Saturday, September 8, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane... I am off tomorrow to fly the friendly skies....but rest assured it WILL NOT be in one of these prop planes...I call them "jumper flights"...for basically one reason...they make you want to jump out...way before they take off! can know that if I were in one of these planes...I would first be wrapped totally in bubble wrap, next I would have a life jacket...not to mention 2 parachutes....then I would have either drank a half bottle of tequila (in which I am not overly fond of) or I would have taken a slightly less than lethal dose of Valium, xanax and any other type of anti-anxiety I would have on my blasting...and probably a pair of those nifty night eye mask...preferably like the ones Lisa used to wear in Green Acres (that's for my friend Lavender Chick) know the ones with lace or fur trim...I mean seriously if you are taking such a risk as to get on one of's really not considered risky or risque to wear something out of the ordinary...besides...remember I am wrapped from head to toe in bubble wrap!!

Anyhoo...a friend and I are taking off tomorrow to help my sweet daughter and son-in-law get some painting and such done before they move in their new home...I am really excited...I can't wait to see them...and get started helping with the house. I've got my camera and battery already packed...along with the I should be set w/some before and after photos to post when I return...

Now if you all could do me a tiny favor...could you please include my friend Toni and I in your prayers for safe travel...and for us to be able to have a ton of energy and stamina while we are there...I have been feeling puny again...not sure but I think it's the ole tired, cranky...and always HOT!! This is also the time of year I always have allergy/sinus problems...but I'm praying once I reach cooler weather...I will be fine! Wish us luck...we are hoping to get a lot done for them! The house is in great shape...they just want to pull down some wallpaper borders and do some re-painting...possibly re-painting the kitchen that could take a hardware then may be purchased to spruce the cabinets up as well...we'll just have to see how much we can get done in a week! Plus we hope we can help sew some curtains...but's a time issue.

I'll miss a few things while I'm please take it easy on the blogging while I'm away...or I'll never catch I know that will happen...but while I'm gone...Happy Birthday, Kari at Living Large...I know it's on the 12th...can't imagine how I know that...but I have a GREAT something fun for yourself...and I'll check back with you when I return...Also, I know there are a few give-a-ways while I'm if I win...uh huh...yea...well, I'll get back to you around the 17th! Good Luck Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage...if you open your online mercantile while I am away...I know it will be greatly welcomed...selfishly I hope you don't start till I return...b/c I want to buy everything...I'm sure!

Have a blessed week...friends and family...if I have a computer to check in I will do so...but with moving those things may have been disconnected by now! Yikes...what will I do???

Side note...if you are wondering about these beautiful pictures...they are once again from hubbins time in the wilderness up in Alaska...this is a plane they flew while hoping from one lake/river to another...and yes...they are actually in the plane that you see as a shadow...isn't that just the coolest hubbin' did good!!


Terri and Bob said...

We'll miss you! Can't wait to see your pictures. I have a fan near me at all times!

Kari said...

Hope you have a wonderful time! Thank you for the birthday wishes (this may be the longest "birthay season" I've ever had in my life!lol). And why didn't you enter my giveaway?? There's still time, if you get the chance. It's not over until Wednesday. Tell your daughter, too. She's young - there's no way she has too many ornaments yet. lol

Lavender Chick said...

Have a safe, fun, and wonderful trip! And when you get done, would you be interested in coming over to my house and painting cabinets, installing new hardware, and sewing curtains?

Wow, did your son-in-law (love) ever hit the mother-in-love jackpot!!!

Be sure and check your camera bag twice for all necessary ancillary parts - don't be like me.

Also, I wish I had a lavender eye mask to send your way! LOVED the pictures from Alaska. My husband would be in total fly-fishing envy if he got to hear about that trip!!!

My best,

joan said...

Have a safe trip! I hate the prop planes also. They make me nervous and I love to fly and travel. How nice of you guys to help. And I really think there's becoming a large group of us who are going through menopause right now and maybe we should start a support group. :-)

justabeachkat said...

Have a safe trip. I hope you'll get to accomplished all you have planned. Can't wait to hear all about it and see the photos.


Kari said...

Teresa, when you're done splattering paint on your daughter's walls and finished checking out curtain patterns, head on over to my blog to get your "You Make Me Smile" award. If any award was tailor made for you, this one is it!

T*mmy said...

Hi...I'm just stopping by from Kari's place to say congrats on the "Smile" award!

I'm like you with the allergies! Only mix in a cat that is shedding...arggggg!!

Have a safe trip and come round my blog when you get a chance!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Have a wonderful time, and take lots of photos!


Beverly :o)

joan said...

Hi "T"
I know you are gone but when you get back head over to my blog and get your award that I gave you. Take care.

Susie Q said...

I will miss you!! Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures!
Be safe and well....have some fun too!

Keep that fan on high!!


Sandi McBride said...

You have 10 days to get back now...and stay off the puddle jumpers...that's the best advice in the world. There is not enough bubble wrap in it is my take on it...have a great time painting, and when you're done I'm planning on doing the guest room...up to it?

tina said...

Are u not back? My little shop is still in the "works"...will be awhile yet.

Paige said...

...I tagged you tonight for a Meme...stop by my blog when you get a chance.

Hope you are having a great time!