Monday, July 23, 2007

One more wedding thing

These are the mothers nosegays from that same wedding...just a this wedding wasn't one that we had to do on a budget...we just did this one b/c it was my friend and partner in crimes nephew...who happens to be a friend of my son/daughter-in-law along with his we did this one for "love", too!! I loved the colors she appropriate for an outdoor wedding...we were a bit concerned about blue b/c it's a hard color to match w/florals and fabrics...but it couldn't have worked more wonderfully...and every bridesmaid looked gorgeous in that shade of that doesn't always happen! It was great! Again...enjoy!


justabeachkat said...

Oh.My.Word!!! Gorgeous! Love the color combination.


Your Baby Sister said...

Glad you shared pics of your amazing talent w/ the blog world. You truly are gifted and I think the pictures reflect it. And those colors just brighten up a blog spot don't they?!?! In my opinion, your wedding ministry is the best thing you've done since having Jackie and Marcus. You Rock Sista!!!!
Hugs and kisses!!!

Tea Time and Roses said...

These are just lovely... The colors are simply beautiful!


Patti from Texas! said...

Love your wedding flowers! They are beautiful! Just found your blog through Tina at Cherry Hill saw where we have alot in common. I'm working on my son's wedding in 3 weeks, I live in NE Texas, have 3 grown children (first wedding though)love to go to Canton, I'm on the 3rd anniversary of my 49th birthday, have been married for 30 years, and best of all I love the Lord, too! Love how you started a "wedding ministry". I've thought about doing the same thing having learned so much the past few months and this is something I love doing too. I hope to start a blog after the wedding but until then I'll keep you on my favs list.

Patti from Texas! said...

Meant to tell you have a very beautiful family! Aren't they fun at this age! More like friends than kids!

Kari said...

Wow - beautiful!