Friday, November 21, 2008

Todays YOUR Birthday!!

The guy in the middle is our he turns 26 (the other 2 guys are my hubbin to the left and our son-in-law to the right)...OUR baby...I can't believe that he is now 26 any more than I can believe how fortunate we were to be blessed to have him as a son! This picture was taken from the "guys" fishing extravaganza in Alaska in August/Sept. of all the pictures you will see them smiling like this...I think they had a GREAT time!

Because I've done posts before where I have poetically (in my mind) described how much we love our son and daughter...I decided I would take the easy way out today...instead of writing another boring essay...I am going to cheat and make a list of all the things I love about our's not hard to fact I could go on for days with lists about both our children and children in laws...but today is...Marcus' day...and these are things that make him...well...Marcus...and the things we both love about him.

1. He loves the Lord
2. He is a great son to both of us.
3. He treats his wife with tremendous love and respect.
4. He loves his sister.
5. He chose a wonderful girl to spend his life with.
6. He makes me laugh.
7. He has the best laugh.
8. He has a beautiful smile and uses it often (he learned how to smile from his gorgeous sister)
9. He is honest.
10. He has a strong work ethic.
11. He is a loyal friend.
12. He cares about ALL his family and his wife's family.
13. He cares about being fair.
14. He is one of the best "grand-dog" owners I've seen. (he and his wife own one of my fabulous grand-dogs...the other is owned by our daughter and SIL.)
15. He is a fabulous chef...I'm a bit biased...but hey the guy can cook!
16. He never minds cooking...even when it's his day off!
17. He has great friends and we love them all!
18. He has a winning personality!
19. He has great manners.
20. He is smart AND funny!
21. He isn't perfect and he's not afraid of that...thank the Lord...he really is my son!
22. He is a great combination of both my husband and my father!
23. He is adventerous.
24. He considers his dad his best friend. (aside from his wife)
25. He laughs at my silly jokes.
26. He is and always has been a cuddlier...I loved it when he was a child...and his wife loves it now!

Happy Birthday! are an awesome son...and we love you very much!

A picture of Marcus and his wife at a friends wedding...I know if you've read my blog for any length of have probably seen this picture...but hey, I said I was going to take the lazy way out and post things that made it easy! It's one of those days...besides I was in labor for 4 hours 26 years ago today...doesn't that count for something! Besides...I love this picture...I love how they are looking at one another...after all it was only a short time before this that they walked down the aisle...goose bump memories I tell ya!

Love you forever,


Terri and Bob said...

Happy birthday to your lovely son! He sounds like a wonderful man. No surprise, though, he has a wonderful mom!

justabeachkat said...

Happy Birthday to both Marcus and Jackie!! You truly are blessed with your family.

We've just returned from our Marco Island trip so I'm spending time in-between laundry to play "catch up" yet again with my blog reading.


Tonja said...

Happy Birthday, Marcus! Hope the coming year is the best one yet!

Teresa, your love and appreciation for your son shows itself in your post. Very handsome!

Lallee said...

Belated happy birthday to Marcus. What a beautiful tribute, Teresa.

Sandi McBride said...

Happy Birthday to Marcus and Jackie...and you're right, it does look as though someone is having a great time! They grow so fast and leave home, too soon! I hope that you are doing great now that the test is over and the results are in. I think of you a lot.