Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another day in paradise...'s amazing how much more beautiful our grandson is today than he was yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that...WOW! I'm sure he's exhausted from just having to keep up with that!! It takes a lot to look this good! LOL...I know you aren't suppose to say pretty or beautiful for a little boy...but I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...and as long as he's a baby, he'll never know I called him pretty!! He will be 5 days old today at 6:41 p.m. Mountain, time is flying by! Lollie needs to take more pictures today...however, he has a bit of jaundice so the doctor sent over a UV light box and he needs to stay on that whenever he's not feeding. I'll be honest we've cheated a couple of times b/c well, the kids gotta be cuddled every now and again...and he's a definite cuddlier! I think it's hard on the new mommy b/c she can't get enough cuddle time w/him...but she is also very aware the more time he spends on the "light box" (we're calling it his tanning bed) the better off he is.

Enjoy these photos of the day he came home from the hospital! It was a VERY good day!

Mommy & daddy getting their lil' punkin ready to go home.

Why! YES! it does take two people to put on his little beanie! SOMEBODY had to help and of course "lollie" was more than willing!!

Coming home outfit...isn't he a cutie??

Lollie is LOVING THIS!! He is so unbelievably sweet...I think everyone should start with their grandchild...then maybe there would be no stress in the world!!

POP is in "love" as well...this child has just washed away any problems one might ever think were important!!

It took EVEN more hands to get him situated in his little car seat...and of course one set of hands to document this moment on film...poor child...I think he's already had more pictures taken of him than most do in a lifetime!!

Thanks for letting me share pictures...I promise my blog won't always be about our sweet little grandson...but I'm sure now that he's here...they will take a whole new direction. Thank you for all those that have prayed and continue to pray for this sweet little gift from God...and for those of you who continue to support my new addiction by complimenting him on a daily basis!


The Feathered Nest said...

Don't you worry one little bit sweet're in love!!!! Who can blame you for gushing!!!! I know exactly how you feel sweet girl...enjoy each moment, his tiny breath on your cheek, his teeny fingers and toes ~ I'm so happy for you all Teresa! Hugs and love, Dawn

Kat said...

I can "hear" the joy in your words. Oh how your life has changed sweet Lollie. He IS beautiful and pretty! I love seeing the photos so keep them coming.

Hugs sweet friend!

LivingTheLife said...

Thanks sweet ladies...I know you both understand the "spell" this child has over me...and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!


Tonja said...

Isn't this just the best days of your life? I'm so happy for you...and the rest of the family, too! He is just the most beautiful thing! Could you just 'smell'him to death! I love that new baby smell! I also imagine you could spend hours just kissing that sweet sugar!
God is so good! I thank Him for the happiness you are all feeling now! I thank Him for the fact that this sweet child will always be surrounded by those who love and care for him. That he will always have someone to look out for him. What a blessing!
Enjoy, my friend!

Anonymous said...
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