Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bone to Pick...and it ain't turkey!

Ok...I'm really trying to get into the "holiday" spirit along with some cleaning and decorating. However, I'm having some difficulty "focusing" b/c...WELL, I'm a bit perturbed b/c of Mr. Blogspot; HE is not letting me post comments on some of my favorite blogs! me...when friends stop by for a visit I like to do the same and visit their blogs along with leaving a little comment or two...but sadly, I am not able to comment on ANYONE'S blogs. This has been going on for over a week or two (I'm so disturbed about it I've lost count)...and people THAT'S TOO LONG!! So please if you haven't heard from me in a while, don't think I'm being all snooty or's NOT me...seriously...I don't know what the deal is...last time this happened Mr. Blog wouldn't let me post pictures...and sadly I think he's up to his evil and selective ways again. I'm just going to threaten him right here, right worked last time...but that was AFTER I waited nearly 3 weeks. WHAT is up with his attitude???

So I just wanted to stop doing all the cleaning and decorating for just a minute and wish all my friends out here in blogland...a very Blessed Thanksgiving! I will comment as soon as I have a little "talk" with Mr. Blog and he lets me out of detention! OH! and if any of you are wondering...NO! this isn't my dining room...but isn't it lovely. I don't know where I found it...but it is one that I love and wanted to have as a reference for building the dream house! OH! and that reminds me...we have some more NEWS going on around here...I'll be sharing that AFTER Thanksgiving...And NO! it's not grandbabies!! DRAT! None the less things are changing around here with every passing week! It's just crazy!!



joan said...

Hi Teresa, I'm not having any problems with posting but I cannot see my sidebar which keeps me updated with everyone's posts so I am aggravated with Mr. Blogger too. Notice how we assume blogger is a man. LOL I love that dining room, wish mine looked like that and can't wait to hear your news next week. But until then have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tonja said...

Gorgeous room! I think that belongs in a dream house for sure!

Hope your Thanksgiving is divine!

justabeachkat said...

Yep...sometimes Mr. Blogger is just plain mean! I've missed hearing from you.

That's a dream dining room for sure. Love it!

I'm so thankful for your friendship. I hope your Thanksgiving is full of happiness and love.


Terri and Bob said...

Shame on Mr. Blogger.

I love that DR too! Georgeous! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family!

Susan said...

I can comment on most blogs but I can't comment on Kat's. What's up with that? Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs, Susan

Sandi McBride said...

Blog is on some sort of rampage...I was trying to link and he refused to let me link. He, (I know he is a he because he is contrary like a he) refused to let me put my pictures where I wanted to put them in my POW entry last week...I've tried sticking my tongue out and all...and then I wondered if WordPress would be the thing but I don't want to lose what I've got and on some it won't let me follow that blog and my agitation is just getting out of hand. But, I know you're trying hon,
me too]

Julie said...

I have not been around to visit because of so many thing going on...sadly some of them were heartbreaking - like losing my first show horse.. but glad to see that you are doing well and YES - we did have a nice Thanksgiving.

The only blogs I have a hard time with are ones that have music playing ...sometimes they freeze up my computer.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Teresa!

Oh my I have been where you are now and you talking about frustrating, and then like magic I was able to do comment again! To this day I do not know what was going on at the time, but believe me many bloggers have been there!:o) Hang in there my friend and hopefully it will clear up soon. By the way that is one lovely dinning room! Cannot wait to hear about your surprise!



Susie Q said...

That room is GORGEOUS!!!

Okay, now you have my interest raised sky high!! Look forward to hearing what your news is.

Blogger needs a good talking to...I have missed you sweet lady!

Mona said...

Hi Teresa! Well, Sacramento is a long, long way from Riverside. It has the distinction of being the capital of our state but other than driving though it on my way to Oregon, I know nothing about it.
No matter! I will consider you a neighbor and one I would LOVE to have living near me.
We certainly do like a lot of the same things. Your comment about my blog was ...precious and I appreciate it so much!