Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back in Texas

After 11 glorious days in sunny Sacramento...I am now back in Texas, trying to tie up loose ends...finish preparations for 2 weddings in June AND most importantly get my home "SOLD"!

This is a picture of our home in Texas...we have had it on the market less than 2 weeks...and it seems to be doing alright. We did have an offer come in today for almost full asking price...but it was a contingency and we're not ready to accept a contingency upon selling their house at this's too early in the ballgame. The offer was actually made by the first guy to look at if he sells his home quickly...he is free to make us another offer. I've also included pictures of the back of our home which sits on a little over 2's probably one of my favorite things about our home...I love sitting on our back porch in the glider watching the birds...our dogs...bunnies, the occasional fox and of course the ever popular skunks...that Maggie our lab has gotten up close and personal with a few times. I think she's finally figured it least I hope so.

I'm going to miss our home...and all our great family and friends...BUT I am also very anxious to get settled into our new home in California and begin a new chapter in our lives...We were there over mothers day and all the kids were able to join was a glorious time...and I think the kids actually loved, loved, loved the new they are so supportive of our decision to makes it a lot easier to make that decision to move on. I know it will be hard at times (I have done pretty well w/driving so far, which I considered to be my most daunting task, but I have already managed to find "Homegoods, Target, Trader Joe's, a couple of antique shops and a GREAT furniture consignment shop)...all in all...I think it's going to be an experience well worth taking. I've already started a new journal and will most likely continue journaling through blogging as well! I'll post pictures of our new home and ALL the lovely gardens and flowers as soon as I upload them off my camera. For now...I'm very busy keeping things in pristine order around know the "joys" of selling a home.

To my prayer buddies...we are asking for prayers for a quick sell and we know God has the perfect family already picked out to live here and continue to make many memories here...just as we have for the last 19+ years.

Here's to starting fresh...can't wait!!


Connie said...

I will pray that your home sells quickly. Where in California are you moving to? I just visited Dallas, Texas for the first time and enjoyed it. California is a great place to live too. Connie

Terri and Bob said...

I am happy to add you to my prayer list! Where and why are you moving? I love Texas and California so either would be great!

LivingTheLife said...

I hope you see this...I'm unable to access your blog...I guess I forgot to get on your "invite" list a while back when you went private.

So, answer to your question...we are moving to Sacramento Ca. because my husband went into business for himself about 2 years ago...and his business has really taken off on the West Coast...he has contracts in L.A., Sacramento, San Diego and Phoenix...and possibly soon in San if I wanted to see more of him, which I do...cos I kind of like the guy...we made the decision to re-locate until his contracts expire in 4 to 5 years...but who knows we may love it so much...we may never leave...we'll just have to wait and see...b/c Texas has always been our home...

Tonja said...

Sounds as if you have everything under control! And, my dear...since they have the most necessary of shopping places, which you so wisely found first, you will be all set!

Cn hardly wait to see the pics of the new house! I know it is perfect!

If you like change, why not consider moving to AL in 4 or 5 years? I know some really cool folk who live would fit right in! And 'Mom' would be so happy to have her 'daughters' back together again! :-)

Rory and Cindy said...

I can't believe you guys are actually moving! I don't think I have seen the back of your house without the pool!!! Hopefully we'll get to see you in a few weeks when we come visit!

Julie said...

It will the right time and to the right buyer.. Now - the 'right' time in God's eyes may not be your 'right' I found out when we sold our home..but as always - everything worked out just fine!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Teresa,

Your home in Texas is beautiful! I will pray that your home sells quickly and for the price in you desire. You are a kind and thoughtful soul Teresa, and knowing you will be here in California will be just fabulous! I hope you do fall completely in love with it here, and most of all I hope you make a trip to San Diego!:o) I thank you for all you share for all you do and your prayers. Will check back to see just how things are going. Enjoy a beautiful weekend.



joan said...

HI Teresa,

I will keep you in my prayers for the sale of your beautiful home. I guess it's kind of a bittersweet move for you, exciting to move to California and sad to leave Texas. You will be a busy girl for awhile. Take care Teresa and thanks for the kind comments on facebook about my sweet grandson. I think he's a cutie too but than again I'm kind of partial. LOL

Cathy said...

I am sure your home will sell quickly it is sooo lovely!!!

We live in north Texas right now and have for the past 20 years but I have also lived in California in the San Diego area. We loved it there!!! The weather is amazing and the landscape is beautiful!!!

I found your blog through Barb at Bella Vista and I am so glad that I did!!! I became a follower and look forward to many more visits!!!

Good luck with your move!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

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