Saturday, November 1, 2008

Uhhhh...Ya think???

I may be starting something here that isn't of great interest to some out here in blog land...but I've sat on the sidelines a little too long not to say something. I mean to tell you...we ALL think we know what the right answer to our next president is...and thank God we have THAT freedom...but please folks...don't believe everything you read or hear...and please by all means do the research yourself...don't depend on the you will see and most already know our media has been so biased during this election...more so than I've ever seen please READ, READ, READ...about your candidates...look at their voting records...take into consideration how long they have served our country and to what capacity. Look at whether or not your candidate was willing to take a stand for his beliefs without worry whether they were popular with their prospective parties or future contributors to their campaign funding...check into the people they have associated with most of their lives. Look at what they have put on the line to be running in this election...and look at the state they are from and read about how their state has faired...and what the candidates have done to encourage unity in those states. Just try and get your hands on something other than the not so unbiased news cast and newspapers...reading the candidates records and remembering their voting records may be your only chance to see and read fair and balanced reporting. Also, look at whether your candidate ACTUALLY voted for a specific bill OR if he just managed to be "present"'s hard to change things in our government if you are physically present...but not mentally engaged enough to that what they are referring to as a "telflon" canidate...nothing of any substance to stick to him??? Makes me wonder???

I ran across this tonight before heading off to is less than 96 hours away from election day and of those days only 2 are voting days...and just NOW they are coming out with a report that the media has been biased and unfair in their reporting of the election toward John McCain and Sarah Palin and the entire Republican many folks had to participate in this little study before they managed to come up with that little tid-bit of information...better yet, if they knew this(and believe me they have known...we ALL HAVE!) 1) why didn't they put it out here before now 2) why isn't it ALL OVER the tv programs that run non-stop polls on how well one candidate is doing over the other...HECK, I could have told them about the biased journalism months ago...AND I would have done it for FREE!! The media has been so far left-sided since oh I don't know Feb. or March of this much so...I felt they might need to invest in ankle weights to keep them from completely tipping over! Honestly, I know that the republicans are trying so hard to get the word out there and trying their best to win this election without any media help...but why oh why? have we just now had the opportunity to hear what others have known for a very long time...I am so tired of all this liberal media crap...what ever happend to fair and unbiased journalism...OK...sorry, I'm on a tangit...but when I saw this report tonight...I just couldn't believe it has taken this long to garner ANY media attention. WHY oh WHY haven't they released this way before now...but then again...would it even help??...whew...I'm afraid we are heading down a path that soon we will want to run from! But that is just my opinion...and I am thankful we still have that freedom...for now anyway!!

Below is the article to which I refer...

NEW YORK – John McCain supporters who believe they haven't gotten a fair shake from the media during the Republican's candidacy against Barack Obama have a new study to point to.

Comments made by sources, voters, reporters and anchors that aired on ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts over the past two months reflected positively on Obama in 65 percent of cases, compared to 31 percent of cases with regards to McCain, according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs.

ABC's "World News" had more balance than NBC's "Nightly News" or the "CBS Evening News," the group said.

Meanwhile, the first half of Fox News Channel's "Special Report" with Brit Hume showed more balance than any of the network broadcasters, although it was dominated by negative evaluations of both campaigns. The center didn't evaluate programs on CNN or MSNBC.

"For whatever reason, the media are portraying Barack Obama as a better choice for president than John McCain," said Robert Lichter, a George Mason University professor and head of the center. "If you watch the evening news, you'd think you should vote for Obama."The center analyzed 979 separate news stories shown between Aug. 23 and Oct. 24, and excluded evaluations based on the campaign horse race, including mention of how the candidates were doing in polls. For instance, when a voter was interviewed on CBS Oct. 14 saying he thought Obama brought a freshness to Washington, that was chalked up as a pro-Obama comment.(this is the one that has me most afraid!)

When NBC's Andrea Mitchell reported Oct. 1 that some conservatives say that Sarah Palin is not ready for prime-time, that's marked in the negative column for McCain.

ABC recorded 57 percent favorable comments toward the Democrats, and 42 percent positive for the Republicans. NBC had 56 percent positive for the Democrats, 16 percent for the Republicans. CBS had 73 percent positive (Obama), versus 31 percent (McCain).

Hume's telecast had 39 percent favorable comments for McCain and 28 percent positive for the Democratic ticket.

It was the second study in two weeks to remark upon negative coverage for the McCain-Palin ticket. The Project for Excellence in Journalism concluded last week that McCain's coverage has been overwhelmingly negative since the conventions ended, while Obama's has been more mixed.

Meanwhile, another survey issued Friday by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press showed that television continues to be Americans' main source for campaign news, particularly the cable news networks.

But there were clear partisan differences in where people turned.

For instance, of the people who said they got most of their campaign news from Fox News Channel, 52 percent identified themselves as Republican, 17 percent as Democrats and 30 percent as independents, the Pew center said.

MSNBC viewers interested in campaign news identified themselves at 11 percent Republican, 50 percent Democratic and 36 percent independent. The breakdown for CNN: 13 percent Republican, 45 percent Democrat, 38 percent independent.

The study was based on a survey of 2,011 people taken Oct. 17-20 and 24-27. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percent.


joan said...

Hi Teresa,

I totally agree with you on this. It should be very interesting to see how this plays out on Tuesday. Hope you are feeling well.

Tonja said...

Oh, this just burns me up! I listen to talk radio alot and heard this yesterday. So, does anyone really think this is NEWS? I mean, anyone with half a brain can see right thru these reports. I only watch Fox News now, and to my mind, they have been very fair to both candidates. If BO has them all in his pocket NOW, just imagine how they can sway the country IF he is the elected President? Just sickening! America better wake up!

Sue said...

oh but don't you see, America has finally woken up and we are taking our country back! Obama/Biden 08

justabeachkat said...

So true Teresa. Thanks for posting this. I'm so worried about Tuesday. I'm praying hard.


Sandi McBride said...

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a Republican. I'm not ashamed to say that I've been for John McCain all along. I'm not ashamed to say I think Sarah Palin will be a fine VeeP. I'm not ashamed to say that I intend to go vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin tomorrow and that Mac intends to vote for them, too. I'm proud to say that Kari (GrannySkywalker, Sissy) is my niece and that she has researched, as you suggest...and been very open about how she feels. So glad that you've posted about the validity of the campaign so far and the need to do our own research. Hurray for you Tee!

Lavender Chick said...

You're on a roll, girl!! I'm sure I'll be up all night waiting for the votes to come in... I'm okay with however anyone plans to vote, as long as they can tell you why they are voting for which candidate. I get very frustrated when someone is very vocal about who they are voting for, but then can't tell you one thing about that person's policies, what they stand for, etc... An educated vote is fine by me, but an emotional vote drives me insane!

Julie said...

EXCELLENT POST! I could not agree with you more. It is Tuesday and I have a nervous stomach today...

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Teresa!

What a word my friend! I am often sadden when I listen to obvious bias journalism. But all in all, I am so happy that no man has the last word! Now that are new president has been elected, I know there are many who are disappointed but are willing to lay aside their differences and move forward....we as Americans know the importance of solidarity. Let us pray for our new president and this great nation. Thank you so much Teresa for this beautiful well written post. God bless you my friend.



justabeachkat said...

Hi Girlfriend! Just wondering where you are since you haven't posted in awhile. Miss ya!


Terri and Bob said...

That is totally amazing. I think you are right, it is up to us as individuals to do our homework since obviously the media can mess with it all they want to.