Friday, May 29, 2009

Inspection Day...

Today is inspection day on our home in Texas...for those of you that have been keeping up OR not...our home sold last we are stoked. Asking all my prayer warriors to please pray that no unforeseen boo-boo's pop up during the inspection and that it will go without a hitch! Thanks so much! I'll keep you ALL the meantime...I have to leave for 3 hours with our the owners and inspector can "check" things out! My fingers are crossed, I've said many a prayer and I am believing things will go well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've been hesitant to say anything...b/c I like for things to be a "sure" thing before I start talking too much about my last post I mentioned we had a contract offered on our home in Texas the first week it was listed...however, the couple who wanted the house had to sell their home first and we weren't really ready to accept an offer with a contingency....WELL...guess what??? They sold their house 4 days after they put the offer in on they re-submitted their offer w/o the I suppose when everything works their getting funding and close on their current home, inspections are complete and ALL goes well...we will be closing on June 25th. You can not believe how PERFECT this prayer was that our home sell quickly and that we could stay in our home till at least the last couple of weeks of June...because I am currently working on 2 weddings for that on the 12th and the other on the 19th...I wanted to be able to be in my own home surrounded by family until all the weddings were done! Looks like my prayers have been answered!! We still have folks coming and looking at our home, in fact we have an appointment tomorrow for a realtor to show it! We will continue to do so until we know for sure all has gone right with this current contract...but from what I understand the couple who wrote the contract want our home very badly, so I DO hope if it's meant to works out for all of us. Thanks to all of you who have joined me in my prayers...I am relieved to have most of this behind now I can concentrate on these 2 spectacular weddings AND getting packed and ready to head west.

In the meantime...I will share with you some gorgeous pictures my daughter and daughter in law took of our property in California while we were all there over the Mothers Day Weekend...ENJOY!!

An old bench that sits in the back portion of our property...I love it and wonder just how it came to be there...and who used to sit on this lovely and dream the day away....

One of three lovely peony shrubs in the front portion of my gardens...they are just about the most lovely flower I can imagine if I can just learn about Freesia and if it grows in northern Cali...I will be one HAPPY gal!

One of many beautiful rose bushes in our front garden...this is one of my varies from very pale pink to gorgeous...and the sweet smell is heavenly!

I believe these are native to fact I think they are the state flower...the California poppy...don't quote me on this...I'm still learning...but isn't it GORGEOUS...I feel so blessed that the previous owners loved flowers as much as I do...and man what a green thumb they had...I'm going to have to really read up to manage them as well as they did.

Another lovely rose bush...this one looks as though it is some sort of antique rose...the color variations are just unbelievable...I love it, too!

I hope to have pictures of our home in California to post, soon...I took some while there...but I fear I may have already packed away the cord that goes to the camera to download pictures...WHATEVER that thing-a-ma-jiggy is called!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back in Texas

After 11 glorious days in sunny Sacramento...I am now back in Texas, trying to tie up loose ends...finish preparations for 2 weddings in June AND most importantly get my home "SOLD"!

This is a picture of our home in Texas...we have had it on the market less than 2 weeks...and it seems to be doing alright. We did have an offer come in today for almost full asking price...but it was a contingency and we're not ready to accept a contingency upon selling their house at this's too early in the ballgame. The offer was actually made by the first guy to look at if he sells his home quickly...he is free to make us another offer. I've also included pictures of the back of our home which sits on a little over 2's probably one of my favorite things about our home...I love sitting on our back porch in the glider watching the birds...our dogs...bunnies, the occasional fox and of course the ever popular skunks...that Maggie our lab has gotten up close and personal with a few times. I think she's finally figured it least I hope so.

I'm going to miss our home...and all our great family and friends...BUT I am also very anxious to get settled into our new home in California and begin a new chapter in our lives...We were there over mothers day and all the kids were able to join was a glorious time...and I think the kids actually loved, loved, loved the new they are so supportive of our decision to makes it a lot easier to make that decision to move on. I know it will be hard at times (I have done pretty well w/driving so far, which I considered to be my most daunting task, but I have already managed to find "Homegoods, Target, Trader Joe's, a couple of antique shops and a GREAT furniture consignment shop)...all in all...I think it's going to be an experience well worth taking. I've already started a new journal and will most likely continue journaling through blogging as well! I'll post pictures of our new home and ALL the lovely gardens and flowers as soon as I upload them off my camera. For now...I'm very busy keeping things in pristine order around know the "joys" of selling a home.

To my prayer buddies...we are asking for prayers for a quick sell and we know God has the perfect family already picked out to live here and continue to make many memories here...just as we have for the last 19+ years.

Here's to starting fresh...can't wait!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cali Home....

I have been uber busy getting our home in Texas ready to go on the market...AND it did on Friday May 1st...Please asking all my prayer buddies to "pray", "pray", "pray" that it sells quickly. I just know it will be a WONDERFUL home for a family, just as it was for us for nearly 20 years. It looks FAB if I do say so myself.

On to Cali...NOW...acutally arrived here on Sat. morning...and this is what "greeted" me at my new home OH YES...I have peonies...I am so thrilled...I Love, Love, Love peonies...and now I have 3 beautiful peony bushes and right now they are LOADED with buds. I am loving my new yard, it is full of all kinds of roses, cala lilies, alstromeria, dianthus, lavender, wisteria, fruit trees AND PEONIES...I am in flower heaven. The previous owner had such a wonderful talent when growing all these beauties...I'm just hoping I can learn quickly and keep them just as lovely. I know I'm going to have fun learning all about growing things I never imagined possible...I'm completely THRILLED!

I will be heading back to Texas as we still haven't officially moved to Cali...we did buy beds and a few household items to have here when we need them and should be moving out here...very soon.

I will post pictures of all my glorious blooms when I arrive back in Texas and can download them from my camera. In the meantime...I'm loving the beauty that now surrounds me, learning how to "get around" a new city and praying my old home sells...very soon!

Tootles to all...I'll keep you posted...Let the ADVENTURE begin!