Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thanks...and I'll be back...soon!!

Just wanted to drop a line to all of you that posted such sweet comments about my post on dad....I appreciate all your kind words! It does seem that the consensus is...that "daddy's" are such special people...especially to there little girls!! It's like I told my daughter when her paw-paw died...for little girls her daddy is her first love...one that never goes away...that love establishes her trust and desired character in other men for the remainder of her life...I was so very blessed...as I know many of you were, too! Thanks again...for your sweet words.

For now I am really busy...I am giving a wedding shower for my closest friends son and future daughter in law...so I have many things to do to prepare....here is a sampling of the invitations we made to send out...it's a girls only luncheon...so it should be tons of fun...We had fun making these invites...we used the flower stamp with embosser...then sprinkled some really pretty bronze glitter over the embossed flower...then we used the heat thingy for embossing...heated it up and it rose up just like a champ...we then colored in each flower with pastel chalks...using Q-tips...the ultimate painting utensil...I'm sure you can't see it in these "sorry" pictures...but we dotted each flower with a pink stone...and the "i" over her name... This is the outside flap...the picture above is the piece we glued to the inside of the green card stock...her colors are this olive green with beige...we threw the pinks in for drama...and I think her flowers are going to be in the pink family...so this really turned out pretty good if I do say so myself...now I did the "labor" along with my friend (we had to stamp each invitation with 2 of these flowers...plus glue/double side tape them to the green card stock and put the bling on each flower...but my friend designed these on her computer...b/c well...she's more computer savy than me...plus she has a MAC...I'm so envious...I need one for MY creative outlet...doncha think?? !!I will try and remember to take pictures at the shower...I'm not promising anything...but I'll try...if I do...I'll post about it next week!

Blessings...to all!!


Tonja said...

Sounds like you've got that crafty card making thing down pat! Good for you! And I always enjoy making my own invitations. Hope all goes well...I'm sure it will!

justabeachkat said...

Wow...I'm impressed! The cards look so pretty and much more personal than "store bought". You go girl! Enjoy the shower. I hope you'll have some time to take photos.

I hope it all goes perfectly.


Anonymous said...
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Sandi McBride said...

Teresa, I know you've got your hands full but please run over and pick up your award, hon...there should be an award for "making your own invitations so that they don't look like a four year old did the work"...wow, you're good at this crafting thing aren't you?

joan said...

Hi Teresa,

The cards look great. I was thinking about trying to do something like that sometime. It looks like it would be fun. You have a good time and post some photos for all of us to see.

Terri and Bob said...

Love the invites! So personal and pretty! I am trying to check in with my blogging friends and trying to reestablish my connections!

Sandi McBride said...

Hi Teresa, just checking in on you...hope all is going well!

Susie Q said...

Ho Teresa! I was just checking in on you! Still awash in projects I imagine huh?

Those cards are so sweet and special. You have the gift you know!
I can bet that the shower was amazing! Did you tale pictures???

I miss you sweet lady!!


Anonymous said...
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Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Great invitations! Hope it all went well.
Loved the post about your dad, by the way. I've been working on a little scrapbook for my dad's birthday next week and I'm almost finished except for one page. I want to write something meaningful to him...something that will make him understand how I feel about him. Those words are harder to come by than I thought they'd be. He's so not sentimental...it's just not his way. But I can't say what I feel without getting at least a little bit mushy, you know? I plan on finishing it up tomorrow so hopefully, the right words will come to me in my sleep tonight! :)

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am back from my vacation and stopping in to say hello...
p.s. come enter my 200th post giveaway!

joan said...

Just stopped by for a visit and noticed your new banner. It looks really nice. I love it. Have a great weekend Teresa.