Friday, March 20, 2009


Well, it has been one of those "bliss" filled days around here for sure. It is REALLY starting to seem more and more like spring every day. The flowers are just about to POP, the grass is starting to turn a beautiful shade of green and the birds are WELL...just as busy as the bees!

It's springtime and what a great time to spruce up and begin anew....I want to share with you my daughters blog and what she has been up to lately. From her sight she mentions...

I have added a new category to my etsy site! I am now offering framed and gallery wrap listings! More are being added each day! Here are a few that are online for purchase now! Remember to check back for new listings daily!

So if any of you are interested in sprucing up or changing things around for the spring and summer...Please check out her site (I have added her link below and you can also visit her site and click on to her ETSY site as well)...she is trying to update with new photos as often as she can. I feel sure that if there is something special you have seen or want out there...all you need to do is contact her...and I'm sure she can create something spectacular for you. I'm biased...but I know her...she can create most anything. This is a close up of the "gallery" wraps that she creates...these are just the frames needed...I like how they add that pop of color but there is no distraction from a you don't have to worry about matching frames w/anything else around them. The gallery wraps she produces are some of the finest quality wraps out there...she takes great care in providing the BEST!

I love this...can't we all use a little more HOPE in our lives...this is a feature she has on her etsy site that is ready to live in your home. I just love having inspirational words and phrases surrounding me...what better way to do so than with these vintage letters...gotta love em'!

She also does individual letters...I personally love the "gallery wrap" individual letters...I especially love the "L" in the word bliss...I just don't know anyone with an "L" for their last name. These make GREAT wedding gifts for the new bride and groom...what's more fun as a young married couple than having your new initial proudly displayed in your home.

Also, she did mention on her site and to me...her very own mother (so we know it has to be true) she will be having a give-a-way very please keep checking back with her or me to see when that day arrives.

Until then..."happy spring"...and have a BLISS filled weekend!

Check her out on her blog or her photography site at

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sacramento Antique Faire and Friends...

WHAT an exciting day it was...I was up with the sun...and then off to meet up with new friends in Sacramento to head off to the Antique Faire under the overpass. It was quite the experience for this ole Texas gal...I've been going to the Canton Trade Days for many now I can't count...but NEVER have I been to an actual Antique Faire. I was so lucky to meet one of my all time favorite bloggers and her BFF...Tracey from Cottage Industry and "The Other Tracey"....oh! WoW folks...I'm telling you these two women have more energy, pizazz and talent in their pinkies than I do in my entire body....I loved meeting them...and as it appeared so did many of the other shoppers. Their booth was SPECTACULAR...these two sweeties had been up since the crack of dawn...before 4:00 a.m. and managed to not only have the BEST of Show...they were a delight to meet. I just know I could be friends w/them, they are both so welcoming and FUN...I knew it when "the other Tracey" had me laughing at her stories and little names she and Cottage Industry Tracey make up for items that...WELL, just need new names....I'm someone who is ALL about just making up my own rules, names and these two were numero uno in my book. I tell you, if I went for a glass of Diet Coke AND a big piece of dessert w/these two...I would either be laughing so hard the Diet Coke would probably spew from my nostrils...OR worse...I would laugh so hard I could pee my know how that is...when you meet people out in the world that you just KNOW get it! These two do...and they certainly have FUN while doing that...they were fun.

Following are some high-lights of the faire (I'm sorry I don't have tons of pictures...but I WAS BUSY...LOOKING...BUYING and DIGGING!!)...and of the II Tracey's precious booth. If any of you are ever in SACRAMENTO...the second Sunday of the month....head over to the won't be disappointed. Enjoy the pictures...

This is the precious dress form the II Tracey's had in their booth for that extra "pop" of fun...I know she has a name...but that would entail me having to dig through the archives of the Cottage Industry...and well, I'm just a tad too lazy for that...suffice it to say...I LOVED her...I want one just like it...and she was a huge hit!! If it weren't for the fact that this dress is strapless/sleeveless and I don't do THAT anymore...I would so wear it...because I think those RUFFLES would not only cover up a multitude of sins...but they are just too fun...of course I would be tasteful and mindful as not to WEAR it EVERYWHERE I went...I would save my black stretchy pants for that!! Talk about hiding a multitude of sins...they not only do that...but have room for expansion just in case I wanted to stop somewhere for that Diet Coke and a slice of cake/pie or FUDGE!!

This cute little beagle puppy most certainly was making his debut at the Faire and he too, was quite a hit!! His parents told me they were out trying to enjoy the day, the faire and socializing their puppy at the same time...he was so darn cute...I thought they were very smart to have him out early and socializing...I just know he's going to be a great little mascot for them!

Upon entering the Faire we saw lots of lovely trees and flowers in I wanted to bring a little spring back w/me...and what better way than in a picture...not sure what this tree is...but I am on a quest to find out all about the trees, foliage, and wonderful flowers and plants that thrive in Northern will be a new adventure for me...once we get there!! I am looking forward to milder summers and a more temperate climate to grow flowers/roses and such!!

If you haven't visited Tracey...please take the time to visit her fabulous You will be glad you did...and the Other Tracey has just started her can visit her blog by clicking on the link at Cottage Industry...they are both winners...and already have a huge following! So enjoy!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things are Looking UP!!!

I love this certainly portrays how I feel things are going in my life right now...things are "looking up"! For those of you who have been asking and insisting that I find a new cardiologist...WELL, I did! I think I'm going to like this one...he spent over an hour EXPLAINING what, where and why to me...whew...I felt as though a ton of weight had literally been lifted off my chest. Honestly, folks...I left his office feeling a lot better...and he didn't do anything other than explain things to me, LISTEN to me and my concerns, listen to my heart and change me from Lipitor to Crestor. I felt like doing a high kick...except doing something like that would have sent me straight to an orthopedic to fix a dislocated hip or something!! Seriously, he really made me feel so much more relief...and I DID feel better...I think stress in itself had been causing so much more than I ever thought it could! Thanks to all of you who have insisted that I kick my other cardio to the curb...and for ALL your prayers and is good...I feel better and will start exercising again...that should help immensely!

I love this picture and all of the smiling faces that surround me in family is absolutely the best thing in my life...I LOVE each one of these faces, hearts and souls that stands beside me...literally and figuratively...they make my heart soar....THANK you God...for giving me the best! Clay (the sweetest man EVER), Jackie & Nat, Marcus & are my rocks...I love each of you...with all my heart!!

Don't you love how my daughter just brings out the fun in all her subjects...she is so creative and has lots of passion for what she does...and it shows...Thanks again...Jacquelyn Lee!!