Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our daughter is coming for a visit!! Yea!!

Yes sir reeeee...Our little girl is coming home for a visit this Friday through Tuesday...she is coming all by herself, her hubbin has meetings this we took advantage of getting to see her! That means...lots of RETAIL therapy for her and mom...and crazy movies for her and dad ...not to mention getting to see her "bubba" the chef at work in his element and seeing her sister-in-law play soccer. She is also bringing her camera equipment to take senior pictures of her cousin...who is graduating in May. He should be a great subject to photograph...because he laughs at everything...and LOVES his only girl cousin!!
When she gets back to Colorado on Tuesday...she will have to prepare for surgery on Thursday...yes folks...she has to have her nose re-set and repaired...she broke it a couple of weeks ago while playing with a neighbors three year old daughter! Yea, as if we needed just one more reason to cause her not to want children. Actually, this is the second time she has broken her nose and the second surgery. The first time was her senior year in high school, she was playing softball with her school team...and took a line drive to the nose...yea, it actually bounced right before getting to her...and she caught it with her teen tiny nose...not fun!! The doc says once you have broken your is easier to break it again! Well...that figures! This one should be a bit more intensive because it seems it is a nastier break than the she has a complete deviated septum this go round...she says it really has been giving her fits and she is actually looking for some relief after the surgery...well, you know after it heals up! I want to be there for her...but she says she's a big girl...and that she and hubbin can do this...we'll have to see once she gets here...huh??? I'm asking all you prayer warriors out there to PLEASE keep her and her docs in your prayers...we are praying for wisdom for all the medical staff who will be handling her case...and for a complete and succesful outcome...along with ease in healing.

In other will be one year on Feb. 23, 2008 since I posted my first blog here in blogsville...and this is my 99th post....hmmmm...I may have to think of something really cool to do for my 100th post...and one year anniversary of blogging...funny how that is coinciding! A give-a-way...perhaps...??? We'll have to wait and see??? I'll probably post on the 23rd which is Saturday....but I may not mention anything about the surprise (that I am still trying to come up with) until my precious girl leaves to go back to Colorado! know I'm going to want to devote all my free time to her while she's here...and then back to my peeps when she leaves...Hmmmm...what can I do...any ideas????? ANYONE???

Yippppeeeee...I can't wait till FRIDAY!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happily Ever After...for 31 years!

Feb. 19, 2008...a great day indeed!

On this date in 1977 I married my lovin' hubbin'...of course he wasn't my lovin' hubbin' till the ministers announced we were husband and wife (yes! I did say wasn't a was an evening of dueling ministers...we REALLY felt married once they finished their hour plus ceremony...complete with our very own written vows)....ha!...I still have those vows typed on the sheet of paper the minister read from and we repeated! I take them out every now and then and I must say enjoy a really good chuckle! It is amazing when I read over them much the future would show us about true commitment and that I could never imagine on that day could be any stronger...but have so happily shared a deeper and more abundant love for that handsome man of 21 that I married 31 years ago! What I feel for my hubbin today is multiplied 100 fold to what it was on that day...and on that day I thought I would burst from the magnitude of my love! It is true...he is such a part of me today...I can't imagine loving him more...but I know I will with each passing day!! I had no idea how much that love could continue to grow on that cold Feb. day 31 years ago...but thankfully it has and we have both grown so much because of our covenant to one another...we have grown in our relationship with the Lord, with our families and with one another...We were so young...19 and 21 for goodness sakes and oh so full of ourselves...we thought we knew everything! Those vows meant everything to us as they still do today! We were young, naive, poor and madly in love with a little lust thrown in for good measure...thank goodness! ...From THIS very young couple

(goodness we look like thin and all that hair on hubbin) I did think and still think he's a hottie...and what man doesn't look HOT in a burgandy tux! Even if it wasn't a great color...I thought he was just too great for words because he agreed to wear it...but he did draw the line with the pink shirt and ruffles!!

To this abundantly blessed couple of today....
a couple who have had many blessings in our lives...including two wonderful and loving children...who managed to turn out pretty well in spite of they have both married equally tremendous spouses. I feel fortunate to have such a loving generous partner in my life and I am lucky beyond words that he truly "gets me" the poor thing...and I "get him" or at least he lets me think I do!! I just wanted to raise my glass to the man of my dreams...and thank him for 31 years of a loving commitment and hours upon hours of love, fun, laughter and many blessings! I want to spend the next 50 plus years doing just the same!! How bout it babe???

To my partner in the Love of my life! Love you forever...babe! Happy Anniversary!!

