Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things are Looking UP!!!

I love this certainly portrays how I feel things are going in my life right now...things are "looking up"! For those of you who have been asking and insisting that I find a new cardiologist...WELL, I did! I think I'm going to like this one...he spent over an hour EXPLAINING what, where and why to me...whew...I felt as though a ton of weight had literally been lifted off my chest. Honestly, folks...I left his office feeling a lot better...and he didn't do anything other than explain things to me, LISTEN to me and my concerns, listen to my heart and change me from Lipitor to Crestor. I felt like doing a high kick...except doing something like that would have sent me straight to an orthopedic to fix a dislocated hip or something!! Seriously, he really made me feel so much more relief...and I DID feel better...I think stress in itself had been causing so much more than I ever thought it could! Thanks to all of you who have insisted that I kick my other cardio to the curb...and for ALL your prayers and is good...I feel better and will start exercising again...that should help immensely!

I love this picture and all of the smiling faces that surround me in family is absolutely the best thing in my life...I LOVE each one of these faces, hearts and souls that stands beside me...literally and figuratively...they make my heart soar....THANK you God...for giving me the best! Clay (the sweetest man EVER), Jackie & Nat, Marcus & are my rocks...I love each of you...with all my heart!!

Don't you love how my daughter just brings out the fun in all her subjects...she is so creative and has lots of passion for what she does...and it shows...Thanks again...Jacquelyn Lee!!


Julie said...

What a great picture...and even better news about your new doctor!

Thank you so much for extending yourself to me in respect to my husbands illness. Other peoples information means so much to me - even if it just lets me know that what we are going through is pretty normal as far as the disease and drugs are concerned. Still - it is hard sometimes to stay relaxed. My shoulders want to take up permanent residence around my ears some days! (tense)

Teddi said...

AWESOME news!! Jackie IS so talented - she comes by it rightly, I mean look at your talents. Love you Teresa!

Terri and Bob said...

I love this photo. Your daughter is really talented!

I am so happy to hear that you got another opinion. I am so grateful that this doctor sounds so much more approachable.

I have had to make my blog private. If you have an interest in being one of my readers, you will need to email me at

Wibeche og Rune said...

Great picture:)


Tonja said...

Please forgive me, sweet friend....I have not been very good at the friend business lately. So much going on. I PROMISE to sit down and fill you in. So glad you found a new doc! He sounds great! Take care and do what he says...I want you well and happy when we get together for our sleep over/ shopping trip/ gab fest! Perfect photo!

justabeachkat said...

Praise God! I'm so glad! There's just nothing like having a doctor who you can feel comfortable with.

Love the photo. Jackie sure is talented.

(We're still in California for another 10 days and having fun, so my computer time is limited.)


Lavender Chick said...

Hallelujah! I am so glad you changed doctors! It's funny how we will switch hair dressers/ manicurists, etc., if we don't get that intial love connection, but we will spend months or a lifetime with the same doctor. AND - like hair dresses, well - there are a few great ones and a whole lot of lousy ones... Just because someone has a title behind their name doesn't mean that they have kept up with the latest and greatest and truly have their heart in the right place.

Anyhoo - I could go on and on. I'm just really glad that he switched your statin and really listened to you.

Good for you! Great looking family and beautiful photo. It's so creative. I love how you're all looking up... Looking up at something much bigger that us!

My best,

A Cottage Industry said...

I'm so glad to hear things look good for you health wise, and what a wonderful photo of the family! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Lisa said...

Just back from MO, catching up on my fav blogs - so glad to hear that you found a better doctor!! I will think of you in my own quest to find a doc that will tune in when I talk. :-)