Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well folks...I appreciate all the expressed concerns and problem solving ideas with Mr. Blog...but I am afraid for some reason...our counseling sessions may have not worked. He is being controlling, stubborn and quite fickle and being the independent and very busy woman that I am, I feel I may have to DIVORCE Mr. Blog...he keeps telling me at the bottom of my post page..."Done;Error on page"....well, if we're DONE...then does that mean it's OVER? I mean I was really willing to give this a try...a bit of a trial or maybe even a little time apart...BUT if he isn't letting me post pictures...and he is saying it is DONE...ERROR, ERROR...then I feel I may have to take drastic measures and possibly find ANOTHER server or Mr. Blog...and file for a bloggy divorce or dissolution of my current "LivingTheLife" status!! What's a gal to do when she feels "left out, not needed, shunned and just cast aside"??? Truly and then to add insult to injury...he will not let me post my beloved pictures!!

I will give it one more week...Mr. Blog...one more week...I mean I like to think I am a patient person...but seriously...I need you to be a bit more cooperative...I am tired of driving down this street called..."One Way"....after all...I support you, too...so, I feel the least you could do is meet me half-way OR allow for a two way street...I mean for goodness sakes I'll even let you draw the white or yellow line down the middle! OK...you have it here...first...ONE WEEK!

***disclaimer...in addition to not letting me post pictures for almost 2 weeks...Mr. Blog hasn't let me actually POST for the last few days...well, since my last posts...this is the FIRST time in days he has let me access my post page and actually post (maybe there is still hope)...he has just not allowed me to access my post page...he would let me read your posts...but he put me in the corner as if to punish me and not allow me to post..."and nobody puts baby in the corner...nobody!"....OK...name that movie!!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

have you contacted them or looked in their help section? Have you downloaded a new virus scan lately?
Did you ever upgrade to beta blogger?
I haven't had any issues.

Susie Q said...

Nobody puts Teresa Baby in a corner...not even Mr. Blogger.
Dirty Dancing in your mind?
I left birthday wishes for you on my blog but have no idea if you can see them! Please know I am thinking about you and missing you!
I hope your birthday was a sweet one!!
Love ya,