Friday, July 11, 2008

We had such high hopes...

Update....7-12-08...Miss Maggie is home and other than the shaved belly and small scare you would never know she has had surgery...She seems to be adjusting well and is VERY happy to be we are to have her here!

Remember this beauty??? She is the persnickety one that we have tried on numerous occasions to "hook" up with a very nice "gentledog" we have known for a long while... but to no avail. Our beauty just does not want to be with after 4 or so attempts and one attempt with another male who we thought she might want to hook up with...he was a little less of a "gentledog" and a bit more of a rowdy we thought...MAYBE?? she likes the bad boys!! Well...she didn't like him AT ALL! So, hubbin and I had to make the very tough decision that b/c Miss Maggie will be 5 at the end of August we needed to really consider her future!!

Sadly, today is the day that our Miss M. will no longer be able to have puppies. I took her to our vets this morning around 8:15 a.m. to have them "tie her tubes"....well, actually they call it spaying...but hey...whatever it's called she will no longer be able to birth babies...and I have to say...I'm very, very sad about it! I think she is so beautiful, smart and loving, so much so that we would REALLY like to have one of her babies to raise with seems rather tragic to me that one that is so beautiful, kind and smart could not get to where they needed mentally to have babies...I mean kind of makes me think of Brad and Angelina...I mean what would the world be like if those two had not decided to reproduce??? Goodness gracious they are such beautiful people...and I THINK they're smart, too...but lucky for the world they have been doing well in that department...I suppose they have no phobias when it comes to breeding...ok...sorry about that...I digress!! I feel my Maggie falls into the beautiful dog category...but hey...what's an owner to do??? It just wasn't meant to be I suppose....I even spoke to the vet before actually signing off on the surgery this morning...b/c I wanted reassurance that we were doing the right thing. They know how badly we wanted her to have badly we wanted to have one of her pups to raise along side her...but...sadly, it's not meant to be. Silly, me...told hubbin (who is just as disappointed and saddened about this as I am) that IF for some reason he changed his let me know BEFORE 8:15 a.m. (he's out of town and that would be the time I would be signing her over to the vet!)...Well, my heart literally leaped for joy when the phone rang at 8:03...I was thinking...and clapping my hands..."oh yippee...HE has changed his now we can try with her one more time!"....It wasn't was my son...who I am ALWAYS thrilled to talk to...but this morning...I was really hoping his call home was a call from his dad! Oh well!! We will just have to adopt again one day!

Here she is with the little "crazy" one...looks like Miss Cookie is taunting her by telling her she knows a see we had the crazy one fixed by her 6th she knows all about what's going on...well, maybe not...she isn't so smart...and we really figured it was best to fix her ASAP!! She is loved, though...even when she does some incredibly "not so endearing" things...more about that later...really...she just is not all! Breeding her would remind me of...oh! I don't know...maybe Britney and K-Fed...I don't mean anything is wrong with the's just they and our little crazy one do NOT have any business my humble opinion!!...ok...I'm really sorry about that one...things like that just "pop" into my head sometimes!!!

We're praying things go well for our Miss Maggie...we are suppose to be able to pick her up sometime tomorrow...but you can betcha I'll be calling to check on her this afternoon! Funny, how sometimes you think you want a break from taking care of them...only to know when they are gone for a just a little begin to miss them terribly!


Tonja said...

What IS this world coming to? It all started with that Gloria Steinem...she of the Women's Lib fame. She started this equality thing and now it has trickled down to the doggies. I suppose Maggie realized it's not all about staying home and raising babies anymore. Women can have careers now and move on up in the world. They can lead exciting lives and travel and have a whole slew of people under their control. You, my friend, have made the tragic mistake of letting Maggie watch too much TV. She has been watching Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton and Barbara Walters and such as them. Not that I would believe anything that those women would say, but dogs can't always tell the good girls from the bad girls. She has gotten all these new-fangled ideas and it has gone to her brain. She wants to be Top Dog! She wants a place of leadership! She wants to be MS. Maggie! She wants to tell the masses of lowly doggies in the world what to do. And she is smart enough AND good looking enough to pull it off. Dumb Blond????? I think not. She's a pretty smart cookie...she got you and hubby to 'fix' her so she could carry out her plan to rule the Dogdom! Now y'all just sit back and watch! I bet she even finagles a private nurse for her surgery!

Tonja said...
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Sandi McBride said...

Did you ever stop to think that maybe the Magster knows something that you don't? Like maybe her children would go to homes who would not love them as you love her, or that maybe her youngsters would have some problem that no amount of money could fix? I do think you are doing the right thing for her...she's not exactly suffering for lack of attention and apparently she's just not that into the baby thing...she's young and fancy free and no bundles of joy to tie her down! Good for Mags...just love her...that's all she really wants, my dear "T"
hugs to you all

justabeachkat said...

Hi there! My Mom and Aunt left this morning so I'm back at blogging again. Yippee!! (I miss them already though.)

I won't comment on each of your posts I've missed, but I enjoyed reading them all. I'm so happy to read Miss Maggie did okay and is home. Bless her heart. And yours. I know it's a hard decision. I remember when we had to make it for our Miss Daisy too. We had friends begging us for one of her puppies. Cute photo of your hubby on the tractor. He looked smokin' hot! ( it? Smokin') I couldn't help myself.

Thanks T for being such a sweet friend.


Sandi McBride said...

So glad the Girl is home...I know she'll be happy to have the pressure off, now...she can keep that school girl figure and play the GadAboutTown cards off her mind, she'll make a great shopping companion!!!

Susie Q said...

It is the best thing for Maggie...really it is and she will be healthier in the long run. She just loves the fancy free life of a jet set doggie!

She is so pretty and yes, so loved.

Sue who has missed you but is catching up after being away so long!

Anonymous said...

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