Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We're Home....and I'm pooped!!!

We are HOME....we are tired...and I think we are a bit crazy!! Just wanted to let you all know we made it home late New Year's Eve around 10:30....we drove straight through from Golden Colorado to our home in Texas...we drove for 13 hours and 23 minutes...not that I am counting...but you know...I had to do something to pass the time. When we headed up to Colorado we made the trip in 2 days...we drove because we had so many things that needed to be delivered other than all the Christmas we decided we would drive it this time...I don't think we'll do that again...for a very long time. Splitting the drive up in two days isn't so bad...but we were anxious to be home...needed to have a day to re-group before life had to go back to normal...and I still had decorations looming large at the we threw caution to the wind...put on our fav CD's...loaded the ice chest w/fruit, granola and water....and headed south. We thought all was well...that we were just trucking right along like we were in our 20's or something....we made it home...thrilled to be back...but oh my goodness...Tuesday morning when I woke up...I thought my body was literally attacking me...I was sore, tired, bloated and so very stiff....I know poor hubbin was feeling the same way...b/c we were both slow to get going! But...being the troopers we are...we got some things done...I put on a big pot of black-eyed peas...visited with a couple of friends...and then had our son and DIL over for a good luck NY's dinner! I'm still tired though...being fifty and out of shape...kicks my butt!

All in all we had a fabulous time with our daughter and son-in-law...just not quite enough time to do all we wanted to do...we will go back soon...I am sure...and you can darn well betcha we will fly!

I'll post more about Christmas when my hiney isn't so numb, when my bones stop creaking...and my head stops spinning...till then...I am praying all is well in your world!


P.S. Remember this picture I posted a while back and mentioned I had a surprise to share...well...stay tuned...I'll post all about it this week...!!


justabeachkat said...

Welcome back! I missed you. I can only imagine how hard a ride/drive like that would be. When you're rested up, I'd love to read more about it. And....more info on the photo. Hmmmmmm.....

Happy New Year sweet friend.

joan said...

You're too funny! I'm not sure I couldd do that drive, we used to drive to visit my hubby's parents in Naples, Fla. straight through, once with five kids for 16 hours. That'll kill ya. Now if it's more than 12 hours I try to fly. Glad you had a good time and can't wait to here about the photo!

Sandi McBride said...

I am so delighted you have finally made it home...I know what you mean about that stiff tired bloated who hid the absorbine jr feeling! Will be waiting to see more about the picture...I'm's the detective in my it a mystery?

Hill Country House Girl said...

Thanks so much for your comment. I replied on my comments page, too - you can email me at if you want to. Glad you are home safely. Did I mention we may indeed be the same person..........scary! Ann

Susie Q said...

Hmm...a mystery??? Do tell! Do tell!

We used to drive like that all the time...20 hour trips, 15 hours, 10...from wherever we lived to home and then back. I can NOT do that anymore.
It is a super butt killer...and leg and head and brain and back and knee...

Is that their house?? WOW!! Gorgeous!
And HUGE!!

I am glad you were with them and safely home now.

Now, what is the secret??

Happy, happy new year dear Teresa!

Hugs and Love,

Lavender Chick said...

Welcome back! Hope you've gained sensation in your hiney!

I can't wait to hear about this surprise... Patience is not my virtue, so HURRY and tell the story!

kari said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog, it's nice to meet you. I look forward to reading more of yours. Have a nice weekend!

Julie said...

I love long car trips - but only if I have the time to stop and enjoy it! Glad you are back safe and sound!

Nancy said...

Oh, I hear you!
I am over 50, a little, not much...but enough.
I make the 13+ hour drive to my sister's home in Arkansas a couple of times a year. (I moved to Kentucky 4 years ago)
I have decided I am just getting too old. I make only two stops...for gas and potty...and then keep on booking. It nearly wipes me out but I hate to stop since it shortens my visit.
I missed a vital exit on the way home and it added several miles to my trip. I felt every foot of those extra miles!
But, I will do it again, as soon as possible. Flying is not an option since someone would have to come pick me up but it is sure tempting.
Glad you had a good trip and congrats on the new home plans!

Anonymous said...

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