Sad note about this dress...I really wanted a dress I had seen in a magazine and found at a local bridal that was more form fitting...had a extremely long train and a veil that was equally as was regal...and I loved it! I had tried on dresses and narrowed it down to a couple with this one being one of the choices...after that I took mom in to see the ones I was thinking about...when I tried on the one I REALLY loved...she kept turning her head and not looking at me or talking about the dress ...I took this as she did not like it! So, I tried on this flowed nicely and was very pretty...but not the dream dress I wanted. So thinking mother didn't think I looked good in the other I went for this one...sadly, a few years later I found out that mother loved the first dress...the reason she didn't say anything or look at me was because she was trying to hide the fact she was crying because she said I looked like an angel...(ok that's a first!) That story breaks my heart...but it did teach me a valuable lesson or two...always communicate with your children...and go with your gut! All in all this dress was fine...however, it was too big...and not the dream dress...oh well...I am just as married no matter what dress I in the end it didn't matter...but something I remembered when going with my daughter to pick out her dress...and I beleive she got exactly the one she wanted...and that made me happier than anything!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Not what I was expecting... may want to grab a cup of coffee or a diet coke...along with a snack...this is a wordy one!!

FINALLY...Mr. Blogger is letting me post AND include pictures!! You know how I dislike posting w/o some kind of's the story from my Valentines evening...I know somebody is filming all of this and one day we'll each be viewing it on some totally obscure television station!!
I was hoping to post all about these types of lovelies...

sadly this won't be the case...

Many of you know that my lovin' hubbin' has been traveling quite a bit as of late for we knew he would not be home for Valentines Day ( this was the first time we've been apart on this day in over 30 years)
so...when the cats away the mice will play....RIGHT...I decided to hook up with my sister and daughter-in-law for a fun evening out; to relax while having a pedicure, possibly do a little shopping and eating at some restaurant that didn't have lines around the block. It was a beautiful...evening...almost...spring like!! The girls and I had a lot of fun...a good meal and lots of talk and laughter...we deemed ourselves the Valentines Widows...b/c all of our men were either working or sick! Yes the evening was a winner thus far! I was really starting to enjoy myself and learned not to be so hung up on not having hubbin' home!! Being the "good" girl I am...I headed home around 9:30...I needed to get home because neither of the dogs had eaten since breakfast AND it had been a while since they were able to do their "business" and as you all know if I'm anything...I'm a dutiful dog owner. I arrive home around into my sweet little parking place in the garage...hear the girls doing their "greeting" song and dance at the backdoor...and I let myself in the house. The girls were ready to go I left the garage door open and they were free to go be... well, dogs! I went approximately 10 steps into the kitchen to drop off my keys, slip off my shoes and retrieve the phone so I could call baby sister and let her know I made it home, because well, she told me I had to!! BEFORE I EVEN stepped outside...Thirty seconds I tell you! Thirty Blooming seconds...a sudden end came to my lovely evening...a virtual screaching stop...if you will!!!I could tell and I could smell...OH YEA!!...Summer had arrived and I was NOT liking what I smelled....I screamed MAGGIE...NO-OOOOOO!! Of course it was too late...she ran past me like her tail was on fire...and believe it or not the little one "Cookie" was passing her! They had been sprayed by a skunk...a dirty rotten, flea infested...probably rabie carrying...bonafide party pooper of a skunk...with pin-point accuracy I might add... Poor Maggie got the worst of it...she was sprayed directly in the face...leaving me to conclude her nose was somewhere other than were it belonged!! Cookie (the little shi-zu who actually looks like Pepe Lapew...ironic isn't it?) was pelted with some of the mass amounts of foam off of Maggie as she was convulsing...because...WELL you've smelled can just imagine the fit she was having!!! I'm here to tell ya...the dead ones on the side of the road...don't even come close to stinking like this. Take my word for is a smell that will stay with you for a very long time...whether you like it or not!! YES...this has happened before.

