Friday, September 21, 2007

Painters R US!!


So I decided I needed to post a few more pictures of my week in Colorado at the kids house PAINTING (especially after I received a few posts about not posting enough...really you people like my essays...really...I'm flatterd...Kari...Sandie...I'm here!!)...The first picture is of my SIL on a very tall ladder cutting in the accent wall color,(the walls behind him and beside him haven't been painted yet in this picture) with of course his lovely bride (my daughter) holding on to the ladder for her "man"...yes I guess you can say...she's a bit like Tammy Wynette in a "Stand by Your Man" kind of way! He was such a trooper...every night he had to do the tough painting as we called it! He didn't want any of us up on that giant we had to let him do it...not that we minded AT ALL! Of course in the bottom corner of the picture is the Princess...and that would be Corinna their gorgeous black lab...she's a sweetie and she loves her parents...I'll have to post a cuter picture of her later...she deserves her own post.

The second picture is of the living area with the walls dressed in the new colors... and a new couch that is THE most comfortable thing you could ever sit upon!! Oh! how I wish I could remember the accent color (dang menopause)'s hard to tell in these pictures how beautiful it is and how much it warmed up their new home. The main color of course I can's called Greenwich by Ralph Lauren...but it isn't green...go figure!! Of course I suppose after a while these paint companies have a problem coming up with names for soft taupe...really DO you KNOW how many colors are out there?? wonder folks are stricken with a major case of A.D.D. not to mention the mind numbing FRIGHT when it comes to picking out paint colors! Too...WAY... too many color choices...then again you would be hearing me RANT and RAVE if there weren't enough colors out there to choose I guess there is no pleasing me...AGAIN...darn that menopause!!

The last 2 pictures are of me and my friend Toni...well, actually just our PAINT pants...aren't they lovely? Yes we worked many, many hours to have them come out looking so FAB! Mine are these outrageously comfortable pair of black "jogging" pants ( which is a bit misleading because I have never jogged a day in my philosophy is if you can't get their by walking, then you might as well stay put!). These pants were lovingly worn for approximately 10 years or so...until one day about 8 or 9 years ago...I needed something comfortable to paint in...these pants were summoned to fill that position...once I cut the bottoms off and made them into Capri running paint pants! The shirt started off fresh and clean...not new...but fresh and clean! By the end of the second day...I decided to give up on trying to keep it paint free, I just threw caution to the wind and well...basically used my t-shirt as a paint rag, a napkin, a towel for drying my hands, a paint brush cleaning rag, a paint drying name it...if it needed dabbing, drying or cleaning...this shirt filled that bill! By the end of the week this is how our paint pants looked...mind you both of our pants started with very little paint on them from previous paintings...but I'm telling you by the end of the week...they were really covered in most areas...don't you just love that splash of green on both our pants??...that was the kitchen color! Gorgeous...I must say it looked way better on my daughters kitchen walls! My husband asked one night (I think just to be nice and seemingly interested) what color were we painting the house? To which I replied "COLOR" mean! I told him I would show him when I arrived home...I think he thought I was bringing the paint swatches...but he should know how I paint by now! I must say I'm rather proud of my new and improved paint pants...they are a reminder...a journal or diary of sorts of all the colors I have used in painting in the last few years....I will keep my paint pants...for as long as they fit me!! Hopefully, they will wear out before I grow out of them (after all they were worn stylishly in the 80's)...then I just may make a pillow or something out of remind me of those glorious painting days! I do rather like to paint...walls...NOT trim...again...another story for another day!!

On another note...don't my toes look that color of polish...notice there were no paint blobs on my feet...that's b/c I now have a new pair of paint shoes and socks!!


justabeachkat said...

Loved seeing the photos! Very cute photos of the paint pants. I have some that look alot like those. I know your kids are so thankful for all your hard work.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Sandi McBride said...

Tell Sil I have had nightmares about being up on a ladder trying to paint something that tall...I was going to volunteer to be on Trading Spaces when it was still on the air but had nightmares about that too...figured I'd get Hildie and she'd want to nail flowers all over my bathroom wall. WTHF had nightmares, too...he figured we'd get Frank! Ahhh, a dream come true! You have some lucky kids there, Girlfriend...I hope they appreciate you...ah, you reared them, so I 'm sure they do!

Peggy said...

get bored just come on over. I have lots of painting to be done. :)

Kari said...

Hey - half my wardrobe looks like those pants! I've never met a white wall I'm not willing to paint. lol My mother can't stand having color on her walls so I'm not sure where I got my need for it from. I remember her calling me once after they'd painted their living room...she was so proud because they'd painted it "a color". I was very excited until the next time we visited and I realized that her "color" was basically just an off-white. lol She didn't call me to help her paint because she knew I'd have talked her into some REAL colors...and how did I get started on this conversation? Heck, I don't remember. Stupid, stupid menopause. I think that's what Monday's menopause post should be about...memory loss. If only I can remember to post about it.

Anyway, I think what I started out to say was that yeah, we all love reading your posts and we all love seeing the pictures so keep going with it!! Now I'm going to bed before I forget where my bedroom is.

Lallee said...

Oh that ladder picture! My husband and I had to do that--me at the bottom. I held the ladder but I couldn't watch. LOL

Don't you just love paint pants. Mine could tell quite a history of colors!