Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happily Ever After...for 31 years!

Feb. 19, 2008...a great day indeed!

On this date in 1977 I married my lovin' hubbin'...of course he wasn't my lovin' hubbin' till the ministers announced we were husband and wife (yes! I did say ministers...it wasn't a typo...it was an evening of dueling ministers...we REALLY felt married once they finished their hour plus ceremony...complete with our very own written vows)....ha!...I still have those vows typed on the sheet of paper the minister read from and we repeated! I take them out every now and then and I must say enjoy a really good chuckle! It is amazing when I read over them now...how much the future would show us about true commitment and love...love that I could never imagine on that day could be any stronger...but have so happily shared a deeper and more abundant love for that handsome man of 21 that I married 31 years ago! What I feel for my hubbin today is multiplied 100 fold to what it was on that day...and on that day I thought I would burst from the magnitude of my love! It is true...he is such a part of me today...I can't imagine loving him more...but I know I will with each passing day!! I had no idea how much that love could continue to grow on that cold Feb. day 31 years ago...but thankfully it has and we have both grown so much because of our covenant to one another...we have grown in our relationship with the Lord, with our families and with one another...We were so young...19 and 21 for goodness sakes and oh so full of ourselves...we thought we knew everything! Those vows meant everything to us as they still do today! We were young, naive, poor and madly in love with a little lust thrown in for good measure...thank goodness! ...From THIS very young couple

(goodness we look like babies...so thin and all that hair on hubbin) I did think and still think he's a hottie...and what man doesn't look HOT in a burgandy tux! Even if it wasn't a great color...I thought he was just too great for words because he agreed to wear it...but he did draw the line with the pink shirt and ruffles!!

To this abundantly blessed couple of today....
a couple who have had many blessings in our lives...including two wonderful and loving children...who managed to turn out pretty well in spite of us...lol...and they have both married equally tremendous spouses. I feel fortunate to have such a loving generous partner in my life and I am lucky beyond words that he truly "gets me" the poor thing...and I "get him" or at least he lets me think I do!! I just wanted to raise my glass to the man of my dreams...and thank him for 31 years of a loving commitment and hours upon hours of love, fun, laughter and many blessings! I want to spend the next 50 plus years doing just the same!! How bout it babe???

To my Rock...my friend...my partner in crime...to the Love of my life! Love you forever...babe! Happy Anniversary!!

Sad note about this dress...I really wanted a dress I had seen in a magazine and found at a local bridal shop...one that was more form fitting...had a extremely long train and a veil that was equally as long...it was regal...and I loved it! I had tried on dresses and narrowed it down to a couple with this one being one of the choices...after that I took mom in to see the ones I was thinking about...when I tried on the one I REALLY loved...she kept turning her head and not looking at me or talking about the dress ...I took this as she did not like it! So, I tried on this dress...it flowed nicely and was very pretty...but not the dream dress I wanted. So thinking mother didn't think I looked good in the other I went for this one...sadly, a few years later I found out that mother loved the first dress...the reason she didn't say anything or look at me was because she was trying to hide the fact she was crying because she said I looked like an angel...(ok that's a first!) That story breaks my heart...but it did teach me a valuable lesson or two...always communicate with your children...and go with your gut! All in all this dress was fine...however, it was too big...and not the dream dress...oh well...I am just as married no matter what dress I wore...so in the end it didn't matter...but something I remembered when going with my daughter to pick out her dress...and I beleive she got exactly the one she wanted...and that made me happier than anything!!


The Feathered Nest said...

Happy Anniversary dear Teresa!!!! What a beautiful post! You and your sweet hubbin' look adorable. Only 19 and 21. Dennis and I were the same exact age when we married!! In 1981! So young and in love...we are about to celebrate 27 years in March....we are a rarity these days, Teresa, you know that? You look so beautiful with those pretty big doe eyes....much love to you both, enjoy this day together and may you have many many more anniversaries and days together! xxoo, Dawn

Peggy said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful post.

Splaneyo said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 31 years!

joan said...

Happy Anniversary Teresa! You and your hubby look great in both pics. My hubby and I just celebrated our 31st in Nov. also and I was as young as you were. Were you high school sweeties? Hope you both had a wonderful day.

justabeachkat said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! 31 Years! I'm so happy for you both. I loved seeing both photos...two good looking people who are still in love!

We celebrate our 30 on March 17th.


Rory and Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are awesome!

Sandi McBride said...

Happy 31st Darling Teresa...you're something of a miracle in this day and age...31 years...I'm so happy for you and hope that you have at least 31 more! I have something for you at my house...please come over when you get the time...

Susie Q said...

Happy Anniversary dear Teresa...you were so adorable but then, you STILL are!
We were 22 and 21 when we married almost 30 years ago and gosh. That seems so young doesn't it? But then, we were all so young and we should be proud that we have made it, still in love with our guys. That seems to be a rarity these days I am sad to say!

I hope your day was a sweet one. You are such a special lady and the two of you are a very special couple!
Many blessings are wished for you...many hugs are send your way.


Terri and Bob said...

Teresa, it will be our 31st in June! You look lovely! I am so thrilled to see others who have weathered the storms. You are a lucky couple!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

congrats! I love the burgandy tux.

You are going to have so much fun with your daughter visiting. I'm sorry to hear about her upcoming surgery.

And yes, I want photos of all those candles you did for a wedding. I want proof you are crafty! I know you are!