Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding l..."check"...Wedding ll...this weekend!!

WOW! WHAT a weekend...the wedding was Friday evening...and it turned out great...beautiful bride, wonderful family and an overall great event. One snag...the weather turned ominous about 30 minutes before the "outdoor" event was to take place...not to worry...we had an alternate plan...have the wedding indoors where the reception was being held. It was different and not exactly what the bride had envisioned...but all in all it went very well...and she could not have been more gracious about the whole thing. She told us she was a bit bummed...but that she was getting married to her dream guy...and it really didn't matter where. What a great attitude...I know tons of gals and guys that would have not taken the news so well.

Following are a few photos my daughter-in-law who just happened to be the matron-of-honor took before and during the wedding...Hope you enjoy...

Close up of the bridal bouquet with bride's grandmother's brooch...stunning...I just love using personnel items when creating memories...

I love attention to details...I like to have the bridal bouquets set up in the bride's room before she arrives...that way she can take it all in. This is her bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid's, mother's and grandmother's smaller bouquets set up in the brides room...don't you just love how the rosary of her grandmothers picks up the blues/purples from the other flowers??

one more of the bridal turned out better than I could imagine...

Grandmother's rosary...such a beautiful touch and memory!!

Aren't these purple throated calla lilies GORGEOUS??...they added just a subtle amount of the blues/ purples to the brides bouquet w/o overpowering the whites and creams...I have never used these types of calla's before...they may be one of my new favs...

This is a shot of the photo table at the very end of the evening (everything tends to get dumped on one table as the night progresses)...the larger arrangement was moved here b/c of fear it MAY be knocked over...lots of people. It was originally suppose to go outside during the ceremony at the front where the ceremony was to take place, INSTEAD we used it inside along with it's twin at the front of the facility during the ceremony. We then moved one to the cake table...and this one was suppose to sit on a pedestal by the entry...we were concerned it may be knocked we improvised (as I've found usually happens at these events) and put it at the photo table. There you will also see the brides bouquet (again) the vase to keep it fresh; so her mom could take it home and enjoy it for the entire weekend.

Here is a picture of my sweet son and his beautiful wife at the very end of the night...these two were saints in helping me take down and load up...along with my wonderful lovin' hubbin'(he actually helped me ALL day, setting up, carrying, moving from outside to inside, and tearing down and packing)...I could NOT have done this without them. Thank you...guys!!

WHY is it that these young-uns still look like they have energy left after a very long weekend...hmmmm?? If my aches and pains hadn't made me feel so old and out of shape...this picture would have!!
 THIS is more like it...just how I felt by nights end!! I love the dress the bride picked for her girls to wear...not a lot of brides think to use florals...these were great...they were comfortable, pretty and well worth wearing again...unlike many bridesmaids dresses I've seen...I like how brides are starting to think about "use after" the wedding...just makes a lot more sense to be able to get your monies worth out of something.

Now...on to wedding II...this one will be my last wedding before leaving Texas...and it is a very special bride indeed...she is the daughter of my best co-Hort in wedding coordination and friend for life...Toni...she is pulling out all the stops for this's going to be all about family and friends with the reception at their lovely country home...I can't wait for this one...I love "the bride" like a child of my own...I love her family & all her friends...I know this will be a wedding to remember...always. This one will probably make me cry...for a while...geez...pray that I don''s not something I care to do at weddings...and the "look" of a red blotchy face and runny nose is just NOT the look I'm going for...prayers...please!!


Sandi McBride said...

If Mac and I redo our wedding vows, can you come down to South Carolina (or over) and be my Wedding Planner? Beautiful work!

Terri and Bob said...

Absolutely lovely. I am with Sandi, can you come to Missouri, too?

Lisa said...

Once again, I must say - you do spectacular floral work! Wow.

Kat said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love the floral bridesmaid dresses. All the flowers are beautiful! Great job!

This week has flown by and my computer time has been limited so this was my first chance to come by.

Wishing good things for wedding #2.

Can't wait to see more photos and hear all about both weddings.


Julie said...

Stunning wedding!!! I love the details too.