Monday, July 23, 2007

Especially for Kat

This post is some pictures from a wedding I helped coordinate last summer...Our precious Kat from JustaBeachKat wrote me a personel email and told me I was missed...that just made my day...I explained to her I have been crazy busy coordinating another wedding for next month...b/c the bride has elected to use some of the same colors as we used for this bride...I thought I would show you the flowers. The first picture is of the bridesmaids bouquets...we have them in water buckets for the 1&1/2 hour trip to the outdoor wedding ( we opted to cut the stems after we got to the wedding, this way they last longer)...these flowers held up beautifully...I was very pleased at my handywork, which is hard for me, b/c I am hyper critical of my work. The brides bouquet wasn't pictured here...but it was probably ONE of the best bouquets I've ever done (the best one I ever did was my daughter-in-laws...I did it along w/her sister-in-law, that one was filled w/love!) was done in whites and consisted of cream/white peonies, white vendula roses, white freesia(my fav)and some cream spray turned out GREAT...I'll find a picture and post it later...the 2nd picture is of my gorgeous daughter-in-law and my son...they happened to be in the wedding AND funny they were paired together...this is them walking back down the aisle after the ceremony...doncha just love how she's looking at him...Awwww! Sweet couple...truly! The ceremony was held at the bride's parents was a beautiful friend and I do this as kind of a ministry to brides/grooms/families who can't really afford to have the wedding of their we help them organize and plan a great wedding on a budget...we furnish our skills in decorating, time management, floral arranging and just over all leg work at no cost to them...yes we are wedding coordinator volunteers!!!'s fun AND we love doing it...but we've committed to 4 weddings this year alone...we like to do 2...but this year was our exception...we love doing it...can't think of a better blessing for us or the bride/'s all worth it when you see their faces...they are great couples who truly do appreciate what we're doing...and you gotta love that! Enjoy


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, T! What a special, wonderful thing you & your friend are doing for these brides. I know planning a wedding is a lot of work, so it's so great that you are doing it as a ministry. You will be blessed! Those flowers are just gorgeous.

Southern Hospitality

justabeachkat said...

Well girlfriend...thank you!

I am so glad you shared pictures and a bit of the wonderful "gift of love" you give unconditionally to the lucky brides/grooms. You amaze me. I'm proud of you too.

I love to hear what's going on, so share anytime!


Tina said...

T...I love the color of the "dress" daughter wore one that same color to her Sr. was my favoite color dress she wore the entire time she was in High School (prom dresses)...and I also love her sweet ribbon necklace, the flowers are beautiful and just perfect! Your GOOD-LOOKING SON! I love his matching tie! I enjoyed reading about how you plan a wedding...