Monday, July 16, 2007

Grandma and Paul that blogger is letting me post pictures...I need to take full advantage of this...this is a picture of a couple of my favorite things from my grandmother. She was a fabulous know the kind...she made everything from scratch...never wrote a recipe down...they were all in her head...and she never used any type of electric mixer, food processor, blender...anything like was all mixed, mashed and spread by hand...she had a set of these bowls...four in all one big yellow one, this green one...a smaller red one...and a very small blue one (I've tried to purchase these for friends...and as you most likely know they don't come cheap) I have great memories of her mixing cakes, pies, and all types of veggies in these bowls...she used them all the time...and now so do I...I inherited these bowls from her many years after she passed away...when my uncle passed away years later....he had them in the home he shared w/my grandparents and b/c he never had children...he passed these kinds of things on to his nieces and nephews...the old potato masher was hers, the other night when I decided to make myself my favorite salad (I'll post the easy recipe below)...I remembered everything always tasted best when tossed in grandma's bowl...and b/c grandma...was a Paul Newman fan...but never lived to see him become so sucessful at making salad dressings and such...I thought what better way to honor her...than to simply make a grouping of several of my favorite things...a little serendipity..I guess...but when I saw the bowl...and the picture of Paul...I thought she might just get a kick out of sharing the limelight on my blog w/him...she was a great woman...and I remember her most when I use all her old kitchen utensils...and when I work in my flower beds...this woman...always had a flower garden...roses, daisies, irises, tulips, and many others I can't remember...not only did she weed this garden everyday...she weeded her vegetable garden everyday...she was a work horse...and the thing that makes me smile...she always wore a soft cotton dress...that she made of course and an apron with big pockets...Always...except on Sundays at church...but that apron didn't take leave for too long...b/c she had it on and cooking by the time we reached her house after church...Here's to my wonderful grandmother...she raised a large family...and a fabulous son...that one day would become my he was the best...I'll save that post for another day...Enjoy

Spinach Salad

1 bag of fresh spinach leaves (washed/drained/stems removed)
spin dry
add fresh sliced strawberries to your taste (I use a lot...but I love strawberries
add about 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
add about 1/3 cup of crumbled Feta cheese...garlic/herb is what I use
optional a handful of drained mandarin oranges...

Top lightly with Paul Newman's Light Raspberry/Walnut Dressing

I hope you like it...and remember if you have a favortie bowl...that someone special gave to will most certainly taste better tossed in that bowl!


Kari said...

I hope I'm able to send this comment - blogger is being bad, bad, bad right now! Anyway, isn't it the truth about "grandma's cooking"? I have a few pots and pans and other kitchen things that belonged to my grandma...I love using them and I love thinking about her when I do. (I just wish I knew how to COOK like my grandma - we'd ALL be happy then!)

justabeachkat said...

Oh, I agree...grandmas just knew how to cook. I sure miss my Granny. I used to love to watch her cook and especially loved to watch her make biscuits. I think she had some bowls just like what you described.

Love the salad recipe....anything with oranges and feta is good for me. Right now, my favorite salad is one made with mixed greens, a few grated carrots, crasins, mandarin organges, sunflower seeds, feta cheese, Ken's Greek Dressing. Oh My! Sometimes I add grilled chicken or shrimp.

I'm so glad Blogger is working for you now.


Susie Q said...

What a delicious salad...just perfect for a Summer dinner, or lunch or anytime! Oh how I love feta cheese!

Grandmas sure worked so hard and never they did it I will never know!

I loved mine so...she worked as well as kept house. She sold fine dresses at a downtown department store. It was am era when most Moms I knew stayed home and both my Mom
(a school teacher) and Grandma worked! My Dad and Grandpa never thought it odd and, looking back, it was pretty cool. I always thought so! Of course, I am now breaking the trend by staying home and I love it! *big grin*

My Grandma made so many delicious things...we have her recipes and Mom still makes many of those dishes.


tina said...

I have a set of those same bowls! I'm going to blog about them soon...they are the great Pyrex bowls..I bought mine at an estate sale...I would rather have a set that can from a "family member" ...I copied your wonderful salad..sounds wonderful! Thanks my friend!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

what a sweet post. I think my grandmother had those same bowls.