Monday, April 13, 2009

Another reason to CELEBRATE...

YESTERDAY! What a day for celebration!! Not only was it a Holy Day for Christians around the world...BUT another reason to celebrate came when U.S Navy Captain Richard Phillips was freed from the pirate captors who had taken his crew and ship at gunpoint days prior. What a hero this man is and was to his crew, his family and many of us watching around the world as this story unfolded before our eyes. I am so thankful he will soon be home where he belongs. This story has moved me beyond words...I can not imagine the fear that has haunted not only Capt. Phillips, but his family, friends and fellow ship mates. Sadly, there are still over 200 American and foreign national sailors being held captive by these "terrorist" pirates...I am so hopeful that they will soon be rejoining their family and friends as well. Unfortunately, for our world; it isn't the place those of us knew while growing up during the "Beaver Cleaver" years...this story has not only made me aware of this type of atrocity, but given me hope that folks from around the world will also be moved to action or that it will give hope to anyone who is "waiting" for their hero to come home! Maybe this will be the "good" thing I've always been taught to look for when THE "bad" thing happens.

Thank you to those who risked their lives to save him and for all that prayed, thought of and were moved to action for Captain Phillips safe release...WAY to go US NAVY on a successful rescue!!!

Indeed EASTER Sunday was a day to celebrate...for more reasons than one!