogs might just decide to bolt!! They however, handled themselves like the little sweet fur-babies they are.

After completing most of our tour and hitting ALL the viewpoints...we decided to stop off at the Grand Canyon village, which has many shops and a great grocery store to boot, kind of a Whole Foods concept...I ran in and picked up some fruits, chicken salad, bread, cheeses and crackers so we could stop at a picnic area, stretch our legs along with the girls and grab a wonderful lunch in a very peaceful spot. Can you believe that I just happened to have a table cloth in the vehicle and of course had to spread it out on the picnic's not b/c I crave the finer things...I'm a bit of a germ-a-phobe...and I have to admit it did make for a lovely setting, even if we did half hazardly throw it on the table. It just goes to show you how HUNGRY we seeing is hard work!!

Of course the girls had a nice little treat and some fresh bottled water. Here they are just perfectly content to stay put and take in ALL the scenery...they are such photogenic gals...doncha think!

So this concludes the second leg of our post will cover our trip to the HOOVER dam...a dust storm outside of Arizona and VEGAS, BABY...but I will postpone that till after I share with you all the SECRET I mentioned before our trip began...I will be sharing that with you all in the next day or so...big exciting things are happening for us...and I can't wait to share it all with you! Until then...enjoy the scenery...take time to cherish the little things...for you never know how those things will change your lives!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Tejas to by day...

I finally got all my pictures downloaded from our trip heading WEST from Texas...I will not overload you with ALL the pictures in one day...but thought I would start at the beginning...leaving Texas.

Leaving the homestead...driving away for the last time....

( I borrowed these great photos from my sweet daughter...she just takes WAY better pictures than I do...THANKS, Jackie)

Wind turbines scattered all across the plains of West Texas...see and folks just thought we only had oil/gas...Texans are so self-sufficient when it comes to's crazy! I mean seriously EVERYTHING you could ever want or need is there...somewhere...

Sweet little "Cookie" with her head perched up near the console...this is where she rested most of the time...she managed to catch up on any sleep she has EVER missed out on...and snored like a freight train...funny stuff...that one!!

Yea, always keeping a watchful eye on lovin' hubbins' speed...didn't want to get a ticket ANYWHERE...but especially if we were still in Texas...wouldn't want that to be a lasting memory. Good thing he was driving and always kept it on cruise at about 5 miles over the limit...cos IF I were driving...we would still be on the road...only b/c I obey the exact speed limit laws...AND I brake for Estate Sales, Antique Stores, and outlet malls!!

Maggie in her "cool" digs riding in the truck...we had the whole back seat laid down..a giant piece of cardboard over the seats (you know so there little paws and hineys wouldn't slip through to the floor, that was covered with big rugs, a sheet and the dogs comfy beds) YES, they were riding very comfortably! Nothing too good for my babies!!

THE girls...again, traveling like little champs...ya, know it dawned on me after the first day...that NOT once...NEVER EVER did these 2 complain, ask if we were there YET? or argue over who sits where...amazing, must have been the doggy Prozac we gave them...wonder where that stuff was when we traveled with kids??? LOL

WHEW!! the never ending road...This concludes the start of our journey...I didn't want to bore you with tons of pictures of roadside parks, flat lands and next post will offer more about the Grand Canyon, Yosemite...and then finally our new home in Sacramento...till then..."Happy Trails"!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Just wanted to let everyone know...we have arrived in Sacramento...ALL is well and we are getting "settled" in; albeit very slowly. I appreciate and thank all of you that have sent me emails, prayed for our safety, blogged or face booked me during our trip. We arrived here on July 1st, but did not have access to Internet until today! Yes, it was heart breaking when I arrived and found that someone ( I won't mention any phone companies by name...but she has 3 initials) had lost my order and instead of having hook up the day we arrived, we had to wait until the 8th, Luckily for me...they were ahead of schedule and were able to install everything today...I am now re-connected and wireless...I can't believe the freedom I am feeling from that!! I feel ALIVE again and am thrilled to be re-connected. We took tons of pictures during our journey and I plan on posting about it as soon as I can figure out my new camera and how to download the pictures...I'm sure that will happen soon.

Also, I wanted to send out a big THANK YOU~!! to my awesome and superbly talented daughter Jackie for re-designing my blog...I love the picture she used in the heading. It is one of her originals that she has for sale on has always been one of my favorites! So thanks, Jackie...I love it...and I adore you!!

Pictures will follow...soon! In the meantime...I leave you with a picture of our new backyard and pool...and I will have to say...the dogs are loving California...I find them going outside more and laying on the back porch, resting, watching the world go by and CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'.