Monday, July 16, 2007

The father to our dogs pups...we of these days!

This is Mint...he is the stud dog we've been trying to fix our Maggie up with...well...I think we're going to have to try some wine and dining...she seems a bit of a tough sale...the first time they met about 6 months ago...nothing happened...other than Mint was very interested...but Our Maggie was a tad stand-offish and wouldn't let Mint get too near the area he was interested we figured...she was still young...a little nervous and b/c she was in a strange place that probably wasn't helping 6 months later...we asked Mint's mom and dad if he could have date with our Maggie at our home...of course...they brought him out here on 2 or 3 occasions...and they seemed to becoming fast friends...but as soon as he came around to check things out...she either moved away quickly or just sat down and showed him her teeth...she could have issues we're not sure...but it just confuses me to think something so natural has to be so PLANNED we're going to try one more time with Mint...he is awesome...very calm...he's a bomb-sniffing dog...and he works very hard with the Police and FBI when areas are needed to be swept by these dogs that can sense trouble a mile away...that's another reason beside we want one of her pups...these dogs come from a British line that has very keen senses of they usually make great bomb dogs, drug sniffing dogs...and field trial dogs...they have tons of it would be great to think one of their pups could learn the trade of bomb sniffing and help wherever he/she is start crossings your fingers and saying your prayers come next early December that Maggie will finally "marry" Mint...and have some really sweet pups...we want to be grandparents...and this may be the only way to get that!


Paige's Petals said...

I have heard so much about your Maggie and her dates with Mint! They will make beautiful puppies together!

Jackie said...

Geez woman, patience, you'll get your stinking grandkids one day!!!

justabeachkat said...

Wow...Mint sure is handsome. Wonder why Maggie doesn't wanna "play". Silly girl! Maybe she's just playing hard to get. Hope "it" happens soon.


Susie Q said...

Oh what a handsome guy! And smart too. Brave...just the perfect man!
I think Maggie just likes playing hard to get. : )


Susie Q said...

I just wanted to add this...what a gorgeous group of women! Truly!
You are just beautiful, as are the others. Take this from one of those women who is too chubby, whose hair never lays right, who wears glasses and is about as classy as a Mac are such an elegant and
attractive lady.

And, a real sweetie too...: )


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

What a beautiful dog. Good luck. Hopefully it will work in December. We had a black lab......such good dogs.