Friday, March 20, 2009


Well, it has been one of those "bliss" filled days around here for sure. It is REALLY starting to seem more and more like spring every day. The flowers are just about to POP, the grass is starting to turn a beautiful shade of green and the birds are WELL...just as busy as the bees!

It's springtime and what a great time to spruce up and begin anew....I want to share with you my daughters blog and what she has been up to lately. From her sight she mentions...

I have added a new category to my etsy site! I am now offering framed and gallery wrap listings! More are being added each day! Here are a few that are online for purchase now! Remember to check back for new listings daily!

So if any of you are interested in sprucing up or changing things around for the spring and summer...Please check out her site (I have added her link below and you can also visit her site and click on to her ETSY site as well)...she is trying to update with new photos as often as she can. I feel sure that if there is something special you have seen or want out there...all you need to do is contact her...and I'm sure she can create something spectacular for you. I'm biased...but I know her...she can create most anything. This is a close up of the "gallery" wraps that she creates...these are just the frames needed...I like how they add that pop of color but there is no distraction from a you don't have to worry about matching frames w/anything else around them. The gallery wraps she produces are some of the finest quality wraps out there...she takes great care in providing the BEST!

I love this...can't we all use a little more HOPE in our lives...this is a feature she has on her etsy site that is ready to live in your home. I just love having inspirational words and phrases surrounding me...what better way to do so than with these vintage letters...gotta love em'!

She also does individual letters...I personally love the "gallery wrap" individual letters...I especially love the "L" in the word bliss...I just don't know anyone with an "L" for their last name. These make GREAT wedding gifts for the new bride and groom...what's more fun as a young married couple than having your new initial proudly displayed in your home.

Also, she did mention on her site and to me...her very own mother (so we know it has to be true) she will be having a give-a-way very please keep checking back with her or me to see when that day arrives.

Until then..."happy spring"...and have a BLISS filled weekend!

Check her out on her blog or her photography site at


Terri and Bob said...

Those are lovely!

Did I tell you I have made my blog private? I cannot remember! If you would like to be a reader of my blog, please send me an email at

Tonja said...

Hey girl
I tried to order one of your daughter's gallery wraps, but the paypal wouldn't accept my card. Maybe because it is Sun...I don't know...why do these things have to be difficult? I will try again tomorrow. I wrote her a note and told her we were long lost sisters...if that goes through and then my card is rejected...she'll think I'm some kind of nut! What's that you say?...No, I'm not!

Sandi McBride said...

I know I've said it before, but that girl of yours is very talented! I intend to go over to her place when I've "caught up" lol. How goes your health program???

justabeachkat said...

Jackie is indeed talented! I'm going now to see what "I can't live without". LOL

How are you feeling?


joan said...

I love the wraps! I will check it out. Hope you are doing well! Spring is here and I am so happy! LOL

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