Saturday, January 3, 2009


NOW that I have your attention I thought I would bore you first with the most pathetic looking tree...EVER...don't feel too sorry for her...she's had over 20 years of life with us...she was suppose to be sent to Christmas tree heaven last year...but thankfully we held on to her for one more year! We thought possibly we would be in our new dream house by this time when we were packing away last year...but just in case we weren't we decided to keep her around one more year...and thankfully so...b/c we're still here...the tree is however...gone as of today...she went to the ole trash heap in the sky...Lord knows nobody wanted her...not even Charlie Brown...she has broken limbs, scraggly boughs and tilts like the leaning tower of Pizza...not to mention the lights we originally pre-lit her with over 20 years ago...have finally started going out...can you believe that??? All the lights were still working up until about 2 years ago...then slowly but surely they have started to go out...and we've had to re-string that's a chore...when the tree was originally pre-lit by my most meticulous husband! Each limb having lights down and back on each and EVERY one of them...yea...I just got tired of trying to figure it all out and tossed some lights on there...and left the burned out ones on...b/c can't see them anyway! Lazy...maybe...but I just have too many things to do other than worrying about unstringing dead lights to be replaced with live lights...when at the end of the season...all of it is going AWAY!! FAR, FAR AWAY!!

Thankfully our Christmas faired much better than the ole tree and was a wonderful Christmas time for all of us this year...all our family was together and we certainly did take advantage of the time we had to spend together. We opened WAY too many gifts...but hey...that was too fun...we ate more than we should have...but what are New Year's Resolutions for if not for eating too much at Christmas...and we really got to spend some quaility time together...hanging out, going to the movies, acting goofy, cooking...washing some more and washing MORE dishes...see a pattern here??? But, hey with my new sparkly clean counter tops and backsplash, plus new sink in the kitchen it did make it a much more asthetically pleasing area to be in...Seriously, though we had a wonderful Christmas and I pray everyone else did too!


As far as my title and snakes go...I just wanted you to know that it's not REAL snakes...but instead these precious little or big snakes...that you make to keep drafts from coming in under windows and doors. I saw this idea in a darling book my daughter shared with me when I visited her in Colorado in is called "Simple Sewing" by Lotta Jansdotter (doncha just love that name). I decided I MUST have that book, I ordered it from Colorado to be delivered in Texas when I returned home...isn't the internet GREAT for things like that!! The idea was for me to come right home and make several of these to send back to precious daughter and her husband BEFORE the winter storms blew in...ummm...well, as you know things happen, life gets busy and if you're like me....good intentions sometimes do not come to fruition as quickly as we would like! So...while in Colorado I gathered up some of our daughters favorite fabrics, took measurements of all windows and doors...and decided to come a few coordinating fabrics and get these things made and on their way...well, guess what??? I did that...YESTERDAY....all DAY...I made a total of 11 snakes and used over 45 pounds of cheap white rice!! There are still 2 snakes that were sent off with our darling daughter and her hubby this morning without rice...but I did give her strict instructions on how to do this (like I even NEED to do that...first, she's really smart and creative and secondly, she has THE book...but you know I'm a mom and I just had to do that!!)...and told her the sooner the better. I hope she's not like her mom too much and waits till summer!!

By the looks of it...our grand-dog Corrina may want her own snakes to cuddle up to...she just hung around with me most of the day...sniffing the snakes (probably wanting to tear into them for the rice) and just snuggling like she knew what they were for...too cute!

Hope you all have a very BLESSED and HAPPY New Year...I'll have some announcements coming won't want to miss....hopefully, I will know something by the end of next week or the following Don't you just love a good mystery? Feel free to guess...but I think most of you will never guess what is up for our family in the coming year. Excluding...the two or three ladies I have shared the news with...and I'll help you all out with a clue of has nothing to do with becoming a grandmother OR LOLLIE as I want to be called! Dang it!! Well, of course the year has just maybe??? Nah...not likely!



Terri and Bob said...

I love YOUR snakes, but hate most!

Yes, I love a good mystery! What could be up... I know, you are taking a most wonderful trip to the Orient!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Teresa!

Happy New Year to you and your family my friend! I have to admit your title grabbed my attention immediately!!:o) Thank you so much for the lovely new year's wish. I am still holding my little book close and have enjoyed it immensely! That is not a bad looking tree for twenty years old!:o) I laughed out loud as you described it! Sounds like my Mom and Dad's little tree they took out each year, a tiny little thing with tiny fiber optic lights Mom would sit on her counter each Christmas!:o) A delightful and funny post Teresa! You and your family enjoy a lovely weekend!



Paige said...

Hi Teresa! Stop by my blog and read tonight's post.

Love ya!

Lavender Chick said...

Happy New Year! I love those snakes... Wow - Did I just say I LOVE snakes??? I think you need to go in the snake making business, I would certainly buy some from you. I have some very drafty doorways in the old farmhouse.... However, if I had snakes right now I'm sure my poodles would be very delighted that Mommy bought them some new toys. I would have rice scattered all around my house in a matter of minutes. So - with that said, if you decide to make more snakes next year when my poodles are older, I would be a great customer!

Your mystery suspense is going to drive me nuts.....

My best,

justabeachkat said...

Hi sweet friend!

It's been awile since I've been by. Bad me!

Your tree didn't look terrib le to me. But 20!...I'm impressed one lasted so long.

It doesn't get cold enough here for us to need "snakes" for our window and doors, but I could sure use one for the golf cart to keep the wind from coming in under the front window.

Hmmmm...can't wait to find out about the mystery.


Susie Q said...

These are snakes I could actually LOVE!!

I think your tree had a wonderful send last sweet Christmas. It looked pretty great to me but what do I know anyhoo? *grin*

Now, what is this mystery hmmm???

So glad your daughter us so much better...I am sorry you have had such problems with old blogger.

Happy new year to the gorgeous teresa and family! Soon you will be in your amazing new home...what a 2009 treat that will be!


Julie said...

What a cute idea. I have seen them made with batting - but never with rice. It makes sense too! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh T you should have seen my tree by the time the kittens got through with her...poor decorating the goes the hunt for the new house? How soon till you get moved? I hope you are excited now and have already found a great cardio man or woman to keep you on the road to good health!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Very decorate door draft stoppers. Can't bear to even type the word you called them. Hate the real things.

I was looking at your Cmas tree prior to reading about it and thought, that is such a precious and beautiful tree. It really caught my eye...captivated it. Maybe you are so use to it that it looks drab. Or you know the flaws it has but we can't see them.

Anonymous said...