Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Pretty...Really...

You know I had to post about my strange week last week...all types of things happened to me that would take a month of Sundays to elaborate on...but I'll just clue you in on one of a's about my particular one hand...well, let's just start with the before shot....ok... while I know this isn't exactly a great shot of my hand...b/c I was actually trying to capture my new ring on Christmas morning (not a good shot either)...and this is what I have to work bear with me...I am not going to try and convince myself or anyone else about my hands...folks...they are just not the prettiest of hands...but hey...they work well and have served me wonderfully through the years and I've accepted that fact...they have held the hands of two very amazing children and soothed them to sleep many a night...have rubbed the back of one very amazing man and held his beautiful strong hands...they have stroked my mothers hands and folded into prayer with her when she was sick...they have sewn and created many a meal and craft...and they have never let me I cut them some slack and applaud them for what they have given, that has evaded my hands in appearance...but not in the things they have touched...Now other parts of me...are not so bad...such as my neck...I had a guy tell me one night several years back when my lovin' hubbin and I were in Boston at a reunion for his Harvard Business Class...we were out late and stopped by "Tasty's" hot dog stand at about 1:00 a.m. in the morning...we were there with friends from his class...we were dressed to the nines...and this man was sitting at the counter staring at me...I was a bit perplexed b/c he seemed to be talking to an invisible person next to him...when all of a sudden he shouted out...I LOVE your neck...YOUR neck is so beautiful...I just want to...well, I just need to BITE he was drunk...I think he was the neighborhood wino...but hey...he liked my it must be true...I have a nice neck according to one drunk man in I was cool with that...yea, right after I pulled my collar up...and ran like the wind! Anyhoo...all this to say...there are parts of me that are alright...decent in fact...but I will never kid myself about my hands...I have swollen veins...a few freckles (some may call these age spots...but I refuse... they are freckles...dangit)! And they are always dry and I never have a good nail day...unless I spend the time to get solar which I've had...but I don't like being tied down by having to have them done every 2 weeks...makes me crazy...but they DO make my hands look more youthful...All this to tell you about this...This is my hand today
Uh huh...this is my hand after last weeks craziness...the week that I think I must deem the clumsiest week of my life...not only did I fall twice (don't worry it was b/c I was wearing my dream shoes and probably not picking up my feet properly)I fell once...but caught myself on the walls...just kind of braced myself up before hitting the ground...the second fall came after being outside playing and goofing around with the dogs...I was through with the running, the fetching and the wrestling...just to turn around take 2 steps and trip and fall on the rock patio...YES folks I am sure it was the loveliest of sights...b/c it most assuredly HAD to be graceful...RIGHT...hitting the ground while taking a few things down with land on my side...and then hop up, look around...and proclaim to the "girls"...I'm alright...BUT this...this silly hand injury...was the kicker...I was trying to get organized around the house last week (which didn't happen) but I did manage to carry in tons of organizational components I purchased to "get" organized...and while doing so...I was carrying a bunch of huge Rubbermaid containers in from my truck filled to the brim with other organizational goodies (b/c heaven knows WHY make 2 trips) and w/o knowing what lay ahead...b/c my view was blocked I rammed my hand into the door jam with the rubbermaids...Man...did it ever fact I was sure I broke a bone b/c I heard a crack...but then later determined it was my wrist...but my hand immediately turned blue and started swelling and went totally numb leaving me unable to type for almost 24 hours..yikes :(:(... my hand swelled to almost twice its size on the one's fine now...tender and VERY UN-ATTRACTIVE...but hey it does make me appreciate how good they looked before!

and how thankful I am for my hands...they may not be beautiful...but they are the best hands I could ask for...and I hope for just one minute I have been able to "touch" someone with the kindest of touches... I look forward to many more years...with age spots or freckles, bulging veins and rough skin touching many more things in life...including holding hands with my children's children...stroking my husbands hands...and folding them in prayer and thanking God for all he has given me. I think I have learned to appreciate the hands I was dealt...thank you God...for healthy hands. Oh and for equality sake...I thought I better include a picture of my left hand...just in case it has a problem with me posting too much about the right and decides to rebel or never know...I DO have lots more organizing to do...but I think I've learned my lesson and will make more than one trip from now on...

Blessings my friends...and remember to "touch" someone today...either by word or prayer, a tender hug, or a little applause about a job well done! Your hands will feel better for it not to mention your heart...I promise!

Hmmmmm....maybe next week I'll post about knee caps....who knows???? Now that's not a pretty site maybe not!!


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Teresa! I'm so glad you didn't break your hand! My hands are the same way sweet girl, rough to look at but I so appreciate having the use of them to do what I love to do, create! We take them for granted most days....hoping your healing quickly! xxoo, Dawn

Sandi McBride said...

Okay "T" they look pretty darned beautiful to me! How can hands that have offered so much love and attention be anything else but beautiful! Even with that old yellow bruise they still look pretty good to me...hold it out, I just want to bite it!!!
hugs a bunch

justabeachkat said...

Oh Girl, I'm so sorry. I've been dealing with a digital cyst on my right hand so I know what you mean about being painful. I'm so sorry. Having an injury sures makes you appreciate your body doesn't it?! Hope your hand is back to it's beautiful self real soon.


La Tea Dah said...

Excellent post! Much to think about. . .


PS: I wish I could send you some snow!

joan said...

I'm so sorry about your poor hand, it must hurt with everything you do but I love all what you have said about touching others, great post!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Well dang. I hate to admit this. I really do. It pains me to no end. But your banged up hand looks better than my perfectly healthy ones! I've got the worst looking hands in my family (I once had a nail tech tell me I had gigantic nail beds. Sweet, huh?). As to the good-looking neck...this wasn't some sort of freaky wanna-be vampire, was it? lol Although I must say, I've SEEN your neck in your photos and I is perfectly lovely...just like the rest of you!

Hope your hand starts feeling better soon and how about wrapping yourself in cotton batting before you venture out next time, okay? lol

daisy cottage said...

I just love your soul, Teresa!

Your hands are beautiful and I hope that it feels better soon.
I need to do something about my REALLY BAD carpal tunnel in my right hand, but I keep putting it off.

Susie Q said...

OH Teresa! Bruises aside, your hands look down right lovely to me! They have lived and loved and experienced!
AND, even with that old bruise, STILL manage to look so pretty.

And I am betting your knee caps look super too. : )

Gee, I wish I could figure out what feature I have that DOES look good! Um...nope...nope...not that either...oh boy. But that is ok.
I am alive and well and appreciate what I have! Even if I do wish I had your neck!! : )

Now, rest that pretty hand and get well soon!


Terri and Bob said...

This is a cool post. I don't think my hands are extra pretty or anything, but I so grateful that I have them!

Julie said...

Umm - yes - you will need those hands later on in take better care of them now! ha ha.. I am glad you did not break anything!

Last year I slipped on ice at the top of our outdoor staircase. I fell face first all the way down to the landing and still could not stop myself. I sounded like a piano going down those stairs...and pray I never have to hear those sounds coming out of my body again!!!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh My! I am glad it was not worse!! Sounds to me that you have loving hands!

ancient one said...

Sorry you hurt your hand.. but I had to laugh when you said next week "kneecaps"... I have pictures of bruised knees...LOL I love the quote about when you stumble make it part of the dance..