Monday, January 25, 2010


My new obsession....I just can not get enough of this sweet child...our families new blessing...

I had to leave Colorado on Saturday, it was time and our grandson's other grandmother needed to have time to visit as well. I'm going to be was one of the hardest things I've had to a very long time. I didn't leave without many, many much so...there may have been some of those "heaving snorts" to go along with all the tears. I'm such a baby...but I just can not put into words how much I love him! His mom makes it much easier on me, though...I've already received a couple of photo text from him and will also be skyping with them on a regular basis! I NEVER knew how great being a grand-parent could be ( I would have REALLY been relentless w/the begging had I known!)...but it does come with some heartache...but all in all it's the BEST!!

Doesn't he just have the sweetest little face?...and that smile...he's dreaming of the pony I promised him...WHENEVER he wants it!!


joan said...

What a beautiful photo Teresa!! You are so blessed. And he is a gorgeous baby! We can call a boy gorgeous, can't we?? LOL

Susie Q said...

He is so truly beuatiful Teresa!! And what a lucky boy! I know you are in LOVE!!!

Anonymous said...
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Lavender Chick said...

Oh MY Goodness Teresa!!!! He's just gorgeous. And pretty. I'm so glad you posted all the pictures. I've been really busy and haven't been blogging so I was SO happy to see that you are officially Lollie. I'm going to go ahead and place my bet that his first word will be Lollie!

He's so precious and NO - you can't post too many pictures so keep them coming!

jmac said...

Hi Teresa!!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes....we had our bebe too! Got your sweet comment and had to come see your little man. (they are really ours, aren't they?) I have already eaten every word I ever said about being a grandmother!! I'm sunk. I'm a goner. I'm so in love that I forget everything else.
And since I'm the MIL, I have to wait my turn. Her parents are there now and I am patiently waiting. But they live close to me so I'm cool.
That lil boy is so beautiful and the b/w shot is awesome. I'm doing a photo shoot tomorrow of our Lilli so you know my blob will be full of pink!! Oh already is!!
Let's be Lolli and YaYa together..least we won't get tired of talkin' and listenin' to each other!! Heh!

Daisy Cottage said...

Congratulations Teresa!

I am so glad that you shared THIS BEAUTIFUL BLESSING with me! Oh he is so precious. You must be over the moon in love.

I'm so happy for you and your family.


Julie said...

too adorable! I promised my first Grand daughter a pony if she called me Aunt Julie!