Monday, January 25, 2010


My new obsession....I just can not get enough of this sweet child...our families new blessing...

I had to leave Colorado on Saturday, it was time and our grandson's other grandmother needed to have time to visit as well. I'm going to be was one of the hardest things I've had to a very long time. I didn't leave without many, many much so...there may have been some of those "heaving snorts" to go along with all the tears. I'm such a baby...but I just can not put into words how much I love him! His mom makes it much easier on me, though...I've already received a couple of photo text from him and will also be skyping with them on a regular basis! I NEVER knew how great being a grand-parent could be ( I would have REALLY been relentless w/the begging had I known!)...but it does come with some heartache...but all in all it's the BEST!!

Doesn't he just have the sweetest little face?...and that smile...he's dreaming of the pony I promised him...WHENEVER he wants it!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another day in paradise...'s amazing how much more beautiful our grandson is today than he was yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that...WOW! I'm sure he's exhausted from just having to keep up with that!! It takes a lot to look this good! LOL...I know you aren't suppose to say pretty or beautiful for a little boy...but I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...and as long as he's a baby, he'll never know I called him pretty!! He will be 5 days old today at 6:41 p.m. Mountain, time is flying by! Lollie needs to take more pictures today...however, he has a bit of jaundice so the doctor sent over a UV light box and he needs to stay on that whenever he's not feeding. I'll be honest we've cheated a couple of times b/c well, the kids gotta be cuddled every now and again...and he's a definite cuddlier! I think it's hard on the new mommy b/c she can't get enough cuddle time w/him...but she is also very aware the more time he spends on the "light box" (we're calling it his tanning bed) the better off he is.

Enjoy these photos of the day he came home from the hospital! It was a VERY good day!

Mommy & daddy getting their lil' punkin ready to go home.

Why! YES! it does take two people to put on his little beanie! SOMEBODY had to help and of course "lollie" was more than willing!!

Coming home outfit...isn't he a cutie??

Lollie is LOVING THIS!! He is so unbelievably sweet...I think everyone should start with their grandchild...then maybe there would be no stress in the world!!

POP is in "love" as well...this child has just washed away any problems one might ever think were important!!

It took EVEN more hands to get him situated in his little car seat...and of course one set of hands to document this moment on film...poor child...I think he's already had more pictures taken of him than most do in a lifetime!!

Thanks for letting me share pictures...I promise my blog won't always be about our sweet little grandson...but I'm sure now that he's here...they will take a whole new direction. Thank you for all those that have prayed and continue to pray for this sweet little gift from God...and for those of you who continue to support my new addiction by complimenting him on a daily basis!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

He's HERE!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting...I've been kind of's official folks...I am a LOLLIE! Our first grandbaby...a boy...has arrived healthy, happy and safe! He was born on Friday 1-15-2010...he weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. and measures a whopping 21 inches long! He arrived at 6:41 P.M. mountain time...yep we have a little mountain man, now and he is precious beyond words. I actually don't have that many words in my vocabulary to describe not only him but the way I am feeling about this wonderful adventure. "Pop"...aka my loving in awe as well. We are so proud of our daughter and her's as if they have always been meant to be parents...whodda thunk???

I won't bore you with words presently...but I will share several pictures from his first day of life...he was mere minutes old when most of these were taken...Enjoy...and look at all his HAIR...he looks a bit like his mommy, I must say...but I've never seen newborn pics of my son-in-law! For now, he's his mommies looks...but he is smiiten with both his parents as they are of him.

He's perfect...and he's going to be very upset with me one day when he finds out I posted this for all the world to see...WELCOME to the world...Walker Bruce Beal...son of Jacquelyn Lee and Nathaniel already make this world a better place!!

WHAT are all these people messing with me for???

He was tired after all the bathing, diapering, checking and messing with him...

Daddy on diaper duty...first diaper change for both daddy and son!!

Awww...his first shampoo...and loving it!!

"sweet new mama"

"sweet feet"

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year...New Life...New Decade...New Beginnings...

WHEW...that's a lot of new!! I have been MIA...for a very long sorry. It's hard to start back up once you have gotten so FAR behind...but b/c my dear friend Miss Kat...who was my very first blog buddy ( I do not know how we found each other...but I am thankful we did) has sent me a personal email to tell me she missed for Kat and the few others out there that actually read my ramblings...I am BACK...not sure if I will post every day or even every week...but I'm going to do my best.

As most of you know that have read my blog...I LOVE children and have wanted a grand-baby since my first child was! Well, we are expecting our first grand-baby...a BOY in just a matter of days...He is due Jan. 22...but I think (probably a little wishful) he will be here next week. There is suppose to be a new moon next Friday...I'm taking bets that's when he arrives...our daughter just wants him to come very soon! Things are moving along very well for our daughter and son-in-law...Jackie is progressing and "things" are I am happy to say I don't think it will be long now, however, most of you know...there is no rushing a baby, especially the first.

