Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where's My "OFF w/DEET"

How about this for exciting news...my neighbor emailed all of us in our little neighborhood tonight...said he's been feeling bad for almost 5 weeks...well, turns out he was conclusively diagnosed with WEST NILE VIRUS today...yeppers...the CDC has our address now...I suspect...and soon "little" men in suits will be driving round in funny trucks w/fog coming out of the sides of them...OR at least I hope they do...I'll be calling the "health department" AND the "CDC" tomorrow...to check into this...but from now on...we've been advised NOT to go outside w/o a heavy layer of clothing and repellent with DEET...so no more late night talks on the back porch...no more playing catch w/Maggie AND no more late night walks...I guess I'll have to substitute the treadmill....just HOW do you explain to a dog that you can't play catch because of a pesty thing called mosquitoes??

I NEVER thought it would get this bad...it's kind of like when the kids are little and someone tells you that a child in their class has been diagnosed with LICE...and your first reaction is..."Oh NO!! Not my child...my child doesn't have lice!"..."Uh uh!...not my sweet baby!"...sadly though lice are just a nuisance...these mosquitoes could be deadly!!

Asking all prayers warriors to lift my neighbor up in prayer...and to ask for protection for the rest of our neighborhood...Thanks!!


Meg said...

That's awful! - and I wonder if we're headed for the same thing over here, it's been raining off and on for days and the mosquitoes are out...in full force.

Anyway, thank you SO much for your nice comment on my blog, it means so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to write down what you did, believe me I will go back and re-read your comment many times I'm sure over the next few days as we make our adjustment. Thank you so much again, T!

RealEstateGirl said...

oh my! That is so scary, isn't it?! I hope you don't live in my "neck of the woods!"

I will definitely say a prayer for your neighbor...and you guys too! Stay indoors!

RealEstateGirl said...

okay, WOW!!! Can you just come to my house and do that painting technique you were talking about on my blog??? Gee whiz!!! Sounds like you're the expert...come on over chicky!

By the way, I would LOVE for my walls to look like the walls in your blog header photo. I love that look!

Kari said...

Eeeeck! This is disturbing! I know we can't live too far apart because of some of the info we've exchanged. My husband's going to have a fit when I tell him that West Nile is near. He convinces himself every year that one of us is going to contract this disease...and now it might actually be possible! Luckily, it's usually too hot for any of us to want to go outside these days, but still...I'll be spraying EVERYBODY before they step outside now.
By the way, I've been to Witherspoon's in Granbury! We went there the next day, after our trip with the in-laws to the square in Granbury. Randey and I had found it about a month ago when we were driving around there looking for places to take the in-laws. I loved it! I bought a hanging pot rack the first time we went and then I found a gorgeous pillow for my girly room this last time. It IS a small world, isn't it?

Thanks for the info about the courthouses in these small towns in Texas. County seats makes perfect sense. Wonder why I didn't think of that before?? But thanks for telling me. Now I can sound like I know what I'm talking about when I tell my husband. lol You'll have to let me know what you think of Decatur's little shopping square if you ever get the chance to go. I thought it was nice, but it in no way compares to Granbury! Still, I'll probably go back there one of these days - I think it might be worth another trip.

Susie Q said...

Oh wow...awful. Just take care and I will keep your neighbor in my prayers.
*shiver* Just awful little buggers...


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

oh no! I hope you don't find anymore cases.