Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My deer in headlights moment...I've been tagged!!

Ok...blogworld...sweet Deb at Lavender Chick has tagged me...yea! she wants me to come up with 8 facts about myself...I have often seen previous tags on other bloggers sites...always thinking to myself...please, oh Lord!...please!! Oh! Please!...what would I do if I were's kind of one of those actually DO want to be tagged...b/c that means people want to know about you and DARN IT they may even like you...and then again, when you are tagged..well YIKES it scares the beegeebee's out of's a deer in the headlights moment...what ARE you going to say...can you say it all in just 8 facts...OR is 8 facts way too many...I tell ya... it just scared me out of my wits when I saw it!!...don't know what the problem is...cos Lordy only knows I don't have trouble talking/writing...but I think it's the fact I am about to reveal something about myself...things that most people who know me...ALREADY know...but to reveal myself to the unknown...well, it's kind of scary to me...I guess I could make some things up...but for some reason...that just doesn't seem like the right thing to do...I think "blog world" is starting to bring out the adventurer in me...hmmmm...hope Deb isn't sorry she "tagged" me!!

So the deal is...I have to post the rules...

1. post rules before my facts ...check
2.Start with 8 random facts/habits...I'm getting there!
3. People who are tagged need to write their own posts about their own 8 facts and post these rules....HUH????
4. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and let them know they've been tagged...This may be hard...cos most of my favorites are veterans...I'll give it a try though...seriously...

Facts About Me...I've been tagged...just like that deer in the headlights...

1. I am blessed that I was able to be a stay at home mom the entire time my children were home. I know this is a huge blessing...and I thank God so much for it...we did give up a few wants here and there. we always, always had what we needed... basically for me...being a mom was just pure bliss! ( I did do a few odd and end part-time jobs...but was always home when they were...hmmm...they probably wished I would have worked full-time!)

2. I'm not crazy about flying...never really have kids and hubbin...champs at not so much...NOW mind you for some reason "first class" seems to diminish these fears...but only after the flight attendant has come by and filled my wine glass!!

3. I am a romantic...always...always...always love a "happy ending"...I've been accused by a few of living in La-La land...and I just have to reply...that's were I am happiest...gotta live might as well be there!!

4. I love to tour, old, remodeled...fixers...whatever...if there is an open house...wherever I am...whether I'm home or traveling....I WANT to see that house!! Nosey...maybe...but I just like to get a glimpse of how others live and most importantly DECORATE!! I think that's why I'm loving this "blog" thing so much!

5. Both of my parents have passed away...and they left us all way too mother had a stroke at the age of 52 (just 2 years older than I am today) and she died in 1991 of a massive stroke of the brain stem... when she was 57...I was 34....I still miss her, sometimes more than I ever thought I could....My sweet daddy ( I was always a daddy's girl) died when he was 65 in 1998...he was the energy of our family...Mr. personality...Mr. Always Happy!..he died suddenly in his sleep of a heart attack!!...I was 41...I know people loose their parents at earlier ages...I just felt this was way too young for both of them...honestly they would only be 73 and 74 today...if they were still living...and that is SO young to me! I find comfort knowing they are once again together...and will welcome me home one day! Sadly, we lost our brother this past September...he was 52...I was sister...was 41...and she is the only immediate family I have left...and I cherish her...we try to encourage each other to stay healthy...we know the "gene pool" we're swimming in isn't all that safe...if you know what I mean...but we keep things in check!!

6. I LOVE Dean Martin...mainly thanks to my daddy! I love how Dino he looks, how he laughs so funny he was in his handsome he was...I love everything about him...he also reminded me a bit of my dad...they had the same dark wavy/curly hair...gorgeous white toothed smile...and a twinkle in their eyes...I used to watch the Dean Martin show with my and I would always dance to his of my favorites..."Everybody Loves Somebody...Sometime"...I also dance w/my son to a Dean Martin song as the Mother/Son dance at his wedding...he's a Dino fan, too!!

7. I've been married for 30 the most wonderful man...I call him my "rock" ...he keeps me sane, grounded, entertained, safe and mostly full of love for him...he loves spite of me...I've always said that he loves me the way I am...and has never tried to change me...I so appreciate that in HIM...I think he's shown me more about love, life, laughter and my relationship w/God than any other person in the world!!

8. I am crazy in love with my kids...I know...big surprise...and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE who they have both chosen to spend their lives with...they married wonderful people...and I feel blessed to have them all in my life...they are great, funny, smart, beautiful, talented, inspirational...any more adjectives...feel free to interject those..."here"

Thanks for allowing me to now I have to tag a few...I may not be able to come up w/8...and I can't guarantee they will play ...but're it...

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That's all I can come up with...and I hope I haven't caught any of you in the "headlights"!!


justabeachkat said...


Stop by my place for yet another award! :-)


Sandi McBride said...

Just got up and was checking in and immediately slammed on the brakes. My poor floor will never be the same, having no brake pedel, you know. It's probably the first time I've had a deer show up in my computer windscreen! You know, I meant to tell you after reading your first post and reading about you, what a beautiful family you have...and still married to the same guy...aren't we lucky women to have found Champagne in all that beer crowd out there? Mac and I were married October 15th, 1968 (supposed to have married Sept 1st but there was this pesky national crisis going on and the ship pulled out leaving the wedding party looking stunned...oh well...hope the kids get their house, and make the sellers pay part of the closing and/or the inspection costs! I asked the Lord for this, He says we'll see : }


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, so nice to meet 'nother Dinolover. Thanks for sharin' your Dinodevotion with us. Never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool. Oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth!

Julie said...

Thanks for coming to visit my blog. The pink flowers in the planter boxes are mandavilla (spelling??) and they will have to be protected when it freezes.

I enjoyed reading the tag post of 8 facts about you. I am going to go back and check out the rest of your sight.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

That's cool that you are a big Dean Martin fan. I think Dino is awesome. Whether it was his movies, music, tv show, or stage act, he was amazing. I did always love that twinkle in his eyes and that smile he gave. The man had style and attitude. He's definitely still the King of Cool.

joan said...

I can relate to a few of your facts about yourself. I lost two family members way too early. I too am a romantic, and I've also been married for 30 years, well almost 31 now. But overall, it sounds like you are blessed!! Take care.

Kari said...

Teresa, I loved that. I was so shocked to hear of your love for Dino. lol Just kidding, of course!
I visited your daughter's site the other day...she's her mother's daughter, that's for sure. It was a pleasure to read about her life and LOOK AT HER PICTURES! Wow. Beautiful photos!

Mary said...

Love your 8 random facts. Not as easy to do as you first think is it. Mary