Monday, May 14, 2007

Well...I tried to post last night however, for some reason it wasn't working...I'm sure I was doing something wrong....I hope all the moms, grandmoms, step-moms and anyone having something to do in helping raise children had a great mothers day....aren't I just so PC...but seriously I mean it....I had a great day. On Sat. I received a package from lovely daughter and hansome SIL....almost couldn't wait to open till Sunday...but I restrained myself from those adolescent ways. I received the cutest purese and some great un-mentionables my daughter knew I wanted. I love both...however, the purse is my see my daughter has fabulous taste...I want to have her great fashion sense when I grow up....I love it all...thanks J & N....also my wonderul son and DIL invited me over for a home cooked meal ala the chef and his able assistant...we had a great meal with a knock out dessert...with a touch of bubbly. SM (hubby) had to fly out of town so it was just me and my DIL's mom....her hubbin was out of town, we were treated like royalty....and our granddog was very generous with her snuggles and kisses...she is the funniest and most affecionate dog...actually both of my granddogs act almost identical....but they both have different parents...hmmmm...

Well...not much to post...I wish I could figure out how to post pictures...I have a few great ones....but until I have someone walk me through the steps...I'll just have to keep making excuses for the fact...."I am royally techno challenged!"

Enjoy...."living the life"


laura said...

hey T! I didn't know you had a blog. I'm glad to know you do. I hope you and your family are doing's been a while. you need to meet reese sometime. she's something else.

Rhoda said...

Hi, Teresa, so glad you stopped by my blog & left me a message. I know I have a lot of lurkers, so I'm always excited when one of you "comes out of hiding" LOL. I see you just started yours, so the more messages you leave, the more people will come & visit you.

Please come back & see me often!

SOuthern Hospitality

Deb said...

Thanks so much for your recent visit!

sa said...