Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flowers...abundant flowers...

Week one...of wedding one...YES! it's that time again...but I must say this time I've really got wedding overload...2 weddings...in 2 weeks...WOW! Just a preview of the flowers I'll be using for wedding one...until the weekend has past...I will be up to my elbows in beautiful flowers...I LOVE it that way!

Enjoy the beauty and colors. Purples/dark blues/whites/creams with touches of a celery green...should be gorgeous. Some of the flowers I'm using are hydrangea, vendala roses, white/cream freesia, lavender freesia, lisianthus-deep blue/purple, stock white, bells of Ireland, lemon leaf, and touches of misty blue...I'll try to get some good pics to post later...but this is going to be the one wedding where I'm pretty much on my own...so my time may be limited. OH! and did I tell you that I am getting bids from moving companies in the midst of all this AND getting bids to replace the roof, along with dealing with our insurance company to pay for the hail damage as they are SUPPOSE to AND trying to get a few personnel things packed up...AND help with another wedding (which is the fun part) AND finishing up loose ends here and in California, not to mention sneaking in some blood work, a mammogram and a bone density test in the midst! Did I mention to you I like to wait till the last minute...yea, less than 3 weeks out and we are out of here.

In closing I am asking for prayers for our sweet neighbor, PLEASE she is in the hospital again, got a call late last night to retrieve their sweet puppy from their home...I am so thankful Annie (the pup) is so adaptable and loves our home...she always livens things up around here! Please pray for Betty and Mark, she had another seizure, we're praying it's only b/c of a med. change...I'll keep you posted.

Flowers...to be used this weekend!
White Stock...

Beautiful Bella Donna Dark Blue Delphinium...love it!!

Bells of Ireland...another favorite...

Dark blue/purple lisianthus...minus the teddy bear of course.

Purple stock...

And finally...a mock up of the bridesmaids bouquets...I will be adding some dark blue/purple hydrangeas to this...the charm will not be added...just ribbon. The brides bouquet will be done in all creams and whites...w/a touch of very light blue/lavender...just a hint of color...mostly whites/creams...with her grandmothers hankie, brooch and rosary added for sentimentality.


Sandi McBride said...

Teresa, the flowers are so beautiful! I don't envy you the work you're going to have to put in, 2 weddings...wow! Of course our prayers are with Betty (and Mark)...hoping it's only a medicine change, too!

Kat said...

Wish I was there to help, especially with the weddings, of course! (wink) So sorry about your neighbor. The flowers are all gorgeous and I sure like the idea of using the grandmother's hankie. So sweet.


Tonja said...

Beautiful flowers! How could it be any thing but beautiful with your talen and God's flowers! I'd say that is a great team! But, listen here, Missy...you must make time for pictures...we have to see. We HAVE to!

Take care not to do too much...rest when you need to. Remember..it will happen...don't stress too much.

Love ya,

BTW..at my neice's wedding last month...my sister took her own veil, and removed the lace from all around it. Then we took that and wove it into the ribbon we tied her bouquet with. There was enough for her oldest daughter the MOH, to have some on her's too. Nice touch.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Teresa!

Oh what beautiful flowers! You most certainly do have your hands full. Weddings are always so beautiful but lots of hard work. Do not forget to take tiny "me" breaks. Hang in there my friend.:o)