Friday, October 17, 2008

Updates...graphs...and getting away!

I feel so technical..not sure how well I did on the graph but I did want to show everyone how well my levels are looking since we first found out about my coronary blockages.(ignore the left side numbers...I don't know WHERE those came from...but they don't have anything to do with MY graph!!)

Overall my levels have improved much so the doctor has lowered my lipitor from 20 mg. a day to 10 mg. a day. My HDL levels did lower slightly, but he said this was not uncommon since everything else plummeted...but we'll work with diet to get those back up as high as possible! One of the main reasons he lowered my Lipitor dosage is b/c my levels are very, very low (which is not bad...actually very good, but leaves room for some change if needed) but he noticed my liver levels AST and ALT were slightly elevated...normal being AST 10-35 U/L mine was 46 and the ALT normal being 6-40 U/l mine was 72. This means my liver is reacting a tad to the to keep that from continuing he lowered my lipitor intake. He told me as a general rule they never lower the lipitor dosage unless the liver levels have almost tripled and as you can see mine are no where near that...but b/c my LDL and cholesterol are now so unbelievably low he felt comfortable lowering the Lipitor dosage which in turn will only help the liver get back to normal . He was shocked how quickly my levels lowered. He told me he can't ever remember any ones levels coming down that quickly on that low of a dosage in less than a month! I'm sure he thinks this all happened b/c of the statins...but I know differently. I know lots of folks have been praying for just this and God has answered so many prayers already. Plus, I'm going to pat myself on the back...just a tad...b/c I have been living like a saint as far as eating goes ( now b/c I gave up one vice...I fear my vice of spouting a few inappropriate words may have increased...but I only say this to myself and out loud on occasion...HEY, it's my ONLY vice!) I have stuck strictly to a heart healthy diet...which in turn I believe helped out with the lowering of my cholesterol and I've lost 7 that is another great thing!! I will return to the cardiologists in 3 months with new test in hand...he will then see how things are going (which I KNOW are going to be great) and if so he wants to run another nuclear treadmill test to see just where we are at with the blockages! I'm going to love it when he says..."all is good" and I can breath a sigh of relief. I know it is something I will always have to be diligent about....but these last few weeks have been a little more stressful than I care to think about. Nothing like having to carry a bottle of nitroglycerin around with you at all times to make you feel a little "freaked"!!

I tell you I don't know if I am more excited about my doctors report or the fact I was able to navigate my way around designing a graph :) :)....weak and lame maybe...feeble in fact...but hey it was my first ever attempt and WELL, I'm just so darn proud of this little baby!

Other lovin hubbin and the boys are gone to Montana and fact I just talked with my man minutes ago. He was about to board a little hopper flight to the Bitteroot Mountains where the base camp will be for their 9 day excursion of wilderness, eating and sleeping in the cold mountains with their Indian guides, hunting elk, bear, deer and know living a childhood dream of being mountain men doing all those crazy things that have to do with nature and I'm sure LOVING every minute of it! Remember idea of "getting away" was going to Costa Rica with my girls...and we did...and we had a blast. I pray for safety for our fella's and that they have the time of their lives. Meanwhile, I am flying to Colorado to spend some time with my girl...we're going to do a little exploring the local Oasis Spa...the downtown Denver art museums and restaurants...and of course some "shopping" in all the quaint little towns surrounding that area...not to mention I will be accompanying my daughter to a couple of art classes she teaches...I can't wait!

When I return I am going to pamper my daughter-in-law some...she deserves it...she has been working ubber hard in med-school!! I think this has been one of her toughest semesters yet...but she is hitting home runs all the way! She is so dang smart, she works her butt off and she has an incredible work/study she is having quite a bit of success. She starts her rotations in I want to give her some Pamper Time before her sweet hubbin gets home!

Thanks for all your prayers and continued prayers for not only my health...but the safety of our guys while traveling!

Thanks again...I'll catch up when I return...if not sooner....hopefully with pictures...I'll have to rely on my daughters lovely pictures however, because my lovin' hubbin' took my camera....hmmmm...I may have to find me a new one...after all that one is really I have a mission...FIND a new camera...if any of you have a great one that you think I should know about PLEASE let me know...soon!


justabeachkat said...

Hi there!

I'm so impressed by your graph...I've never even tried to do one and quite frankly I wouldn't even know where to begin. You go girl!

I'm so proud of you for being so good with your heart healthy eating and it seems like it and the meds are making the doctors happy and getting your levels where they need to be.

I'll pray for the guys on their trip and your trip too. They both sound fun.


Sandi McBride said...

So glad you're doing so well almost makes me feel you had a scare for nothing, but just so you are well and happy! What a relief all this must be to you. Hope to hear from you soon

Lavender Chick said...

I'm so glad you're dong so well! You know, the American Heart Association will be having their annual scientific meeting next month; maybe they will have some new news/treatments on the fight against heart disease.

Enjoy your trip, can't wait to see pictures!

Lisa said...

Oooh, this is such good news - congratulations, Teresa!

The time with your *girls* sounds shoulders relaxed a little just thinking about it...isn't that funny?! I guess I can skip the spa and just read about other people going. :)


Terri and Bob said...

I have been away so long... but I have been praying for you all this time... Your healthy eating is paying off and I am so proud of you for taking your health in hand like this! Here's a pat on the back!

Julie said...

YEAH for you!!!! Okay - so welcome to "Club Lipitor"! I have been on that wonderful drug for several years now. I am also on the 10 mg dosage. Here is a hint - if your prescription drug coverage does not give you a good rate on Lipitor ...ask your doctor to continue you on the 20 MG dose and break the pills in half. I was having to shell out $50.00 per month for my pills before and my Doc was happy to do this for me..making them last twice as long.

...Sadly yes - Lipitor is hard on your liver - hence the constant blood tests...but the good outweighs the bad 10 to 1. I even read a study that shows how Lipitor can assist your body in removing built up plaque that was there before you started to take the drug.