The sad or FUNNY part as I'm sure the videograhers can attest to was when I was trying to bathe both the same time ALL BY MYSELF...yea...I was not doing the "happy dance"! I ran back into the house...slammed the door shut before the foulness could enter my home...and quickly gathered my "wash away the stink stash"...something I learned to stock up on from the last encounter...I quickly shed any decent clothing I may have had on...leapt into sweat pants/long sleeve tee and rubber boots...found the disposable rubber gloves...and headed outside with my stink arsenol...all in under 45 seconds...yes...I was flying!! I found the huge wash tub all the while still trying to pay attention in case the attacker was still lurking about (picture private eye crouching about while using the tub as a type of shield) Did I mention it was DARK out...and we live in the country!! I began filling the tub with water. tomato juice and vinegar...during which time I was trying to soothe Maggie and find Cookie...yes, she likes to skee-daddle if she thinks for one minute she may have to encounter bathing or anything representing something that might make her smell good! After dousing Maggie in Tomato Juice, vinegar and water...I attempted to place Cookie in the wash tub for her "Bloody Mary bath" minus the vodka...yea...I should have thought to use that for myself! While trying to hold on to Maggie at the end of her leash as she is writhing about during her "freak out" ( I couldn't risk letting her go b/c she could have been subjected to round 2 for all I knew)! Cookie of course did not want to stay in the tub...I just knew I had to at least get her started soaking or it would be another all-nighter. So, I was basically balancing on one foot trying to contain Maggie with the leash (washable of course) while I am semi-pushing on Cookie with my other galoshed foot to keep her in the tub! For anyone that knows me...well, this is a feat within itself...b/c I am not coordinated nor do I have great balance!! At this point I'm really needing to rinse Maggies face...b/c of the mass amounts of foam accumalating (think rabid dog)...and all that slinging of the "smell" she was throwing about! Now I'm trying to reach for the water hose that of course is just "out of my reach" stetching as far as I could I managed to wrangle the hose back to within grabbing distance! At the same time, I'm trying to keep my "calm" voice so as not to excite the poor things, not to mention I didn't want my closest neighbor who lives about 100 yards away to hear what I REALLY wanted to say!! Suffice it to say...Cookie did not stay in the bloody mary bath...hmmmm...maybe I should have added the vodka and Maggie was not happy about being subjected to multiple layers of culinary delights along with the cold water shower!! I managed to calm Maggie down long enough to call my truly great friend (yes I'm a good girl scout...always prepared, the phone was in my pocket) and ask if her daughter was home ( I asked for her b/c she doesn't mind these kinds of things...she loves animals of all kinds and is always helpful)'s VALENTINES...the girl is well OF COURSE she is out with her beau! Luckily my friend said she would be over in 5...whew! She was a tremendous life saver...truly!! (Now you know why it will be great when we move into our new house...she will be one 5 acre lot away from me) What a relief to know I wasn't going to be the only one soaking up all the Valentines love and the lovely aroma wafting in the night air! It's true...misery does LOVE company...and after all isn't that what Valentines is all about...THE LOVE!! I was ever so happy to share that love...and I was thrilled that my friend and I had decided we needed to be friends so many years ago...of course she was a life saver...she helped bathe Cookie while I tended to Maggie...we cleaned them up...sterilized and sanitized the utiltiy area with smell good floor cleaner, baking soda and reminded me of a salad dressing with a touch of pine added to compliment the flavors....we started the washing machine with a load of skunk scented towels and basically lit every candle in my home! Candles I just bought earlier from Pier 1...Candles I was saving for another day or for giving away to a friend...Candles I am so glad that were on sale...and were now filling my home with the lovely scent of roses, cilantro lime and just a touch...a small tinge...of eau de skunk...a winning combo if I do say so myself!

Today things are much better...Maggie will have to endure a couple more baths...but honestly the smell is gone from the house...mostly...just a tab bit of a smell, kind of like someone is getting a perm in the utility area of the house where the girls beds more bathing...washing the bedding AGAIN...mopping lots and lots...confinement to their sleeping area and we'll be good as new in a few days! I left the windows open all day until it got so cold I couldn't stand it...yea...spring-like yesterday...Cold, wet and rainy today! Good ole' Texas weather...

So tell did you spend your Valentines evening???...or do I really want to know???...YES...I went to bed...after lathering up and soaking in the tub for a very long time...singing and repeating..."happy valentines day to me!!" It's so good to be me!! lol

Once Upon a Valentine evening...

Blog is being mean to me tonight...I've been trying off and on all day to send a Valentines wish out to all my peeps in blog land...but this is the first time HE would let me sign on...and NOW he isn't letting me post any I'm DONE with HIM...I am so OVER him right NOW!!...well, at least for today...I'll try back tomorrow...I have an interesting evening to share with each of you...and's not what you might is the opposite of sweet smelling roses and heaven scented chocolates...STAY TUNED...sometimes I feel as though someone is filming me...and laughing in a distance...not funny...I tell you...not funny!

To be continued....

Monday, February 11, 2008

My family thinks I've lost it...Hmmmm???

