Monday, August 20, 2007

Stick a fork in er' and call it DONE!!!

I was a "bad" girl this past week...I fully intended on taking pictures of the process of making all the florals, bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages...but I forgot my camera on both days that I worked on these...then the day of the wedding was so hectic...I was only able to snap a few really "bad" this is what I'll show for now...until I can get some pictures from the photographer...these are pictures of the cake...which ended up being a disaster in my opinion...the bride asked the "cake lady" for a cake that was specifically decorated very plainly...smooth icing (but she didn't want fondant icing AND butter cream is a little harder to smooth out...but really this wasn't done right)and she wanted blue ribbon on the lower edges of each she wanted light blue butterflies that were made from gum paste and dyed to match the ribbon...WELL that is what it was suppose to be....I wish I had taken a before picture...but once the cake lady left...I was summoned from downstairs where I was arranging flowers for the ceremony to come upstairs and FIX the cake!!! Yikes...I'm not a cake lady!! Mind you this is the 3rd wedding where I have had to fix a I'm learning!!! I had to work fast...First...the ribbon was NOT the right color know it's hard to match blues sometimes...but really the bride gave her the ribbon...I don't think the ribbon she used was the same ribbon given to her...b/c it was Tiffany blue...not periwinkle I found some blue ribbon in my stash...there were 5 layers to the cake...3 round 2 square...well...there wasn't enough of the first blue ribbon to go around all 5 I found a white sheer w/white stripes to go around the 2 square layers...with the sheer over the previous was a perfect match to the blue I used on the 3 rounds...yes...God was helping me with that...then there was the issue of the red velvet cake showing through the icing in I gathered all the white flowers I had...and started placing them around the cake in various spots along with the blue delphinium and the pale, pale blue butterflies...all in wasn't the cake she ordered...and it wasn't a gorgeous cake by any means...not as pretty as I would have liked to have seen...but I think after the flowers were placed and looked as good as it could...the cake lady also brought the cake in on a piece of plywood that she had painted white...the edges looked like horse pookie....mind you I thought she was putting it on something white or silver (like a cake riser) and that it would be presentable...not the I layered the bottom with white rose petals and left over white hydrangeas...I also placed the same white hydrangeas on the top of the cake...NEXT wedding...if there is a NEXT...we're using my tried and truly fabulous cake ifs, ands or buts....I know she does great work...she's always professional...and she LISTENS...and is very can see her work in one of my previous's the one of my daughter's wedding cake...white...white flowers...brown tablecloth...clear glass at the bottom of the cake lifted with vendula roses all underneath the opinion...just beautiful!!

Now I know your wondering where and why the pink?? Right??? Well, actually I'm not sure I can answer that really...My friend and I really tried to convince the bride to do all blues and whites/ happens to be the brides favorite the blue was a perfect choice...but for some reason...and I'm not really clear as to was added to the color scheme somewhere down the I love pink...think it really is a great color to work with...but it was VERY hard to work with pink and blue and not have it come off as a baby shower looking theme...ya know? All in all...I think the decorations were beautiful...I'll try and post some later...the pinks in the bridesmaids bouquets were stunning...and on the tables, too...the bride carried an all white/cream bouquet along with blue delphiniums and a vintage blue butterfly I found on one of my trips to Colorado in a antique was vintage looking covered in blue stones and enamel....the bride loved it...she had a bit of a butterfly theme going on, too! The bride looked beautiful...and the ceremony was awesome...she is they brought some Greek elements into the service...and that REALLY made it they are in the Gulf...Cancun area...somewhere where Hurricane Dean is please say a prayer that Viv and Ben get to have a decent honeymoon and make it home safely very soon!

Thanks for reading...Blessings to all...


justabeachkat said...

Beautiful photos! It sounds like you survived it! Yeah! I've been thinking about you and hoping it went smoothly??? When you're rested up, you'll have to "tell all".


Kari said...

Glad you're back! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. I think I might have shot the cake lady. lol Just kidding. I wouldn't have shot her. Maybe chased her down and tripped her in the parking lot, but no...I wouldn't have shot her. You must let us know when you hear from the bride! I'm afraid their honeymoon may have been a bit "windy". Hope all went well for them, though!
Now get busy and post those pictures! (Love that other cake, though - the one with the glass tray underneath. Beautiful!).

Julie said...

You forgot your camera?? Shame shame shame...that is a bloggers sin! ha ha..can't wait to see more pictures.

Paige said...

Beautiful Teresa!

Susie Q said...

I am just so enjoying all these pictures! I LOVE the blue and pretty. : )

I am so glad you survived and lived to tell the tales...with photos!


Terri and Bob said...

That is an amazing story. I am planning a wedding for my daughter and I am glad to know I may have to watch out for the cake lady!