THIS is the rocking chair that my daughter, son-in-law and hopefully very soon LOLLIE (me) will rock that sweet baby boy. It is the rocking chair that my sweet hubby bought me when I was pregnant with our first child...Jackie. It is called a "Mother's Rocker"...I mean seriously...can it get any better? My husband's very dear great aunt was close friends with a lady who collected exquisite antiques...she had this chair from the early years of her marriage. I think it was about 60 or more years old when we purchased it, so I'm guessing it's around 100 years old or so. She never had children of her own...but loved this chair beyond words. It came to the point in her life that she thought she may want to change things up a bit and replace this chair with a "recliner" (I think she thought it would be more supportive) she bought the recliner, but was unsure that she could part with the rocker. Lovin' hubbin's aunt told her about us and that we were wanting to have a child and we were starting to collect a few antiques. She said in that case she would "interview" us and consider selling it to us. We met w/her, chatted, sat in the chair (I instantly bonded w/the chair) and expressed our desire to own it. She said she would think about it, but was still unclear as to what chair to keep. She had both chairs sitting side by side in her tiny house in the parlor where she watched a little TV. She promised to let us know when she decided to sell or not b/c she did have to part with one, she concluded there was not enough room to house them both long term. A YEAR passed...and no word from this lovely little lady. I had given up hope on ever getting the chair, I just assumed she had decided to keep it and I couldn't blame was that beautiful! I just figured the chair was not meant to be mine...well almost a year later to the day that we had first spoken to her, she calls us up and tells us she had decided to part with the chair, if we were still interested! WERE we still interested...HECK YA!...but she said, even though it's been a year...she was still going to need to ask $50.00 for it...we couldn't get to her house fast enough!! Partly b/c we were thrilled she remembered how badly we wanted it and remember I had already "bonded with this chair (hard to explain...but I think a lot of you know what I mean)...but the REAL reason we were excited was because we had had just learned we were pregnant with our first child! Gives me goose bumps.

After Jackie told us she was pregnant...I made the decision she MUST have this chair to rock her baby to sleep ( I knew she had an affection for it as well)...Jackie was a huge fan of being rocked (honestly, we spent many hours rocking her in this chair, so I know when she sits in it for the first time w/her baby's going to feel like "coming home" )...I'm praying this chair brings her and BABY BOY as much joy and comfort as it gave me...her daddy...her grandparents...uncles and aunts...when we were able to rock our babies and all the other babies in our family in this chair!! I had Jackie pick out a new fabric (she did an exceptional job) b/c the original fabric had worn quite a bit over the years and the springs, the padding and cushion were a little worse for the wear. I was able to find a great upholsterer here in Sacramento...and as of yesterday...this sweet memory, this awesome heading to Colorado...hopefully, just in time to make new memories...with the new little man in our lives...awwww NEW BEGINNINGS...gotta love em!

TIME WORN LOVE....the chair is in it's original condition...we just changed the fabric and spruced up the insides of the chair so it would be comfy for those moments of rocking, reading, watching the snow fall, cuddling and making memories. I have a picture somewhere (most likely packed away until after the re-model) of our daughter rocking in this chair standing up (she was about 15 months old) was in her room as a young girl and she WAS ALWAYS the adventurous type. I will try to find it one day, soon and post it!! Just before I sent it off to be packed and shipped...I sat in it for about 30 minutes..rocking and still has that little "crick" in it every time you rock back...I call it baby soothing music! It was funny how it felt exactly the same as it had 31 years ago when I sat in it for the first time. It made my butt, my back, and my heart very fact even though I have changed and the materials on this chair were different...the sweet memories of this chair came flooding back...and YES a few tears of joy were shed!! I know our daughter is VERY excited to have it and it gives me the greatest JOY to be able to pass it on to her! OH and don't worry...if our son and DIL have a baby any time soon...we have another rocker for was my husbands grandfathers...and it was in our sons room for years!!

Now here are a few pictures of the mama to be....some from the beginning and a few from her own maternity shoot...YES, she instructed hubby on how to take the pictures she wanted...and she used her trusty tri-pod for some as well. I love them all...she and her sweet hubby did a great job.

We can't WAIT....
In the beginning at about 8 to 10 weeks...

18 weeks...

28 weeks

38 weeks...

Proud papa to be....

I'll keep you all posted....until then...Happy New Year to all my blogging buddies and I promise to try and do a better job posting this on to the business at hand...waiting for the arrival of our grandson...and the remodel of our home in Sacramento!