Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy sister!!

Wanted to give a BIG shout out to my baby sister....she turns 43 today...YES..she's the baby...I'm the middle child and for some "crazy" reason my parents thought it necessary to have a baby after I had been the baby for 8 years!! In fact the new baby....this little girl was born 8 years and 23 days after ME!! I thought it rather rude and unnecessary at the time...I mean for goodness sakes...I WAS THE BABY!....what were they thinking?? Well, guys...I am here to tell ya, they were the smartest parents EVER...I can not imagine my life without this baby girl in it!!! She is the best sister a gal could ask you can ask my kids and kids-in-laws...she is the bestest aunt ever...

This is my sister with my little punkin when punkin was about a year old. Yes!! THEY were shopping from the Service Merchandise Catalog, shopping for what else??? for Santa to bring the baby girl! (Isn't my sister gorgeous, I think she was about 16or so...and look at my baby, so engrossed in the pictures of her future presents from Santa) YES, my sister has always been helpful like that.

Actually, to be 8 years apart in age, my sister and I have the closest of relationships...we really don't think about the age difference (well, except for me sometimes...b/c she is still in her forties..and I've entered "fifty"dom!) because, well, it's always been like that AND age is JUST a number, right??? She tells me I'm a great mother (isn't that the sweetest thing) because I was able to practice on her...YIKES... this poor girl really did have some close-calls because of me and our brother...there were too many to count. I do know that I always felt she was mine...that God had given her not only to my mom and dad...but to me! Not sure if it was for practice, for companionship later in life OR just to bug the doo-wah out of me when I was a teenager and she was just a punk kid (not really, she was kinda sweet)...regardless... for whatever reason I felt this way...I knew she was a gift, and I loved having her around as I was growing you can't return a gift...can you??? Seriously, I love that she is MY little sister, a gift from GOD and I love her with all my heart!! She keeps me young, keeps me laughing and always keeps me close to her heart! For that...I am eternally grateful; to my parents...for keeping at it until they got it RIGHT!!

Here is my gorgeous sister at the FABULOUS bridal luncheon she gave for that same little girl she used to catalog shop with...she is wearing the black lace top (yea! she's always been sexier than me, too) and she is standing with my lovely Daughter-in-law, my beautiful daughter and me...this is my fav picture of all of us...I actually for once in my life took a pretty decent picture (so DO NOT be fooled by this) and of course the other three ladies look smashing as always...these gals mean the world to me...and my sister is the BESTEST, MOST LOVING, and CRAZIEST of them all, I wouldn't change her for the world!! AND I will always carry her in my "heart".


*** Doesn't my sister have the most lovely of names???...her middle name is the same middle name that both grandma's had...isn't that a cool coincidence??? I always thought that was so kind of made me think my parents were destined to be together (yea, I'm forever the romantic) BTW...the last picture was taken almost 3 years we all look younger...and that is how we like it!!!****


The Feathered Nest said...

Teresa, what a precious post!!! Your sister sounds so wonderful, you entire family does!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet sister, she does have a pretty name! The picture of the four of you is beautiful, xxoo, Dawn

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Happy Birthday Laura Marie! I have 4 sisters..One older 3 younger. I can not imagine my life without them....

justabeachkat said...

What a beautifully written post full of love for your beautiful sister. Happy Birthday to Laura Marie!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to your sister. I've always loved the name Laura. I always wanted a sister when I was growing up. My brother is 9 years older than me so I've always been the baby. He's always been my hero but we were never pals. Now I have 2 close girlfriends and we say we're sisters.
Love to your beautiful family!

joan said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet sister. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with her. I have a sister who is ten years younger then me and I use to take her around my neighborhood like one of my babydolls. LOL Hope you are doing well Teresa. When are you going to give us an update on your house? :-)

Sandi McBride said...

And a Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby baby sister also came along when I was eight...I finally forgave her when I was ten and she was oh so cute, lol...hope you all had loads of fun and cake!

Primgal55 said...

How sweet! What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful sister. hugs, Linda

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I love that last picture, too. All of you look so fabulous and chic and's almost too much to bear. lol

Happy Birthday, Laura Marie! I so enjoy reading about family members who are FRIENDS, too!


Tonja said...

Hoppy Birthday, Sister!

I loved your post! It sounds like there is so much love between you and that is as it should be. I have a younger 2 years. There just is no other relationship that is the same. Sisters share a bond that grows stronger and deeper, and more wonderful with time. You share the same heritage and have common memories, and no one could ever take her place.

Great pic, too!

Susie Q said...

What a wonderful gift for your sister...this tribute! Of course, having you for a sister is a gift all in itself!

You two are so blessed to have one another and yes, she is beautiful. Of course, no matter what you say, I think YOU are absolutely gorgeous!

My love to your sister (My Grandma was a Marie and Grace has that name as her middle as well!)
and to you!


Terri said...

You ALL look fabulous in the photo!My gosh! I feel like I should go touch up my hair and makeup now! LOL
Happy Birthday Laura Marie!
God bless.

Julie said...

Great Post! I always wanted a sister when I was growing up.

joan said...

Just stopping by to wish you a great holiday weekend Teresa! Hope you are having fun.