Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring cleaning...and "COOL" letters...

For some reason I have been a bit remiss in doing my normal spring cleaning...I have planted most all the plants in their prospective areas and have spruced up the outside on the most part...but I have been totally "slacking" and I'm just dragging on the whole inside of the house "spring cleaning" prospect...FINALLY I think the bug has bitten me ( or was that a mosquito?)...I've spent a good portion of this weekend getting some much needed things cleaned up...starting with bathing the dogs ( I do this most every week or so but just takes me a lot to go there)...then deep, deep cleaning the dogs sleeping quarters...yuck!! aka...the utility vehicle...and now some closets and drawers...not to mention some deep cleaning in the "high traffic" lots of dusting, mopping, vacuming...some major deep cleaning going on here! I clean every week...but deep cleaning...hmmmm...not so much until the spring/summer and then the fall/winter months!! Hopefully, this momentum will just keep growing over the coming weeks...but I'm afraid it's going to stop for a while because of my friends sons wedding...and you know I have to help out with THAT...yep...any excuse not to spring clean...I knew that was going to happen!

For me sometimes it just takes getting something new or re-arranging a room to get me JUMP STARTED...One of the things that has inspired me to "get with it" this past week is getting these....some really cool pictures of old letters that my daughter sells on ETSY...I decided I wanted something clever to hang in my craft room! Am I the only one out here that gets excited and then does a total re-do when I find something like this??...I mean seriously I am going to re-do my entire sewing room...b/c of these letters...but I never need an excuse to re-do something and my craft/sewing room is in DIRE need of a it is great timing that I got these...I happen to LOVE them and of course I love the artist/photographer a little bit, too!! A friend of mine did the whole take on the word "sew" in her sewing room years ago, I've decide to "borrow" her idea and frame these babies and hang them up to enjoy every day!!! I love words in a room and my craft room is so eclectic...I thought I would do the whole "sew" thing in there to liven it up...isn't this just the most clever idea!!!! I can say that b/c I did not come up with this idea...but I love it none the less...and I am SEW using it!!

For a look at some of the other letters and word phrases that my daughter can check her out at her ETSY site She has other pictures, too...but I like the letters...she is trying to get some more photos keep checking back!! OR her official photography web-site at

Also, I want to express my heartfelt "THANKS" to Kim at TodaysCreativeBlogspot....she is such a doll as many of you know...she so graciously featured Jackie's website and new business venture on her site a week or so ago (I would have thanked her sooner...but I had this whole Mr. Blog issue going on) daughter was elated...she called me the very day...I think the very minute that she saw it on Kim's site...So thank you, thank you, thank you Kim...for being such an advocate for young ladies getting starting in a new venture or for anyone who is blessed with the creative gene...she really does an awesome job in not only promoting new talent and keeping up with the latest fun things...she is just the most awesome lady...she is funny, talented and very dedicated to her family and she LOVES life...I think she is my long lost baby sister...I love can check her out if you haven't yet...she is at or her personel blog at
Hope you are all having a great weekend...and I hope that I am able to finish up my spring cleaning before summer or fall rolls around...I REALLY have lots to do...not only cleaning...but re-organizing and just getting rid of a lot of things. My desire is when our new home is complete (which has not started quite yet...I'll update that later)that I will have everything done to this home that is needed...and I will just have to mop, vacumn and dust...then put her on the market....hey! a girl can "DREAM" can't she...OH!! by the way...that is a word my daughter sells on ETSY..."DREAM" is so cool...check it out.


joan said...

Hi Teresa,

Good for you with your spring cleaning! I am such a lazy bum. I did manage to clean one closet but really need to get some more done. Love the letters and I'll check out the etsy shop. I did check out your daughter's photo website and she is really good. I wish her lots of luck. Have a wonderful week!

justabeachkat said...

Those letters are "sew" cute and I know they're gonna look "sew" great in your craft room. I've visited your daughter's site, but I'm going now to check out her etsy shop. She's "sew" talented and I know you're "sew" proud of her. Okay, enough is enough! LOL


Toni said...

Love those letters...when your done with your spring cleaning will you come and help

Tonja said...

love the letters idea! that will be so cute in the sewing room. great idea!
I love using words too, and am thinking of having an artist write some quotes in the house.

Sandi McBride said...

Lord have mercy on me a slacker...and on you for all the work you've put in...but I can't stay out of the yard, the only reason I'm in here is it's damp yet and makes my joints ache and besides I was missing you and so glad you took the break from cleaning to tell us about it...whew...was that one sentence? I'm going to Jacqualines place and check that chick out...hugs to ya girlfriend

Terri and Bob said...

I missed spring cleaning! I am in the middle of closing this school year and starting summer school. No break inbetween... except Memorial Day. This is going to be hard! I love letters, too!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I'm glad the cleaning bug bit me long enough for me to get my closet cleaned out. That was a massive chore. Now I find myself walking in there and just staring at my handy work. ha My husband's half of the closet, however, is a whole other story! He's probably still got jeans from way back when we first got married. He thinks it's almost a crime to get rid of anything. Bless his heart...he's a TRUE packrat! lol
I'll check out your daughter's Etsy site soon. How cool that she's getting up and going with it all!


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Hey Ms. Teresa! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I wanted to let you know that I picked my dishes up at Linens N Things, used my handy 20% off coupon and got service for 8 plus bonuses for $160. Not bad! Good luck and let me know if you get them.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Great letters! Fabulous!! Good for you on your spring cleaning!! Have a great one!

kari & kijsa

Primgal55 said...

Thank you for sharing! I love your blog. I ave just started mine and am not up to speed as we just had a wedding but I guess you have to start somewhere. May I add a link to your blog from mine? hugs, Linda

Susie Q said...

What are you doing blogging?? Get back to that cleaning!! Kidding, just kidding...
LOVE those letters. I have always loved such things. That will look so great in your space.

I am gonna jump right over to Kim;s to see the post about your daughter!!

She is such a talent!

Love ya,

Primgal55 said...

Hi Teresa,

WOW our mom's were so much alike. I am so sorry you lost your mom so young. She sounds amazing too. We are the lucky ones to ave beenblessed with moms like ours.

I hope YOU have a wonderful Mother's Day!! hugs, Linda

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Well aren't you sweet to give me a shout out. I was happy to feature Jackie. I love her stuff. I have been looking at old signage ever since.
I hope she received a few orders!
I cleaned my closet a few weeks ago. 5 bags to goodwill! My dream is to have all my cupboards, closets, etc...all organized at the SAME time. Dreams.....we need them.
Happy MOthers Day......big sis.