Monday, August 6, 2007

Home Is Where the Heart Is...and the mortgage begins...

This is a picture of a portion of our "home" is where we have lived with both of our children for over 16 years and now without them as they have gone on to their own wedded bliss...we have the best of both worlds...we sit on over 2 acres...but we are close to all things that are needed in our daily lives...i.e. "Target...Hobby Lobby...Albertson' know the important things!! My sweet hubbin took this picture a while back so we could send it and the rest to the architects who are working on a major remodel for this sweet place we've grown to love over the past 16+ years...

Now the reason for this post isn't about this house (even though I will update you when we get started on all this craziness)...but it is about a new is a big day in my daughter and son-in-laws lives...they are in the process of buying a home in their sweet city in is THE DAY they will make an offer on a house I think will be perfect for them...of course they are nervous (don't you remember those days) and they are so excited! The offer will begin at 4:00 I ask if you all could please say a little prayer for this darling couple...that God will place them in the home that is meant for them...that their lives will be blessed and that they rejoice in what God blesses them with daily! I know that they will end up where they are suppose to be...they have done all the preliminary if the sellers "accept" their offer...then all should go is kind of surreal seeing my first child buy a home with her husband...I am elated for them...and a bit verkelmpt...remembering when this same wonderful thing became reality for my husband and I almost 30 years ago...our first home (in which we lived in when we brought our daughter and son into the world) how I wish I had a picture of that home to show you...somewhere in my collections of pictures I am sure I do...but I'm too lazy today...and I was excited to get something posted for the kids! Wishing them mucho love, luck and laughter!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa-
I love your house. I have always loved your house. Let us know when the remodel is complete- I would really like to see it. I am excited for Nat & Jackie.
I need to convince my mom that she needs to start blogging- it's so fun, isn't it. I have enjoyed keeping up with you & Jackie through your fun blog sites! Have a great day!
Love, Susan Newton

justabeachkat said...

I, too, love your house. I'll stop and say a prayer for your kids when I finish this comment. I Do remember the first time we bought a house. It's a scary, but oh so sweet time. I sure hope they get it if it's what God has planned for them.

Can't wait to hear about your renovations and hopefully see pics too.


Lavender Chick said...

Oh, goodness! You're starting renovations... I'm sure the finished product will be gorgeous - just don't do like us and start renovating the renovations. This is why we've been renovating for 3 years!

Hope all goes well with the new house for the kids. Things always work out for the best. I'm sure they're super excited!

Kari said...

I'm just not sure we're old enough to have kids buying houses! lol When my son and his wife bought their house, I remember thinking, "well, they're just too young, what are they thinking, do they know what a resposibility this is"? Yeah...I'm a born worrier. lol As it turns out, it did work out well for them, they were actually able to do something mature without me guiding them. (Who knew?) Your kids are lucky - their mom is able to sit back and pray for them instead of thinking she has to DO for them. This is another point I should write down so I don't forget to WORK ON IT. lol