Have you ever had a moment or moments in your life where everyone around you just looks at you like you've lost your mind? REALLY...NEVER...Well, it's a common occurrence around here...take for instance the fact that we have two grown children who are both married to wonderful spouses...and the fact that I want more than anything to become a grandmother while I'm still young enough to enjoy them!! Now please know that I am wise enough to know in due due time...BUT...this does not keep me from "dreaming"! Yes...folks I dream of a sweet little granddaugher or grandson to cuddle, snuggle and basically just smother to pieces with love and affection. I also dream of the name my grandchild will call me...YES...You've guessed it...this is where the crazy part and disconcerting looks come into play. I have long asked to be called "Lolly"...why...Lolly you ask? Well, for two very strong and sound that I think of it!'s just so darn cute and the kids called their grandmothers "granny" that was their name and it is just not me! Secondly...because of this...yes...this cute sweet little doll...this is a doll my darling daughter had when she was growing up and this doll went everywhere with her from the time she could walk till she moved on to bigger and better tricycles, big wheels and Barbies (I have this doll packed away for the future..wink, wink)...The doll is named "Lolly" and man oh should have heard how cute the words "Lolly doll" were when my precious daughter spoke them... and Thirdly...sweet lovin'hubbin' likes the name..."Pop" because of his being the kooky crazy gal that I am...thought "Lolly" and "Pop" were the perfect names for us! They just seem to fit us to a "t" to speak! Can't you just see it now...a cute curly haired little girl asking her mom and dad if she can go see "Lolly-Pop"...or a tow headed little boy asking if Lolly-Pop is taking him to the rodeo??? Don't think for a minute it would be beneath me to bribe them (my future grandchildren) with know just to con them into calling me candy drawer will be brimming with all kinds of lollie-pops...ok...that's just a lie...I'm going to fill that drawer with the best lollie-pops I can find...sugar or's my grandchild for heavens sake.

Yea...I've got it all figured out in my's just no one is cooperating with me... darn kids! The good news is I do have 2 grand dogs...and my sweet son-in-law is already calling me Lolly in front of their I think it will become habit for him (my son-in-law...not the dog, she doesn't speak, yet)...therefore...I'm sure its a shoe-in for the future gran-chillins! Doncha think???

What do you want to be called? Or what do your grandchildren call you? I'm eager to know...I just may have to steal it... ummm...I mean pass it on to someone else to use!! my sweet darlin dauthter and daughter-in-law who I know check my blog from time to time...this is in no way a ploy to put pressure on either of you...I want to be a "Lolly" whenever you are ready...I just ran across the "Lolly" doll the other day...and it had me thinking. Of course if you guys want to oblige...I don't have a problem with that either... LYF

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spreading the Word about a Giveaway!!!

Ok's the sweet friend and I'm sure yours, too..."Dawn" from TheFeatheredNest is having a give-a-way. Go to this site

where she is entered in an art contest...

view the art work that has been created and VOTE! Dawn does incredible work...I have been the lucky recipient of a few of her pieces from a give-a-way she had earlier AND I purchased a couple of things that I adore. Dawn is a fabulous talent and has the most innate ability of turning the simpliest things into a work of art! Please take time to vote AND if you want to be entered in her what I did and spread the word about her fantabulous Give-a-way!!

This is what she has designed and some lucky blogger has the chance to WIN!!...See...I told you she does incredible work...and she is one of the "sweetest" creative gals out there to boot!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I have been somewhat busy these days...but I did want to stop in and say "hello" to all my blog buddies and to let you know...I'm still kicking! I do check my favorites almost every day...but I haven't had time to comment or post! Once I get things going on the new house...I should be able to post some really neat updates...but we're just in the planning phase I'm sure that would be too boring to post I don't have pictures to share...unless of course you would like to see a pic of the "dreamy" builder we interviewed a week or so it would entail me "calling" him up to get together for a photo shoot...but I'm sure I won't mind...just imagine..."Mike" the plumber from Desperate Housewives...then you should have a pretty good idea how he looks...only this ten times better...hmmm...not sure if we will use him as our builder or not...we have others to interview...but on the "gorgeous" has come close to matching him!!! ha!

I did see something today that I felt like sharing...I read this on a church marquee...and just KNEW I had to share it with others because...A). it was GOOD and B). I actually remembered it when I arrived home...w/o having to write it down...
It said...

Are you on a spiritual journey or...gurney???

It was a short but sweet little commentary....and it really has gotten me to thinking...and that is a good thing...I hope!

by the way...the beautiful picture I've included with this post was taken by my very talented & aritstic photographer daughter...this was at her husbands family lake house this summer...isn't it just the greatest! I love it...and I want a copy to call my own!