Saturday, June 6, 2009


A possible rant here...I'll try to keep it short and sweet...TELL me WHY in the world anyone would need to ride their motorcycle down the highway, traveling at speeds well over the posted limit, while weaving in and out of traffic as if it were standing still AND passing cars in the center...all the while driving it like THIS
.... SERIOUSLY these folks are adrenaline junkies or just have a death wish...I was out yesterday...driving along the interstate and in my rear view mirror I caught sight of something very weird approaching me at an extremely high rate of speed. At first I wasn't able to determine exactly what that thing was...until he came zipping by me and I saw that it was a motorcycle and the rider was driving for quite a length of highway while he was doing a wheelie! A WHEELIE at 70+ mph. Then to make matters even more treacherous he comes upon a car in the left lane that was going at a much slower speed than what does he do, does he put the bike back down on all two's...NO! heaven's NO...he whips his bike while still in full wheelie mode right in front of me. GEEESSHH...I just knew he was going to bounce that thing right of the asphalt...oh! but not to worry he had a helmet his head filled w/outlandish ideas might be cushioned but the rest of him was going to be ground up like a piece of pork at a sausage factory. He finally dropped it down...but never once did he stop speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. I actually saw him pop another wheelie one more time and travel quite a distance...before I actually exited the highway. WHY??? People...why? If he wants some kicks...go find a dirt bike trail and have at it...but don't endanger yourself and all those around you by playing like you are Evil Knievel...sorry...this just really had me a tad un-nerved yesterday...don't know why it's his life, his bike...but he was driving on a public highway, along w/many other sane folks and risking all of our lives. I have to admit he seemed very talented at keeping the bike on one wheel (maybe he could put those talents to something a little more constructive, such as entertaining crowds at motor cross or something)...but honestly the mom in me just wanted to chase him down...make him I could jump out of my car and smack him upside the head! You know...for being so STUPID!!...but I wouldn't because then I would have to break the law to catch him at such a high rate of speed...and I try NEVER to break too many laws!! RANT OVER WHEW!! Thanks for letting me vent!


nancygrayce said...

I believe his cousins were on back beach road last night in Panama City! They were in a car, probably all underage, the beer was in plain sight, they were weaving in and out of traffic and didn't have seat belts on!

Tonja said...

As you and 4 wheelers and watercraft are our business. I have lived motorcycles all my life. I remember way back when I was a young girl and Pop was in the business...he would say, my goal is to show people how to enjoy riding and the sport without acting like a fool! Now, he did his 'acting out'...but always on a dirt track or in the woods. And, he broke stuff, and got well and did it again. When my boys started riding, he taught them well. And, they were good riders. But, because everyone in town knew us, they could get away with nothing. Someone always ratted on them. They had such strict instructions that they were setting examples...and they knew not to try us. HOWEVER...Adam, the oldest, wasn't exactly sure we REALLY meant it. He got his liscense at 14 and began to ride to school. Big man on Campus, you know...walking tall...proud. He was told to NEVER, NEVER ride anyone with him at school or anytime without their parent's permission. I just happened to be passing by the school one day as school was letting out...there he was letting a friend on the back...and riding him around the parking lot!!!!!I quickly pulled into the parking lot...parked my car...walked over to where the other boys were waiting. They slowly slunk away...and when Adam got back, it was just me...watching. He could have died. Not a word was spoken. He parked...walked to me...I held out my hand...he put the key in it...he walked to my car and got in...I walked to the car and got in...and as we drove out of the parking lot, I rode by the group of friends and waved. We left the motorcycle sitting there, and Don came and picked it up. He lost it for 2 months. A big slice of humble pie...a good lesson about suffering the consequences of his actions. As far as we know he never did it again.
As for the rider who was acting the fool on your highway...that's the kind of people who give riding a bad name. And, when they end up wrapped around a pole or causing an accident, everyone says how dangerous motorcycles are...when it's the rider's fault.
My word...I did not mean to write a whole post here. But, I do not blame you for being angry...I would be too! I would probably have called the police and told them where he was and tried to get him arrested!

Kat said...

Unbelievable! Unacceptable! I just wish a police officer had been nearby. It's one thing to risk your own neck, but to place other's lives at risk is NOT! I don't blame you one little bit for wanting (and needing) to rant.

Hey, how was the inspection? Are things moving along? When is the big date for the actual move? I'm so excited for you.


Fran said...

Oh we have those here also....but they don't wear helmets. One evening, it was almost dark and we saw some kids popping wheelies coming towards us at 55 mph on their 4 wheelers.

I can certainly understand your rant.


Sandi McBride said...

My Goodness, as I was reading this I was looking for my ticket book and flipping on the blue light...when I realized that since retirementI do neither anymore...I'd have thrown that ticket book at his head to see if any sense could be knocked into it before it hit the good to see you here! Hugs

Terri and Bob said...

I seriously wish I could answer this. It must be a death wish but what those idiots don't consider is they might cause the death of others.