Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Exciting NEWS!!

Ok...having blogger issues...I'll try this again!! Sorry Sandi...NO...no grandbabies!!

My sweet daughter just called....all excited...saying..."Quick! Mom...go to the ETSY home page...I made the home page cover!!" Apparently, they feature an artist at different times throughout the day AND that artists features her favorite artists that list on etsy. Today, my daughter was featured and the artists entitled her favorites Urban Impact. Needless, to say...sweet daughter was pumped (as well as her mom)!!! I get so excited for my children when things are going well for them and they get to work at what they love!! She truly does love this medium and soon she will be teaching art on a part time basis...she is excited about that, too...plus it allows her to have time to keep her photography business up and running!

OOOOPPPPSSS she just called and said..."AHHH! its gone!"....So keep checking back...maybe it will be back later today!! I think they rotate them throughout the day...but hey 15 minutes of fame ain't too bad.

This is the picture that was featured...it is from her Alpha-Series.

If you would like to see more of her work you can visit her at her etsy store
OR her photography site at www.jacquelynlee.com
She is adding more stuff all the time...soon she is going to be adding postcards and such! Can't wait! She's also offering smaller sizes in the alpha series now...so you can order more for less!

Thanks for letting me "brag" a little...cos you know...that's what moms like to do when they know their children are good at something...and are HAPPY and LOVE what they are doing!! You can view the home page here....


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

And a true, blue American artist is born! :)

I'm glad she's being recognized for her work. And I'm glad she's got such a great mom to be the head cheerleader for her. I know it's truly helped her out along the way!!


Sandi McBride said...

Congrats to Darling Daughter...I've been in you know, she is very talented...sorry I jumped the Grandbaby gun, lol

Tonja said...

Well, you SHOULD brag...a lot! Congrats to her...and to you for raising such a talented daughter!
She is very talented, I love looking at her work. Isn't it amazing what an 'artist' sees that we miss? Best of luck to her!

Have a happy Holiday!

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