Monday, April 19, 2010

Somebody is growing like a weed......

Oh my how time flies when a little one has entered your life!! I know I promised to stay more current with my blogging. My intentions were truly heart-felt...however, my mind has been going in a thousand different directions as of late and I can't seem to MAKE time to do anything creative these days. I'm doing good to get a few pictures posted of the GREATEST, CUTEST, SWEETEST grandson EVER...well, at least to me and his POP!! He truly is just a bundle of cuteness...content and happy most all of the time...sweet and cuddly and an incredible "flirt" according to his mommy! Yes, he's been blessed with "IT" you know we can't always put our finger on "IT"...but we know when someone has "IT"...and he most surely does!

His mom has been busy with him and sending us updates on a regular basis, so we feel we're not missing too much by not seeing him EVERY day!! She has been doing a great job sending video text to me often and we skype as much as possible ( I fear if I don't get to see him at least once a month, he's going to think his "Lollie" only as a head!!) Luckily we ALL get to see him and his parents in the next few weeks or so...we rented a house on the beach in Southern Cal. and the whole family will be having a little "get-a-way" of sorts...just to re-connect, relax, soak up some sun and "be" together as a family again ( we are thrilled that his auntie and uncle get to come spend some time with him as well). The last time we were ALL together at one time...there were only 6 of there are 7...our little "icing on the cake"! I can't wait!!

Here's Mr. Blister on his 3 month birthday ( I cannot believe how much he has grown and changed since his birth!!)....he found his fingers and entire hand, even after his mommy has been very diligent in persuading him to use the pacifier...seems he figured out when the paci fell out...the hand/thumb was much easier to get to, I told you he's a genius!! She's still working on breaking the habit...we'll see how that goes. I know she so didn't want him to find his thumb b/c she knows that will be a soothing habit that will not be easy to break!! My daughter loved her paci and I must say, that wasn't an easy thing for her to give up either.

Here he is in a "big boy" outfit that his Great Auntie (my sister) gave him...he looks so grown up. I call this his "Good Fellas"'s as if he's pointing his fingers back at himself and thinking..."you talking to me"! I'm pretty sure he's a genius, too...because I KNOW he has NEVER seen Good we may have a movie director or actor in our future...b/c he's a whiz at the one liners!!

And lastly...a shot from above on his 3 month his mommy says..."why is it the boys ALWAYS have the best lashes"!!

Enjoy...and I promise I will be posting some other things in the future...right now our botanical gardens (as I call them) out front and back and are in FULL's just amazingly gorgeous out there...I love it!! Our renovations should have already been underway...but I'm constantly fretting about changes or doing too much, so I've kind of slowed things down purposely for a short will most likely happen now in mid-May or early June. At first my thoughts were to get it done before Christmas...but I really felt "rushed" about moving forward and I was not sure all things were what I wanted....I was beginning to "panic" and have some trouble sleeping. So, I slowed the process down just a tad, been praying about exactly the right thing to do and spending many hours discussing with my lovin hubbin what should be done to make it like we want it...but not breaking the bank to get it there. It's actually been stressful in some ways...but fun trouble-shooting and getting creative alongside of one another. I think we're turning out to be a pretty good team...after all we've been working at it for 33 years! So as soon as the first sledge hammer is swung...I'll start posting pictures of the renovations!!